Euthanasia has been controversial for a very long time now. In the olden days, it was quite acceptable. However, the same cannot be said in the present times when the whole world is chanting about the right to life. A number of religious groups are active in this regard with the slogans that no human has the right to take his or her own life as it is a gift of God. The increasing in such cases can be directly contributed to the increased mass media coverage. The purpose of this article is share the Read more [...]
A lot of people believe that only men are violent and prone to killing others. The potential for committing heinous crimes is equally prevalent in women as well. There are a number of reasons for which most women do not commit murder. It might be due to their physical inabilities or lack of will. However, the intent to murder is still there in a large number of women all over the world. Here I am going to share the 5 most dangerous female serial killers. Joanne Dennehy She is known to Read more [...]
The success of food shows in attracting a large number of people is a relatively new phenomenon. A great deal of hype is being created in order to ensure that everyone gets to know about food challenges. These shows are not limited to specific countries. In fact, TV shows all over the world are being launched in relevance to food challenges. It is to be considered that some food challenges are simply stupid and some even more so. I am going to share the 5 most stupid food challenges ever. Read more [...]
There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the moon landings in the USA. There are a large number of people who believe that these landings were faked in order to force the Soviet Union to bankrupt itself. It all had started when the Soviet Union had become the first country whose astronaut went into space. There is no doubt in saying that Russia was the first country to travel into space. However, some critics believe that the same cannot be said about the landings on the Moon. It is Read more [...]
The first in line in terms of capital punishment are the ancient societies like that of Babylon. It was introduced as a means of coercion, to control crime and to exercise the power of the state over the lives of individuals. The 8th century BC was the first time in which this code had been introduced. This code had been classified under the name of the Babylonian King, Hammurabi. The basic principle behind the formulation and development of this code was the principle that an eye-accounts for an Read more [...]
Bigfoot is described as an animal that’s hairy, large and a bipedal humanoid. Bigfoot tends to be in mainly forests and more so in North America of the Pacific Northwest region. However, there’s been some possible sightings of Bigfoot throughout the USA. A lot of scientists believe that Bigfoot is just either folklore or possibly a hoax or not identifying the animal correctly. The reason why is because there’s not enough evidence to physically prove the existence of Bigfoot. Some scientists Read more [...]
5 - Woman in Grey There were two men were working in a local shop when they spotted a young woman entering. The woman was dressed in grey and collected a bottle of milk before walking straight back out and without paying. The men rushed after her, but she had miraculously disappeared. The woman dressed in grey visited the store once again. The men watched on as she collected another bottle of milk and left the store. The third time she entered the store the men were primed ready and were able Read more [...]
Crimes get committed for a variety of reasons. You'll be amazed at some of the reasons people give when they are committing a crime. Check out these Top 5 Crimes Committed for the Weirdest Reasons 5. Attempted Murder Reason: To stop a headache We are all guilty of accusing our loved ones of being a pain. But one man in Utah was entirely convinced that his partner was literally a pain in the head. He believed that she was causing his mind numbing headaches, and that the only possible way Read more [...]
Brazil is one of the fastest developing economies of the world and there is no denying of it. It is a country that has gone through many ups and downs to reach the present state. Not long ago, it was classified as a failed state by the leading countries in the world. However, the undeniable fact is that the nation has shown a great deal of strength and resilience in the span of the past few decades. The same is the reason for which it is now progressing at a rate like never before. Brazil is the Read more [...]
There are lots of recalls made each year on a variety of things. Everything from food to toys can be recalled. When you’re buying gifts or toys for someone it’s important to always make sure that those items are not recalled. Sometimes we can miss out on some really weird product recalls just because it’s something that we would not buy for ourselves. Check out 5 of the weirdest product recalls ever 5. Style my Room by Justice disco lights - Overheats Disco lights are very cool and sometimes Read more [...]
Satan is a force that is undeniable. Whether you are religious or not, there is sufficient evidence to confirm the presence of this evil and powerful being. It can be said that people more often make use of this name as an excuse for their crimes. A large number of insanity pleas have been done in the name of evil or in the name of Satan. If you are unaware about these crimes, it is best that you continue reading this post. Here are the 5 most bizarre and appalling things done in the name of Satan. The Read more [...]
