Top 10 TV Watching States

Top 10 TV Watching States

Think you watch a lot of TV? According to the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) we watch 2 hours and 49 minutes of TV a day on average. That’s well over half of the five hours and 18 minutes of sports and leisure time we enjoy daily. If that number seems high consider this: when people who never watch TV are ruled out, the average viewing time jumps up to more than three and a half hours each day.

Like most daily activities, the amount of time spent watching TV is regional. A quick look at the top 10 TV watching states proves that the south is where television activities are most prevalent.

1. West Virginia
Estately research found that West Virginians watch the most TV on average. Residents watch around 3 hours and 37 minutes each day.

2. Alabama
Even though Georgia Direct TV deals offers plenty of value, it’s their next door neighbor Alabama, that comes in second on the list of states that watches the most television.

3. Mississippi
The states along the Gulf Coast definitely work in ample leisure time. Mississippi locals watch almost as much TV as their neighbors in Alabama.

4. Delaware
It’s one of the smallest states in the country, but Delaware residents are big on their TV time. It’s right up there with the southern states at more than three hours of TV a day.

5. Louisiana
In 2011 New Orleans took home the distinction of being the city that watched the most television in the U.S. Overall the state of Louisiana comes in at 5th for the most TV watched each day.

Rounding out the top 10 list are:
• Arkansas
• Kentucky
• North Carolina
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina

When Are People Watching the MostTV

The latest Nielsen Total Audience Report gives us a glimpse at consumer behavior, including when people are watching TV. The hours of 7-11pm are when most people are tuning in with 9pm being the peak. Another interesting finding from the ATUS is that men watch more TV than women each day: 3.05 hours and 2.61 hours respectively. But the percentage of men and women that watch TV is virtually the exact same (80%).

What’s the most popular time of year for television? Maybe it’s the Super Bowl or the cold weather – the first quarter of the year has a daily average of 3.13 hours of TV watching. More TV is also watched on the weekends and holidays compared to the workday even though many prime time TV shows air Monday-Friday.

The Role of Mobile Devices

Television viewing can’t be discussed these days without talking about mobile media consumption. People aren’t just watching from home – they’re watching everywhere.

The Nielsen report shows traditional televisions are by far and away still the most popular way of watching shows. But tablets, and to a larger extent smartphones, account for a decent portion of media use throughout most of the day. And the time spent watching on mobile devices is increasing each year. The Total Audience Report shows that the average time per day spent watching TV a smartphone went from 53 minutes in Q4 2012 to one hour and 25 minutes in Q4 2014.

TV providers are paying attention to these numbers too. Many of the major networks and suppliers are looking for new ways to capitalize on mobile viewing. Those who adopted mobile media early on have given their customers the ability to access their DVRs, live TV and past episodes through apps as long as you already have a subscription with a TV provider.

Whether it’s game shows, talk shows, reality shows or a good old fashioned drama, we Americans can’t seem to get enough of the idiot box. As that box changes form and comes with us on the go chances are good that the number of hours spent watching TV will keep rising.

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