The Most Weird and Costly Mistakes Ever

Some mistakes can really be costly for us. It is after committing these mistakes that we realize about what we have lost or what we could have gained. There is end to the stupidity of humans who fail to realize the consequences of their actions. This post is dedicated to all those individuals who mistakes cost them a lot of money. So try to read the post till the end to ensure that you do not end up committing the same mistakes in life. Here are the 5 most weird and costly mistakes ever.

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5. Ronald Wayne’s Mistake

This man was one of the co-founders in Apple. What he did was not to trust the future of the company. He had made this decision in 1976 at the time when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had 45 % shares in the company. He, at that time, held 10 % shares. It was after some time that he had lost billions of dollars by removing his stake. Bad luck.

4. Piper Alpha Disaster

Most of you will be surprised to note that this mistake that had cost more than $ 3 billion happened because of a temporary cap. It was in 1988 when it all had happened and since then the mistake has been termed one of the costliest mistakes known to mankind. Maintenance was being carried out in the unit when a worker had pressed the start button. It was not his mistake as he was not informed about the upgrades that were being carried out.

3. The Poor Broker

In 2005, there was a Japanese broker who planned to sell a share for a renowned company for 610,000 yen, but did something really stupid. He sold 610,000 shares for a single yen. He did try to cancel the deal but it had already been too late. It resulted in a chaos in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and a total loss of the profit that the company had earned in the previous year.

2. NASA Satellite

This satellite that had cost the country more than $ 100 million was lost due to the use of separate calculation systems, the Metric system vs. the American system. The NASA officials had incorrectly assumed that the calculations had been converted to Newtons for the space. A number of warning signs were shown, but in the end, the satellite was destroyed.

1. Hoover Free Flights

There was a British Arm of Hoover that used to make washing machines and vacuums. It was in the same year that the company had realized that they had undergone overproduction which created the need of getting rid of those units. The products being offered were really low quality in comparison to other leading companies. They introduced a scheme in which a person would get 2 free round trips to Europe or the US by buying 100 pounds of merch. The tickets were much more expensive than the cheap products. The result was that the unit was sold to another company while many executives lost their jobs.

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