A large number of people in the USA believe that there is a strong relation between crimes and Halloween. Some even think that it is the time when the evil forces start exploiting the minds and souls of those who are not religious or have lost their faith in the powers of the Almighty. However, most law officials believe that a lot of criminals use Halloween as an excuse for committing the crimes. It is for sure that is one of the most common excuses made include accounts of the devil or Satan. Here Read more [...]
When caught doing a criminal act, criminals come up with all forms of reasons and excuses with the hope that the officer will give them a chance. In America, if you are caught red handed, all you have is a right to remain silent. This post is dedicated to all those individuals who use  stupid excuses in order to prove their innocence. Some of these excuses are so lame, that some of you might not be able to stop laughing. Here are the 5 weird and lame excuses given by criminals. Image Read more [...]
Death is something that all of us will experience. It is the only thing in this world which is certain. People die in a number of ways. Some are murdered, some die in accidents and some die through natural deaths. However, there is a small group of those who actually died due to things falling out from the sky. The cases I am about to share are really bizarre. I am sure that none of us will prefer to die in such a manner. Here are the 5 most bizarre deaths in human history. Image Source: Read more [...]
Allergies can make your life miserable. It can be caused due to environmental factors as well as internal ones. This post is focused on sharing with you some of the weirdest allergies known to mankind. It should be noted that the exact etiological factors behind the occurrence of some of these allergies are unknown. In addition, some of them can even be dangerous for you if not controlled in a timely manner. Here are 5 of the most unusual allergies you should know about People can be allergic Read more [...]
Lakes are landlocked bodies containing water and a number of other things. It has been reported that numerous strange and bizarre phenomena events have been recorded in different lakes around the world. It is also due to these strange and unexplained chemical reactions that weird creatures and bizarre animals are born. Some of the lakes are sites which were at the center of catastrophic phenomena while others have been hiding ancient secrets for a long time now. Here are the 5 most bizarre lakes Read more [...]
There is no doubt in believing that America has always the led the world in terms of science and technology. In fact, many around the world accept it as the intellectual and technological capital of the world. The Americas were the first to land on the moon, they were the first to introduce an objective educational system, they were the first in making an atomic bomb and it should not surprise any of you, they are still ahead of everyone else in everything else. Patriotism with your own country is Read more [...]
Dictators are crazier than you can imagine. Although the world now seems to be freeing itself from dictators but still there is a long way to go. The fact of the matter is that some of them have disguised themselves as supporters of democracy, so be aware of them. This post is going to prove from the acts of some notorious dictators that they were actually crazy for a number of things in life. Yes, Adolf Hitler is also going to be on this list as no list about dictators can be complete without mentioning Read more [...]
Most birds are extremely cute and they are also very fascinating. There are lots of birds among us who happen to be just fine and scary looking at all. However, there are some birds that just not only look unusual but they look very scary. Despite the fact that some of these birds look scary doesn’t mean that they are dangerous but a few of these birds can be. Check out these top 10 unusual and scary looking birds: 10.The Southern Cassowary Did you know that some birds can weigh around Read more [...]
It is for sure that some men have indeed crossed all limits in terms of spending their hard earned cash. The cases of the donations I will be sharing with you will make you realize the fact that some good still exists in the world. Things will continue to remain balanced even if a single good deed exists in the world. You will be surprised to read about some of the stories and cases I am about to share with you. Another core purpose behind making this post is to let our readers know that making donations Read more [...]
It is an established fact that in the span of the past few decades, men and women have developed the need to look younger. Most of them are willing to go to all limits in order to improve their appearance. Medical procedures and techniques can be one reason behind this increasing trend. However, it should be noted that men seem to be lagging behind the race of looking younger than their partners. This post is going to share those products as well as treatments that are being offered for defying age. Read more [...]
Most of the names on this list will really surprise you. In addition, I have also added detailed information about how these companies came into being and where they stand as of now. Here are the 5 most famous companies with bizarre origins. 5. NASCAR It is a fact that the roots of NASCAR go back to the times of prohibition. Most of the drivers of during that time were able to gain a reputation of easily outrunning the police. Bill France was the driver of those times who had the guts to Read more [...]
If any one of you has ever had a suicidal tendency or thought, it is best that you seek some professional help. Suicide is never the solution to your problems. This post is dedicated to all those people who wasted their lives at some of the weirdest and bizarre suicide locations in the world. We should ask ourselves that why so many people end their lives in this manner? Although some major attempts and movements have been initiated all over the world to limit the number of suicide rates, but still Read more [...]
