Pendleton, Oregon is home to  the famous Pendleton Round-Up which started in 1910. The rodeo is considered by many as the most exciting rodeo in the world. It is held each year on the second week in September. The population of Pendleton is normally 17,000 but during roundup it is home to over 50,000 . The roundup stadium which seats 16,133 is looking spectacular as recently nearly ten million dollars was raised/borrowed for improvements.  Adding to the excitement of the rodeo is the participation Read more [...]
Top 10 TV Watching States Think you watch a lot of TV? According to the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) we watch 2 hours and 49 minutes of TV a day on average. That’s well over half of the five hours and 18 minutes of sports and leisure time we enjoy daily. If that number seems high consider this: when people who never watch TV are ruled out, the average viewing time jumps up to more than three and a half hours each day. Like most daily activities, the amount of time spent watching TV is Read more [...]