5 Weird Products for Women Only

Why it is that women get preference in some things and men don’t? It’s time that men should start chanting their rights in comparison to women. There are a number of weird slogans and products that are available in the market. What’s weirder is that these services and products are offered to women only. On reading this post, you all realize how weird the world is becoming. It can also be said that soon there will be a time when women will be given preference in everything created by man. Here are the 5 weird products that are offered to women only.

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5. Parking for Women Only

Countries like the USA, UK and Canada have done a lot for expecting mothers, but South Korea has gone a step ahead when it comes to parking. They have created a number of parking slows for women only. There are a number of spaces that have been allocated for women all over the country. That’s not all, as the spaces offered to women are somewhat larger than the one for men. Now that’s what I call gender discrimination.

4. Computers

The Japanese Company, Fujitsu, has launched a number of new laptops and PCs for women. One such brand is the floral kiss that has been designed as a women’s only product. The entire machine has been loaded with womanish features and designs. So if you are a male, then don’t even think about buying it, even if it’s your personal choice.

3. The Feminine Removal Firm

Van Girls is a company in which women offer their services for the removal of materials. They have managed to gather a large number of clients who assume that women take more care while removing things. There profits are on the rise primarily due to the quality of services they offer. In fact, the profits are pouring in just because most men love to see some females managing their furniture.

2. The Gender Biased Art Gallery

Dowse Art Museum is the best example of those places which give preference to women. A human rights complaint was filed against the gallery only because it allowed women and children to enter. It happened all because of a documentary that featured a women who used to wear a veil. Al Maria was the name of the film maker who agreed to play the documentary on the condition that no males will be allowed. If the women in the documentary were so concerned about their veil, why did they even the allow the documentary to be made. Now that’s the question which the film maker needs to answer.

1. Hotel Floors

Bella Donna is a hotel floor that has been dedicated to women only. Males are not allowed to visit the area. Even if they are able to gain access to it, most of them prefer to run away. Everything on the floor is feminine, from the walls to the soaps. So any true alpha male will not even try to cross the glass door that separates the women only area.

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