You might have read stories and novels about islands but have you ever tried to explore the reality behind these stories? Most of the stories you might have read are actually based on real events with a few changes. It has been reported that there are actually some pretty weird and bizarre Islands on the face of the earth. However, most people don’t know about them and their origins. This post will take you on a journey across some of the weirdest and most bizarre islands. Here are the 6 weirdest Read more [...]
Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated throughout the world and because of that reason; there are lots of odd traditions that take place on this holiday. Most of the traditions might be odd but they are still a lot of fun to do and usually completely harmless. Some of the countries that have odd Halloween traditions include Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France and China. Check out these top 10 Odd Halloween traditions around the world: 10. Austria Halloween Tradition If you visit Austria Read more [...]
People do all sorts of jobs in order to make money. One should always note that earning money can be pursued in a variety of ways. Some sell drugs while others kill for this purpose. However, in the end, the money made through these illegal means never lasts for long. The best man in the world is always the one who is willing to be innovative when it comes to money making. This post will share some of the weirdest jobs in the world. Here are the 5 most weird jobs on the face of the earth. Image Read more [...]
It is a fact that young children cannot be great kings. The main reason is their immaturity and lack of understanding of how the world works. Royals brought up with great affection, care and vanity do not happen to be great leaders. There is no end to the examples of the royal families whose heirs ruined centuries of hard work. This post is going to share the cases of some of the worst child kinds in the history of the world. After all, not every child king turns out to be Alexander the Great. Image Read more [...]
Career change is an important segment of the workplace life. However, it is something that should not be taken hastily. There is no end to the individuals who left lucrative and profitable careers for selfish adventures. As a result, most of them end up ruining their lives. This is the view of the professionals about career change. On the other hand, there are also those who believe that one should always follow ones heart and interests in order to enjoy the best career. The main problem with this Read more [...]
Kidnapping is something that you should never prefer to experience. Always pray to whosoever you believe in, to protect you from it. It should be noted that kidnapping has always been around in form or the other. In the present times, it has been increased dramatically. It should be noted that this act is often committed by those who do not have the ability nor the courage to earn their money in a legal manner. The purpose of this post is to share the instances of kidnapping which had been faked. Read more [...]
A few days back, USA had celebrated its independence. This post is dedicated to those fine individuals whose hard work and dedication led to the development of this country. There is no doubt in saying that the country has gone through a lot through the course of its history. In fact, the country has seen it all. Whether it be war, civil riots, racist processions, environmental movements, slogans against terrorism etc. but still it remains the strongest country in the world. The place at which USA Read more [...]
Why it is that women get preference in some things and men don’t? It’s time that men should start chanting their rights in comparison to women. There are a number of weird slogans and products that are available in the market. What’s weirder is that these services and products are offered to women only. On reading this post, you all realize how weird the world is becoming. It can also be said that soon there will be a time when women will be given preference in everything created by man. Here Read more [...]
Some mistakes can really be costly for us. It is after committing these mistakes that we realize about what we have lost or what we could have gained. There is end to the stupidity of humans who fail to realize the consequences of their actions. This post is dedicated to all those individuals who mistakes cost them a lot of money. So try to read the post till the end to ensure that you do not end up committing the same mistakes in life. Here are the 5 most weird and costly mistakes ever. Image Read more [...]
Why is it that most of the weirdest vending machines are located overseas? Well, it might be because of the fact that people in your area aren’t weird anymore. Ever imagined a pizza being made inside a vending machine or a burger? It is quite obvious that vending machines attract travellers. The sight of one such machine is a life saver for them. These machines are also known for being free from any language barriers. However, just like everything else in the world, these machines are also evolving. Read more [...]
Some parties can just remain in control. It is a fact that most of the teen parties these days are designed to get out of control. Whether it be drinking or anything else, kid’s parties go well beyond what we can imagine. You might have seen movies on the theme of wild teen parties. If not, then you will be inclined to see one soon after you read this post. Here are the 5 most outrageous kid parties ever. Image Source: 5. £ 4 Million Bar Mitzvah Phillip Green is the Read more [...]
