The Most Outrageous Kid Parties Ever

Some parties can just remain in control. It is a fact that most of the teen parties these days are designed to get out of control. Whether it be drinking or anything else, kid’s parties go well beyond what we can imagine. You might have seen movies on the theme of wild teen parties. If not, then you will be inclined to see one soon after you read this post. Here are the 5 most outrageous kid parties ever.


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5. £ 4 Million Bar Mitzvah

Phillip Green is the famous retailer who threw a handsome load of cash just for the purpose of celebrating the Bar Mitzvah for this son. He made all arrangements and invited more than 300 close friends and family. The celebration was more like the marriage of a prince in which everything was expensive and no expense was spared. It seemed like that the person had enough money that he could have invited the whole world for the party.

4. The Miracle Baby

In 2011, there was a couple who had spent more than $ 40,000 to celebrate the birthday party of their miracle baby. The baby was more than astonished to see his parents throw away a lot of money. The baby kept sleeping through most of the party while the guests enjoyed the best time of their lives.

3. Game of Thrones Princess

It is quite weird to note that there is a one year old girl, Emma Chung, who knows how to appreciate Game of Thrones. In fact, she had celebrated her birthday party with the theme of this more than famous series. It should be remembered that the show is purely for adults, but there are kids who might still watch it.

2. The Sweet 16 Party

Kendall Jenner, on turning 16, was more than surprised to know that her parents had purchased a $ 90,000 range rover for her. That’s not all, as the guests at the party were handed over $ 1000 worth gift bags. Now that’s what I call a party where everyone goes happy.

1. Video Invite

Jorel Hoffert had become a celebrity when his video invite for Bar Mitzvah went viral on the internet. The director of the video is also the person to be credited for the million hits. We can only imagine the kind of party it was with thousands and thousands invited.

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