7 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

I think that we all have those friends. It seems like no matter what happens they always end up having a lot of luck to happen in their life. No matter if they start a new adventure, find someone they love or even just have luck with school. Wouldn’t it be nice if you started having a life filled with nothing but luck? The problem is that most people tend to wait around luck to happen instead of creating their own luck. Don’t become that person who thinks that nothing good will happen to them. Don’t also become that person that gets jealous because of other people that might seem to have a lucky life. Go out and make your own luck. You might not be able to control many things that happen to you in life such as finding a four leaf clover but you can start creating a life to where lucky things happen.

Check out these 7 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

  1. Visualize a Positive Future

Most of us end up waking up daily and doing the same routine over and over again. When we start doing the same thing daily we get stuck with thinking that must be how the future is going to end up. However, you can change this. Every night start picturing how things will look for you the next day. Picture them in a way that is positive. If you’re always tired, picture yourself full of energy and life. If you’re having money problems, start picturing your money problems going away. It is something that might be hard to do at first but the more you start trying to visualize a positive future then the easier it becomes. Things will start to change just from picturing a positive and productive day.

  1. Say positive affirmations daily

Saying daily positive affirmations helps with creating positive thoughts. If you really want to have a lucky life then say affirmations that will help towards achieving that goal. Instead of using the words “I will become” start saying “I am”. For instance, “I am successful” not “I will become successful”. This change can also help you to become more motivated towards what you’re doing. Write your positive affirmations down and have them throughout the house. Whenever you get frustrated say one of them out loud. Don’t let negative thinking hold you back from your dreams.

  1. Its fine for you to have a life filled with luck

Something that holds many people back in life is with thinking that having a lucky life must be evil. There is nothing wrong nor evil about having a life filled with luck. You might even be causing bad luck to come into your life with this way of thinking. Sure there are some people who are successful in life that tend to be greedy and evil but this is not sure for all successful people. If you work hard in life, do good and become educated then you deserve nothing but the best.

  1. Be grateful for what you have

A lot of times in life we start becoming ungrateful for what we have. It can be easy to do when you feel stressed or feel as if nothing is going to change in your life. Start becoming grateful for what you have now. This will help you with changing your attitude in life. We can also focus on goals so much that we might forget about all the blessings we have already done. Don’t become so hard on yourself that you forget to give yourself credit for all the things you’ve accomplished already. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one thing you’ve done be proud and grateful for it. This doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe you cleaned the house recently or cooked. Be grateful you were able to do just those things. It’s the little things we need to learn to be grateful in life then soon those bigger things will come.

  1. Say this right now “I get everything that I want”

Say this daily. Don’t say this with doubt or fear. Know that it’s going to happen. Whatever you want in life you can get it with the right attitude. If you want to be successful know that you will get it. Don’t go after something in your life with doubt or with not having enough confidence. Lack of confidence can really hold you back with changing the luck in your life. Now say it again “I get everything that I want” and watch how the universe starts to work for you.


  1. Become creative and think outside of the box

If things aren’t going your way then start becoming creative and think outside of the box. There’s nothing wrong with doing things in a different way. Maybe you need to wake up early or change your schedule some in order to go after your goals in life. Another idea is you might even just need to change the way you’re dressing and look professional when you go out and act like your life is already successful and filled with lots of luck even if you don’t think it is right now.


  1. Stop hanging around people that make you feel down or negative

Sometimes it’s not anything that you’re doing wrong. It could just be the circle of friends you’re hanging out with that might be making you think that you don’t have a lucky life. Do you feel tired by the time you’re done talking with your friends? Do you feel sad or depressed often after you finish hanging out with them? Do they do anything to help with building you up in a positive way or do they knock you down? Maybe the biggest step in your life right now is to change the crowd of people you’re hanging out with and only focus on the people who make you feel good and support you.


Don’t give up on your dreams or life. Sometimes it just takes time for luck to change but know that “I get everything that I want” and you will also get what you want in life if you just believe.

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