Life is a gift of good but there are always some people who like to take it away. No matter how hard the laws might be, murder is always going to remain a major social issue. There is no end to the unsolved murder mysteries that have gone unsolved till now. In fact, most of these mysteries have haunted the authorities for a long time. The cases I am going to share with you are quite different as well as horrifying. There are also some cases which are so horrible and terrifying that I do not consider Read more [...]
Inventors are not necessarily aged. Anyone who has a strong imagination and a courage to take risks is an inventor. Most of the individuals on this list made great inventions even before they were able to go to high school. For this reason, we should all show our gratitude and respect for these youngsters who showed the world that there is no gift greater than youth. Here are the 5 youngest inventors of all time. Image Source: 5. George Westinghouse Westinghouse was able Read more [...]
Almost all of you might have heard about the mysteries that surround Bermuda triangle. There are a number of theories which have been developed to explain these mysteries, but none of them have been accepted fully. There are also instances about alien abductions related to the places I will be sharing with you in this post. Here are the 10 mysterious places like Bermuda Triangle. 5. The Mountains of Superstitions Located in Arizona, this mountain range has been subject to a number of investigations. Read more [...]
Terrorists should always be taken as terrorists, dumb and stupid. Yes, there are some who are strategic planners and intelligent, but most of them lag the moral values needed to know what is right. Most of the terrorist attacks are planned by people other than the attackers. This post will shed light on some of those stupid terrorists who showed the world that no one needs to be afraid of them. Our destiny is always written and are death too. For this reason, we should all have the courage and abilities Read more [...]
Surveillance is a harsh truth of the society we live in. Whether we like it or not, our privacies have been invaded in any way possible. No matter we buy anything, search for anything or watch anything, all the data is being recorded in one way or another. It is surprising to note that the process of data mining generates billions of dollars on a yearly basis. There has been a lot of debate going on, but the results of these arguments are far from satisfactory. The NSA is always going to be hangover Read more [...]
These days it might be easier to find lost relatives and friends that you can imagine. It means that the social networks and channels can be used in a number of different ways. The stories I am going to share with you will surely inspire you about the positive side of social media. No matter what some critics might have to say in this regard, social media has indeed changed the lives of millions. You should yourself think about how to use the social media networks to earn, make friends or do anything Read more [...]
Most neuroscientists are of the view that soon mankind will be able to open the closed doors of the human brain. What they mean is that we will be able to solve the unsolved mysteries of the brain. There is a lot more to the human brain that most of us can think. What’s more amazing is the fact that most people do not even care to explore their true cognitive potentials and abilities. You might have heard the thing that humans have only be able to use 10 % or 20 % or lesser amount of their brain. Read more [...]
Every heard about the flights and planes that vanished from the face of the earth without a trace? I am sure you have. This post will be an entertainer for all those who love to read about such instances. These days, the Malaysian plane issue is being debated. However, there are a number of other instances which most of you might not be aware of. Just imagine how it might feel to be at the center of such an instance, to vanish without a trace. I hope and pray that no more instances like these might Read more [...]
There is no shortage of gamblers in the world. Whether it be men or women, all of them show an interest in gambling in one form or the other. This post is dedicated to all those gamblers who lost stupid bets. It should be noted here that most of the bets end in disastrous results. So if you plan to bet in a few days or today, it is best that you prepare yourself for the worst. The instances I will be sharing below are not about losing money. They are much more than money for some people. Trust me Read more [...]
Natural phenomena happen every now and then, but most of the times, one never gets to hear about them. There is a lot more to the world we live in than we know. While most scientists and experts are of the view that there is always a cause and effect relation behind the occurrence of these instances. Some of you might want to label them as something divine while others prefer to explain them in a rational manner. No matter what the world has to say about them, these phenomena are something that should Read more [...]
Accidents can make heroes in ways you cannot imagine. You might have always heard that heroes are born and not made. Well, you will start thinking in the opposite after reading this post. The cases I will be sharing with you will help change your understanding about the idea of being a hero. It should also be noted here that all of these cases are real, so be ready to show an appreciation for all of them. Here are the 5 most amazing and spectacular real life accidental heroes. Image Source: 5. Read more [...]
There is no end to the juvenile offending cases all over the world. While different child protection organizations might have a number of things to say in this regard, there is always some hidden truth in every case. The environment which a child is provided with always has a major role to play in influencing the future life of the child. Childhood abuse, rape, mistreatment and some other factors are determining factors behind juvenile offending. This post will share some of the cases of those evil Read more [...]
