5 Possible Sightings of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is described as an animal that’s hairy, large and a bipedal humanoid. Bigfoot tends to be in mainly forests and more so in North America of the Pacific Northwest region. However, there’s been some possible sightings of Bigfoot throughout the USA. A lot of scientists believe that Bigfoot is just either folklore or possibly a hoax or not identifying the animal correctly. The reason why is because there’s not enough evidence to physically prove the existence of Bigfoot. Some scientists such as Jeffrey Meldrum and Grover Krantz have dedicated their careers with trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Is Bigfoot real or fake? Let’s take a closer look and see about some of the sightings of Bigfoot.

Here are 5 possible sightings of Bigfoot

5. Possible sighting of Bigfoot in Idaho in 2008
We all know that Idaho is known for their potatoes but did you know that there’s been a sighting of Bigfoot in Idaho? The date of the sighting happened on Jan 8th, 2008. A driver was trying to haul a huge load at 1:30 am. He said that there was a lot of fog that was getting heavy increasingly. Suddenly he noticed that on the side of the road there was something that had eyes which glowed. He first thought it was possibly a deer. He turned on his beams and saw that it was a huge creature that was running on the road. He said that the creature had to of been at least 10 feet and maybe around 600 pounds or more. Its hair was black and his eyebrows long. He also noticed that his arms were lanky and longer proportion wise compared to human’s arms. He had to swerve extremely hard in order to not hit the creature. He did regain control of his truck and tried to find the creature again but the creature had already disappeared.

What the area looks like in the day time…


4. A possible sighting of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California in 1958
Interesting enough, in 1958 there was a possible sighting of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California. Jerry Crew was a bulldozer operator at the time. He claimed that there were huge footprints in that area. However, after he died his children showed a pair of feet that were wooden and about 16 inches. They claimed he made the footprints with the wooden feet. It’s really difficult to know for sure as to what exactly he used the feet for without being alive to confirm it.


3. Another Possible sighting of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California on October 20th, 1967
On October 20th 1967, there was a possible Bigfoot sighting that happened in Bluff Creek, California. Film makers Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin claimed that they had captured Bigfoot on film. Several scientists have reviewed the film. There are mixed opinions of it but most of them have claimed that the film was a hoax and that Bigfoot was not caught on tape. However, Gimlin and Patterson both say that they really did encounter Bigfoot and that it was not a costume. One thing that’s interesting to note is that Greg Long decided to interview a lot of people who knew Patterson. Many of the people who knew him claimed that he was a conman and a known liar but there’s still not enough proof to say rather or rather not the film was real or a fake. However, what most people might not remember or know about is the possible sighting that happened in 1958 in Bluff Creek, California.


2. In Florida a sighting of Bigfoot occurred on May, 2011
In Florida they call Bigfoot the Skunk Ape now. On May 2011, there was a smell that was appalling in the swamps. Some people were out fishing, an attorney, a commercial pilot and a couple of the attorney’s clients were all together on a boat. They said that there was a smell and that around 100 yards away they spotted a creature. They thought that the creature was first either a bear or possibly a hog. When they got closer to the creature it turned and looked straight at them. They said that the creature was about as wide as someone’s refrigerator and that the forehead was hairless but nothing else was hairless. The creature looked at them for around 15 seconds and then made like some type of snort sound then walked away from them. They have never seen anything like it since and there’s not been anymore reports in that area about such a possible creature being around.


1. In Ruby Creek, British Columbia possible Bigfoot sighting in 1941
It seems now for generations that people have been talking about Bigfoot sightings. This one might have been one of the scariest sightings. In 1941, Jeannie Chapman said that she and her children had to actually escape from their home. The reason why is because a creature went into their home. She claimed that the creature that went into her home was at least 7.5 feet tall and huge. Her children also confirm of seeing this possible creature. All of them were scared and had a hard time trying to recover and go back into their home. No one else in that area has seen or reported a creature since that time. However, it does make you wonder if the 1987 film Harry and the Henderson’s might have gotten some of their idea for the film based on the information of the creature evading their home.

This is where it happened…


There are lots of movies based on Bigfoot and possible sightings. Some of those movies include The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Movie Out Here. It just goes to show you that when you’re out and about you never know as to when you might actually see Bigfoot so it’s good to always have those camera’s with you nearby just in case. A Bigfoot sighting could possibly happen anywhere around the world.

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