8 Odd Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression is something that many people struggle with throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, depression can kick in at any minute. When you’re depressed the doctor often times ends up giving you medications that might or may not work. What if you want to overcome depression naturally? You’ve tried many different ways to overcome it but nothing seems to be working. Instead of doing things normally, try something that’s insane, unique or different. The problem could be you’re not thinking outside of the box to overcome your depression.

Try stepping outside of the comfort zone with trying one of these 10 Odd Ways to Overcome Depression

8. Depression is a big liar so stop listening to it
When you’re depressed then you will listen to the lies of depression without realizing it. Depression can make you feel as if you’re not loved or worthy enough. It can also make you feel completely crazy inside. You have to stop listening to those lies. Know that you are worthy and that you are loved. You are also not a crazy person. Want a positive affirmation to overcome depression? Say “I am loved, I am worthy and I am sane.” Alright, so I gave you three affirmations. Repeat those out loud until you actually believe it. This might not be an insane way to overcome depression but it is a huge step towards feeling awesome.

7. Wear confident clothes
Wearing confident clothes can help you with overcoming depression. Again, this might not be an insane step but changing your wardrobe could be an insane step to some people. Wake up a few minutes early in order to plan wearing confident clothes. If you don’t like the idea of waking up early, then try picking out clothes the night before. When you look good, people will compliment you and they will notice that you feel confident about yourself. Feeling confident is something that can attract many amazing things in your life.

6. Adopt a Pet
Pets can be healing. Adopting a pet doesn’t have to be very expensive neither. You can always just go to your local shelter and adopt one. I have four cats and love them all. Some people prefer cats and others love dogs while others might like hamsters or exotic pets. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you like the most, a pet can be very therapeutic. They need us and you need them. Just make sure that you research and know for a fact you’ll be very happy with whatever kind of pet you might adopt. If you’re unsure you can go to the pet store / pet shelter and look around to see what pets might be up for adoption.

5. Buy a sun lamp
Light therapy is important for people who might be struggling with depression. During the winter it can be hard getting enough light. There’s lots of healing in sunlight. A sun lamp mimics the sun and helps with improving your mood. If you live in an area that doesn’t get enough sun or cloudy often then you still might want to invest in a good sun lamp. The prices of sunlamps vary all depending on where you might buy one from.

4. Stop taking over the counter medications and drink more tea
If you’re on medication then taking over the counter medications to help you sleep or get rid of the depression then consider stopping them unless if your doctor has prescribed them too you. If you’re taking over the counter meds without your doctor knowing then be sure to tell your doctor. Sometimes medications can cause depression. Drinking tea can help with boosting up your immune system, help you with sleeping at night and so much more. Drinking sleepy tea at night is a healthier solution then taking over the counter sleep meds that wasn’t prescribed by your doctor. I am not saying to stop your meds that you might be on from your doctor. Only to stop them and talk with your doctor before using them again if your doctor is unaware you’re using them.

3. Look out your window more
I know that if you’re working a lot or if the weather is cold and you cannot go outside then you need to look out your window more. Get on a routine of doing this daily regardless of rather or not you can or can’t go out on a break. Just take one minute and look out at nature and find something that will cause you to smile. If you cannot find anything, then look up at the sky and see the beauty in the sky. This will also help with bringing peace and calming you down.

2. Avoid alcohol and drugs
In general, alcohol is just a bad idea. It can cause you to be angry, sad and cause many other emotions. You might think you’re doing good until you pick up that bottle and your depression just gets worse. A lot of people tend to drink these days. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to attend AA meetings. They might be just the thing you need to get over depression and to stop with drinking. If you’re on meds then please check with your doctor before drinking. A lot of times alcohol interacts with medication.

1. Change your diet
A lot of people these days tend to be on a diet that’s unhealthy for them. It’s time for you to face this fact. I know it’s a hard thing to admit and something that you might not want to confess. Changing your diet is extreme but might be the very thing that could help with overcoming depression. You might be low on your vitamins, minerals and other things due to poor diet and eating. Talk with your doctor about how you should be eating. I recommend the premium thrive diet along with the capsules, protein mix and DFT patches. Again, talk with your doctor before you go on a diet or start taking capsules to ensure that it won’t interact with your current meds.

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Listen to positive music, daily say positive affirmations and become the law of attraction with positive thinking and in time, you will start to feel much better.

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