You think your girlfriend is the most psychotic, think again? This post is a tribute to all those poor boyfriends and partners who suffered at the hands of their girlfriends. The cases I will be sharing with you are so revealing that most of you will start fearing your girlfriends. It is often said that females always suffer at the hands of men. But after reading this post you will start thinking in the opposite. These are only the cases which have been reported. Just imagine that the actual number Read more [...]
Animal abuse is not a social problem in the developing countries. As a matter of fact, there are a number of developed regions of the world that are plagued with this problem. Animal abuse is entirely inhumane, but why? Well, respect for living beings is what that should matter the most to us. No matter how civilized we might claim to be, our progress will be evaluated in terms of the animal and human rights. Yes, some of you might be thinking that there are some countries that claim to be in the Read more [...]
We all love our families, but there comes a point in life when we all have to experience their death. Yes, some of us might die before the death of our siblings and parents. This post is dedicated to all those who loved their families and close ones so much that they weren’t able to let go of them. To most people, keeping the dead body of a loved one in possession is unethical, but is it? I think that love has no limits and it is not wrong to keep the body of a dead family member. However, I do Read more [...]
Always record the opinions of those who are born with a number of disabilities or missing body parts. This strategy will help you in knowing about the gift of a complete and functional body. However, there are some individuals who are born with extra body parts. To some of you, it might not sound a weird thing, but it is. Individuals with some extra body parts are always subject to one or another form of discrimination. No matter how modern the world might claim to be, there is always little room Read more [...]
WWII is over or is it not? The post is dedicated to our readers to bring to their attention some of the most recent discoveries from WWII. There is no end to the weird and strange things that happened during the war. Like Hitler lost the war which is one of the strangest things that happened. At the onset of the war and during the war, it was never clear whether Hitler will the emperor of Europe or the whole world. However, this post is going to be really different. Here are the 5 weirdest discoveries Read more [...]
If you have been a student of philosophy, then you might have read about the arguments for the existence of God. If not, then this post will help you know about them. Since the inception of mankind, the world has always been intrigued about the idea that there is a universal power that is the cause of this universe. No matter to what religion or mindset you might belong, the existence of God might have always made you wonder. Who we are? Who created us? These are some of the questions that we should Read more [...]
Facebook can really make you crazy if you do not get hold of yourself. The purpose of this post is to share with you some of the craziest unfriending stories. Most of these cases might sound somewhat reasonable to you, as unfriending someone if a big sin. What? This is really stupid, as killing or harassing someone just because they removed you from your friends’ list is simply idiotic of you. I will like to give a tip to all those who want to do something productive in life, leave social networking Read more [...]
From broken dishes in Denmark to the ritualistic dances in Africa, here I will be sharing with the weirdest New Year traditions known to mankind. Almost all of you will be waiting for desperately waiting for the New Year. If you are not optimistic about the next year, then you should start doing it now. Many people, despite of being in aversive conditions, always look forward to the upcoming year. So why not join these people in the hope for a better world as a little hope never hurts nobody. The purpose of this post is to share with some of the most amazing traditions that are performed all over the world. The exact origins of these rituals and traditions are difficult to trace, but one thing is for sure i.e. they really help give a wonderful feeling about the year that is soon to follow. With this said, here are the 5 weirdest New Year traditions and rituals that are performed in different regions of the world. Read more [...]
People are hated for all possible reasons. Some of these reasons might sound a bit bizarre to you. The internet is a place where people wish to make their names roar all over the world. For some people it is all about fame and fortune no matter what cost they might have to pay for it. With this things in mind, the list I will be sharing with you in the post is about those web geeks and freaks who are the most hated in the world. Some of them are related to sexually explicit websites while others are just hated for no logical reason. A star I will not be adding in to the list is Justin Bieber. People hate this boy for no obvious reasons. With this said, here are the 5 most despised and hated people on the web. Read more [...]
Russia is indeed mysterious in a number of ways. They were able to defeat Nazi Germany despite of being an underdog in comparison to the Allied forces. It is the biggest country in the world in terms of areas but is still suffering from the issue of low population. A Russian astronaut was the first man in space. It used to be superpower, but is now suffering from economic issues. With this said, I will like to share with a number of mysterious tales that are famous about this large country. Just like the United States, stories and tales about ghosts and alien ships are quite persistent in the country. Although the reliability of these stories and tales can be questioned, still there is some evidence that points towards the truth about the paranormal phenomena that occurs in a number of Russian regions. Here are the most interesting and strange mystery tales about Russia. Read more [...]
