6 Ways You Can Lose Weight On Facebook

Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know that Facebook could be causing you to gain weight? The good news is you can change that right now. There are a few things that you can do to help you with losing weight on Facebook. If you’re very active on Facebook then these tips might save you from gaining a few pounds this summer.

Check out these 6 Ways You Can Lose Weight On Facebook

6. Turn off the notifications from ones that post unhealthy food pics often
It’s fine if you have friends that might post one or two junk food pictures. However, it could quickly turn into a problem for you if they post them every few minutes. You don’t have to actually unfriend them. All you need to do is just turn off the notifications so this way you won’t see the junk food on your newsfeed. I do encourage you to follow and keep notifications on with friends who might actually post healthy food. When you see postings of junk food often, it tends to make you hungry without even realizing it. Turning off their notifications will help so you won’t feel as if you need to have a snack so much. Example is the pic below. Does this make you want to eat healthy things or junk food? Imagine seeing this every day in your newsfeed. Eventually, you’ll find yourself wanting junk food.


5. Join weight loss support groups on Facebook
One thing that I really love about Facebook is the fact that it has a variety of groups. You can search Facebook for weight loss groups. You’ll be surprised as to how many groups you’ll find geared towards losing weight. This will also help you with building up a support system to help you with losing weight. When you’re around people who want to lose weight then you can all encourage each other. Losing weight is never an easy thing and this is why having a healthy support system can help. If you find yourself surrounded by people who tend to discourage you on Facebook then you might want to either turn off their notifications or possibly just unfriend them. If they don’t support you with your journey to weight loss, then you might question your friendship with them.

4. Write your weight loss journey on Facebook
After you have the support you need on Facebook get bold about it and write your journey. If you don’t have friends yet then this might also help with building your support system. Be honest and real with your postings. Tell them your goals. If you don’t want certain friends seeing your postings you can always customize settings with your postings and hide it to where they won’t see it. Another idea is just to make a page and let it be all about your weight loss journey. Venting and letting those struggles and feelings out really helps when you have goals to lose weight.


3. Post Selfie’s on Facebook of your progress
Posting a selfie on Facebook can do you a lot of good. It also helps others to see your progress. Only post the selfie’s that you really like. I know a lot of people struggle with taking pictures and get shy. Don’t be. You also don’t have to post them every day. If you’re the shy kind just post your selfie once or twice a month to let people see how you’re doing. You can also post pictures of the healthy foods that you’re eating. Posting healthy food pictures on Facebook is very different from posting junk food. This way you’re also encouraging others to eat healthy. Maybe they will see your healthy food before they see someone else’s junk food picture and be inspired to lose weight and join in with you on your journey. One picture of how you’re progress or either one picture of healthy food, can inspire people in many ways.

2. Download Weight Loss Apps and Let It Post on Facebook For You
There are lots of free weight loss apps available. Some of these apps will let you connect to facebook and show your progress. You can plan your meals and do many other things with these apps. Connecting them to Facebook will help you with getting feedback from others. A couple of weight loss apps I recommend include Pact and MyFitnessPal. A few of these weight loss apps might be free for a limited time or either have a pro version available.


1. Post at least one positive affirmation daily or weekly on Facebook
It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in. After you have finished venting try and post at least one positive weight loss affirmation. Weight loss is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You know you can do it with the right attitude. We all have our bad days in regards to losing weight. The good news is you can quickly change your shift and way of thinking with just posting one positive affirmation a day on Facebook. It doesn’t even have to be on weight loss. If you’re having a bad day then all you have to say is “I am Happy”. Anything that will help you with changing your shift and going towards your goals in a positive way will work. If you can’t post daily on Facebook try posting at least once a week with a positive affirmation.


Tip: Watch out for newsfeed that might have fast and upbeat music. Listening to upbeat music can help with getting you in the mood to exercise. Avoid listening to music on your newsfeed that’s slow or might make you tired.

You might not lose weight fast doing it this way but it can really help with decreasing your appetite. You could lose a few pounds monthly just by following these simple 6 weight loss steps.

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