8 Girls With Freaky Eyebrows

Around the holidays and Valentine’s day girls tend to pay more attention to the way they look. Guys, I also know that you find yourself looking at girls more often on Valentine’s day especially if you’re single. When you’re looking at girl’s there are some girls that make you want to say WTF and take another look. Girls that have freaky eyebrows might just cause you to say that out loud. Now, there are some girls that have really awesome and sexy eyebrows but this isn’t about those girls with sexy eyebrows. This is about those girls with freaky eyebrows.

Check out these 8 Girls With Freaky Eyebrows

8. What’s that on her neck?
It looks as if this girls eyebrows seem to be fine to someone. It looks as tho she has a hickey on her neck. I guess the guy she’s dating must feel extra special being with her. These eyebrows just look like they were painted on and not real at all. They are just painted on, right? I guess the only cool thing about this chick is her hoops.


7. Penciled Eyebrow Look
If you don’t find her eyebrows attractive then maybe you’ll find her hair attractive. Did anyone else noticed that not only did she have her eyebrows penciled in but she also penciled her lips to look like her eyebrows? Sadly, she did not do this for Halloween. This is her cool everyday look. Her lips and eyebrows at least blend in together.

6. Artistic Eyebrows
I have to hand it to her. She at least tried to get very creative and artistic with her eyebrows. Most people just try to do a straight line. Maybe she just really loves flowers and nature. Either way, despite how weird they look I have to say that they do look kind of cool. I think she should have colored the leaves. It just doesn’t look right without some kind of color added in somewhere.

5. Sexy and I know it
Gotta say, there’s just something about her self-confidence. She’s very proud of those eyebrows. Don’t you think that they make her look sexy? Let’s not get distracted by the color of her lips that looks like she was out in the sun for a long time. Lets just gaze upon her self confident look with those eyebrows. She’s the perfect Friday night date for you guys. I’m sure she’s single and waiting for you.

4. It’s all about the attitude
If her attitude doesn’t scare you away then her eyebrows just might do the trick. We can only hope that she doesn’t wear these eyebrows 24/7. It looks as if she’s trying to be bad and scary but yet at the same time, I see her as a girl who looks grumpy, sad and confused. Maybe it’s just me. What do you see? I think her eyebrow on the right is a little off centered.

3. The straight penciled in look
I have actually seen this kind of look with the eyebrows a few times. I guess people just get lazy and decide that they need to pencil in their eyebrows straight. The one thing is on the left side it looks as if she really got lazy and didn’t finish it all the way. I think she thinks that she looks real cool with those eyebrows.

2. The whatever look
She doesn’t look as if she cares about what other people think. She’s proud of her look and her attitude. Despite the fact her look is completely weird and scary, she’s going to continue on with those eyebrows. After all, they do match her upside down shaped triangle in the middle of her forehead. If that doesn’t get to you then maybe you’ll find her earrings attractive. Either way, at the end of the day she doesn’t care what you think. Whatever. She’s going to just continue doing things her way, so don’t waste your time telling her what you think about those eyebrows. Just don’t.

1. Hot girl with freaky eyebrows
She’s hot and she knows it. This isn’t even a good look for Halloween. We can only hope that she might be doing something for Halloween. If she’s not then I’m officially scared. She’s good looking so why have such crazy eyebrows when you’re good looking? There’s plenty of other ways that you can look scary on Halloween. So, why just why do this to yourself? You’ll make people want to look away fast or either look at you in a way that might even scare you.

You might think that those freaky penciled in eyebrows might be cool at the time but you’re never know who could be watching. You could end up completely regretting those eyebrows later so please keep that in mind the next time you decide to get your eyebrows done. If you’re unsure about doing them then ask a professional to help you out with your eyebrows. This way you can’t go wrong when a professional is helping you out. They might even give you some tips with your eyebrows. If you’re single and going out on a hot date, you’ll for sure want some help doing your eyebrows. You want them to remember you in a good way, not in a bad way. Being creative can be good but only when done correctly. Just remember people might be watching when you’re doing your eyebrows and more so if you decide to go out in public.


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