People around you might be used to sharing a number of reasons and facts about smoking. Some of you might have already decided not to smoke ever in your life, but wait. It is really that easy. No it is not. Quitting smoking is one thing while only planning for it is quite another. There is a big difference between the two which most of us do not understand. When the body once adopts to nicotine consumption, then you might fail to live without a cigarette. No matter how hard some people might try, they simply can’t quit this nasty habit. There is no end to the studies which have confirmed that smoking reduces your age with each cigarette you consume. Well, there is a lot more to it. There are some studies which have also confirmed that smoking might lead to obesity, sexual disturbances and information processing problems. Yes, whether you like it or not, smoking can reduce your problem solving abilities. Now here, some of you might argue that some of the most intelligent people in the world used to smoke. But the reality is that they had the intelligence genes inside their blood. It was not the cigarettes that made them a genius, but rather their own cognitive abilities. If that would have been the case, then each idiot in this world would have been a genius simply by taking up smoking. With this said, here are the 5 bizarre reasons and facts for not smoking. Read more [...]
Publicity disasters went wrong can really damage the reputation of any company. There are a number of multinational companies and organizations that are well aware of how it feels when some publicity stunt goes horribly wrong. The same holds true for the advertisement strategies that should be subject to a detailed analysis before being aired. The impact this stunts can have on the profits, reputation and sales of any company can be really huge. In fact, one whole company can collapse in one day. Some of you might consider this to be an exaggeration, but trust me, things like these have happened in the past. Even a minor mistake in the execution of publicity campaigns can lead to a billion dollar sales. As humans are more conscious about the products they consume, they do not bother about companies that do not bother about their ads. With this said, here are the 5 most stupid, deadly and worst publicity disaster Read more [...]
Dead bodies are really weird. Aren’t they? They tend to be hide themselves in places where no one could guess. It might sound stupid to most of you, but it is not. There have been a number of instances of bizarre body recoveries. Yes, the bodies do not move on their own, but the places where they are found make you think that they do so. Here I would be sharing with you the 5 strange places where dead bodies have been found. It is best if you fasten your seatbelts as what you are about to hear is truly classified. Read more [...]
There have been an unlimited number of mass murders in the history of mankind. No matter what the humanistic school of thought might have to say, it is a fact that we are losing humanity slowly. This process started when the Son of Adam had murdered his own brother. The mass murders in WWII might be portrayed the greatest, but there are a number of other acts of in-humanism which most of you might not be aware of. The Nazis has always existed in one form or the other. It should be argued that the WWII should not be accounted alone as being the biggest mass suicide event of all time. This post is dedicated to all those people who were called in some of the brutal acts of savagery and lust. So continue to read on to know more these mass killings. Read more [...]
All of us love our pets in one way or the other. Our love for animals is an indication that we are concerned about their health and wellbeing. But there are some people who just cross the line in this regard. This post is dedicated to those weird individuals who went as far as marrying the animals they loved. This might sound bizarre to you but to them it is nothing immoral. Yes, morality has a major role to play in this regard. There have been a number of religious fanatics and fundamentalists who have termed these marriages as being a dent on human morality and sexuality. Although there might be no sexual involvement in these relationships, but still it is the human psyche to bring sex into everything human. These marriages can be taken as expressions for human concerns and love for animals, but some people just don’t understand this. With this said, here you can read about the 5 unbelievably weird people who married animals. Read more [...]
Most of you might think high about justice, but the same is not always the case. Justice should be served in the right manner, but sometimes there are a number of dimensions the criminal justice system misses. When a person is convicted wrongfully, it is really a big question on the credibility and worth of the justice system. For this reason, there are a number of forensic psychologists and researchers who called eye witness testimony to question. There is no end to the cases in which the victims wrongfully identified the suspects. The thing we should know is that when we are convicted or robbed in an area where there is no or little light, we might fail to identify the criminal during a suspect line up. The core reason being the fact that our attention span is quite distributed at that time. Even a number of police officers have accepted the fact that they experience visual hallucinations and distortions at the time of a shot out. No matter we like it or not, our attention is always limited and subject to a number of distractors. Read more [...]
