9 Incredibly Cool and Weird Dream Homes

I am sure that all of us have a dream home in mind. However, some people really take their dream home seriously and do things that might have been even beyond our imaginations. These days any kind of home is possible. These homes might be considered weird but at the same time very cool homes. If you have a dream home in mind don’t be scared about what people might think of it. Go after your dream home without worrying about anyone else.

Check out these 9 Incredibly Cool and Weird Dream Homes

9. Cave Dream Home
If you have a love for caves and dreamed of living in a cave then you’re not the only one. There was a house made inside of a cave and they called it Caveland. You can find this cave in Missouri. The original owners had to sale the home due to the economic crisis that was happening in 2009 and they sold it for around $300,000 on eBay. They had a hard time selling it beforehand because banks did not want to appraise the odd cave home.

8. Tree dream home
One of the most famous homes people dream about when they are young is living in a tree house. Some people continue to dream about having a dream house. The good news is now that is very much possible. You will find that there are lots of people who can work with you on making this dream come true for you. Here is just amazing example of a tree dream home.

7. Coastal dream home in Florida
I have always wanted a home in Florida. What makes this home so unique is the way they did the pool. Can’t you almost imagine yourself in this pool and living in the home? Another special touch about this pool is the fact that it’s right by the palm trees. If you don’t have a lot of space in your yard and still want to have a pool look for other ways to have the pool built in your backyard.


6. Pink Hello Kitty Dream House
A lot of girls love Hello Kitty. However, a lot of adults also love Hello Kitty as you can tell by this dream home. They made this home and designed it just from their love of Hello Kitty. I really like that it’s pink all over. This is for sure a girl’s dream home for a Hello Kitty fan. Any fan of Hello Kitty is bound to just really love this house. If you don’t like pink then you’ll not like the house at all.


5. Cool shades home
I am not sure of the location of the home nor exactly what kind of home this might be but it sure looks cool. I really love the sunglasses on the home. Whoever did this home had a nice imagination and you can tell a lot of time went into the home. I mean, who else has a home that has cool shades on it? This is for sure one of the most innovating homes I’ve seen so far.

4. The Cob Home
The cob home to me is very interesting and unique. The location of this home is another thing that makes it even more unique. This cob home is located in South Africa. What makes it even more unique is that the home use to be an old farm house and they changed it. The home is now sustained from the sun and wind. It can get extremely hot in this location so this home is a winner in my book.


2. Screen Loft Cube Home
The screen loft cube home is located in Berlin. I think that one of the things which stands out the most in this home is not only the cube look with the home but I also am in love with the steps on the home. If you don’t have a lot of space and limited then this kind of house might be ideal for you. You’ll be able to see the view around you outside easily and just enjoy peace in your cubed  home.

1 . Unique desert home
It is very possible to live in the desert these days and still have your dream home. Living in the desert might not sound as bad as you think. A lot of doctors recommend this kind of climate for people who could be sick and struggling with breathing problems. I love the design of this home and how it just kind of blends in with the desert scene. I also appreciate the cactus and plants near the home.

Don’t give up on your dream home. It doesn’t matter where you might be living right now. If you have a dream home and thinking of doing something different then go for it. You might have to research and plan things out according to your budget but strive towards having the home of your dreams regardless of what people might think of it. You’ve earned it.

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