The Weirdest Vending Machines in the World

Why is it that most of the weirdest vending machines are located overseas? Well, it might be because of the fact that people in your area aren’t weird anymore. Ever imagined a pizza being made inside a vending machine or a burger? It is quite obvious that vending machines attract travellers. The sight of one such machine is a life saver for them. These machines are also known for being free from any language barriers. However, just like everything else in the world, these machines are also evolving. In the present times, these machines tend to be more prevalent as well as exotic. Another reason for which these machines are everywhere is because they do not require any employees and are functional every single hour of the day. Whether it be technology or quirkiness, Japan happens to be in the lead in terms of having the most vending machines. However, it might not have the weirdest vending machines in the world. After having an overview of these machines, here are the 5 weirdest vending machines in the world.


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5. Russian Automated Burger

Russia does not seems to be lagging behind when it comes to making progress in vending machines. This machine allows you have to enjoy a fully warm and well-made burger through a vending machine. There is no waiting time or any other hassle involved in the process. However, you might need to wait for your turn during peak times. All you will ever need to do is just push a button.

4. Italy

There is no doubt in saying that Pizza is one of the most delicious foods in the world. However, you might love the Italian pizza even more. What’s more exciting to note is that the country has vending machines that can make a pizza for you in less than 3 minutes. It will add everything of your choice in no time, especially for those individuals who are always on a tight schedule.

3. France

In the French regions, bread has always been termed more than just a food. There is a vending machine in the Paris that will deliver you with a hot load of bread after baking it for a few minutes. You will not need for long and you will surely enjoy the taste, as French bread is made to be delicious.

2. USA

If you feel a craving for a Caviar while being in the domains of Beverly Hills, this vending machine will always be there for your rescue. However, you will need to spend $ 500 for an oz. of Caviar, thus making it is the most expensive vending machines in the world.

1. China

If you cannot find fresh fish in the market or you arrived late, then this vending machine is what you will ever need. All you will need to do is add in the money and see the magic happen. In a short time, the machine is going to be release live crabs. What’s weirder is to note that the crabs are kept alive in inside the machine, so that when a customer needs them, they turn out fresh.

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