What is the inspiration for most women who strive for super slim waists? Although most of these women do look weird, but still it might be an achievement in itself. Reducing your waist naturally demands a balanced diet, rigorous exercising and all other related measures. With this in mind, you should be included among the women who use natural strategies to reduce their waist. On the other hand, there are some women who go too far to reduce their waists. Like I said before, almost none of them look Read more [...]
Marathon running is all about stamina, determination and zeal. If you believe that you can run many miles without giving up, then you should give it a try. The purpose of this post is to remind you about the most extreme marathon runners of all time. Most of the people on this list are those whom you might have never heard about. But these fine people did something that made them qualify for this post. Crazy and weird might be the right words to use for them, but at the same time, they also deserve our respect and gratitude. Most of us can’t even think about doing what these crazy marathon runners did. Some even went to limits that we cannot imagine. I am sure that these people are different from the most us. For them, trying their limits and seeing what they can do is a part of their nature. Here the 5 most extreme marathon runners of the world. Read more [...]
Long hair is really one of the most appealing features men look for in most women. Women do all sorts of stuff to have a hair like Rapunzel. Some of you might consider this weird, but it is a fact that there are a number of real life rapunzels in the world. Some of the have not undergone a haircut since they were a few years old, while others have used all sorts of diets as well as medicine to notch up their hair length. Don’t dare to go close to these women, as they can whip you really bad with their hair. Below you can read about the 5 most amazing life rapunzels of the world. Read more [...]
“Martial arts is more ancient that you can imagine. Everyone who has practiced it sees it as a mode to honing one’s physical and psychological abilities. Everything about this art is just amazing”. With these things in mind, you might be compelled to learn it. In the present times, most people opt for martial arts simply because they want to enhance their self-defense. At the same time, there are also those who learn it just to impress their girlfriends. You have no idea about the stupid reasons people use to learn this art. There are also some attention seekers and paranoids who try engaging themselves in martial arts just to give others a reason to notice them. Martial arts is different from Kung Fu. One difference is that Kung Fu is based on defying the laws of physics. You might have seen some Chinese movies in which the fighters do not even touch the ground while fighting. Well, this is really absurd as the laws which govern this physical universe can only be bent not broken. Martial arts is based on discipline and reverence. I am not here to inform you about the benefits of martial arts, but rather to share with you some of the most hilarious and stupid myths about martial arts. Here are the 5 most stupid martial arts myths. Read more [...]
Musicians can never be killers? Well, most of you might want to believe this, but the post I am about to share with you will knock your consciousness out. There is a lot more to musicians than you know. In fact, there is a lot more to musicians which most of us do not know. From their looks, most of them might look to like harmless little beings who have dedicated their lives to music. Yes, some of them are great but not all. When you idealize or like a person it is best if you consider all odds. In other words, just like you do some research about your partner, in the same way, you should conduct a literature reviews on your ideal. So what are the factors than can force a musician to become a killer? There is no single answer to this question, as there are limitless factors which might cause him or her to lose sanity. With this said, now is the time to take a look at the musicians who were also killers. Read more [...]
Some inventors are really crazy. Although most of them have good intentions behind making their inventions, but still some of them cross the line. It is believed that the inventions are made for the betterment of humanity, but now the opposite seems to be true. Some inventions are simply not worth the gratitude and approval. The best example in this regard is the atomic bomb. Yes, there are some positive advantages and merits of having a nuclear bomb, but at the same time, the drawbacks and devastations Read more [...]
Whether you believe in cursed places or not, there is always something spooky about some them. All over the world that there are a number of sites which are haunted. Although some people might not believe it, but there is always something inhumane that took place at or close to these sites. Killing of children, murders of the innocent and all other acts of savagery do provoke curses. Evil spirits are always in search of some negative energies, so whenever they sense an evil act taking place, they occupy it. This view might sound stupid to most of you. For this reason, I have decided to share some information about the cursed places and regions in the world. It is to be considered that there are people who still prefer to visit these sites in spite of knowing that their lives are at stake. Read more [...]
So what are the games which you will love to play? Well, the answer to this question depends on you. If you do not feel up to it, here is the list of the 5 games which you should play this October. These games are full of entertainment and excitement. Some of them are more like the additions to an already established franchise. Just like the last few months, there are a number of reasons for which a number of games are launched in this month. One reason can be the fact that the month falls close to Christmas. Another reason can be financial in nature. In all, you will really like these games. You can even add these games in your Halloween gaming list. Read more [...]
Grand Theft Auto V is on the leash now. With the passage of time, more and more reviews about the game have started to pour in. Keeping in view, the number of people who have filed their opinions, it is evident that GTA V did manage to impress people, but still it was not up to the mark when compared with GTA V. There are several dimensions from which the previous version was much better than the present one. Although the Rock Star Games Folks tries their level best to give the users and the GTA fans an extraordinary experience, but the game seems to be missing in several important dimensions. The sales of the game have been record breaking till now. In fact, it has been termed as the best opening video game in history and most probably, the most profitable game in the history of modern technology. There is a lot more to the game which will be revealed in the days that follow from now on. Now is the time to take a look at the 5 ways in which GTA IV manages to take the edge over GTA V. Read more [...]
The black and white theme is now being used extensively in the modern cinemas. There was a time in which it seemed that b & w color has been lost forever, but in the past few years, the theme seems to be making its way back into the mainstream. The success of these movies is also one factor for which due to which more and more movies are being made with the same theme. The budget constraints might be yet another factor for the adaption of this color. There also seems to be a psychic factor which is linked to these movies. It is to be noticed that the movies which try to do something out of the ordinary do happen to be appeal to the viewers. In other words, people are used to see colorful movies, so to make a movie different from the mainstream colors, black and white color is being used. Some of the experts are also of the view here that the emotions and expressions come out effectively using this scheme. On seeing these movies for the first time, you might not feel interested to continue watching the movies, but trust me, the appeal picks up once you get into it. Here is the list of the movies which will remain you of the 20’s and 30’s. The awesome black and white movies I have added into the list are brilliant and amazing. Read more [...]
Most of us love the celebrities, especially the ones that appeal to us. In fact, most of us try to identify with them by adopting their taking style, their manner of talking, the way they dress and also the way they behave in the real world. It is a component of the human psyche that it gets intrigued and mesmerized with those people who are well known all over the world. Although it is the positive side of the super stars which is highlighted to us, but what about the hidden one. There is a blind side of us all, due to which we aren’t able to see through the realities of the TV and film stars. There are losers and winners among all celebrities. It is our duty to appreciate the good actors and actresses, but at the same time, it is also our social responsibility to criticize the ones who are good for nothing. Now from here follows the names of the most annoying and despicable celebrities. Read more [...]
Do you name of the actors who would look awesome in the role of the Dark Night? Well, there are several names which might pop up in your mind while you seek the answer to this question. There are several physical traits which need to be considered at the time of considering a person for the role of Batman. A lot has changed since the first batman film had been released. Gone are the times when the bulky actors and celebrities were selected for the role. It will seem weird to cast the person with the same physique as the first batman, as Christian Bale has really changed the face of the character. Most of you will agree that there is no other person who might be able to adopt the role of the character as Bale did, but here is where you are wrong. Contrary to what most people believe, there are several other options which are now available. Yes, Bale would not be able to play the role of Batman for long, as he is getting old. For this reason, the Batman franchise needs to bring in a new face-a younger face who will be able to step in the Batman boots. For your ease, I have made a list of the 5 actors who will fit well in the Batman role. Here is the list. Read more [...]
The Oscar awards are really controversial, especially when the movies like Slum Dog Millionaire bagging an unimaginable number of trophies. The same holds true for the actors and actresses who managed to win an Oscar although there were many others who deserved it. Seriously-did Bullock deserve an Oscar? Surely, all the actors and actresses who are given these awards, are good, but not the best. For example, why hasn’t Leonardo Dicaprio won an academy award? There is no end to the names of those who are definitely the best but have never been invited to the main stage. At the same time, there is also a probability that the Oscars are not what people think about them. The critics and all other people who decide the final name are mostly those who haven’t even been good actors and actresses themselves. Like in cricket, we more often find the unsuccessful players commenting on the performance of those who work really hard. What is that so? I think we all need to accept the fact that the Oscars are never going to be unbiased, no matter what sort of logic the proponents might offer. This post is dedicated towards bringing to your mind those names who didn’t deserved to be on the top. You have a right to disagree with this list anytime. Here is the list of the word actors and actresses who won an Oscar. Read more [...]