The Most Unusual Allergies You Should Know About

Allergies can make your life miserable. It can be caused due to environmental factors as well as internal ones. This post is focused on sharing with you some of the weirdest allergies known to mankind. It should be noted that the exact etiological factors behind the occurrence of some of these allergies are unknown. In addition, some of them can even be dangerous for you if not controlled in a timely manner.

Here are 5 of the most unusual allergies you should know about

  1. People can be allergic to water

It might sound stupid, but there are some people who are actually allergic of water. They can’t even think about allowing water to touch their skin. Just imagine a life in which you will never be able to take a bath. This condition is referred to as aquagenic urticarial. In this condition, water at any temperature can cause extreme itchiness and irritation on different areas of the skin. Sometimes the itchiness is so extreme that the person feels like ripping their entire skin in order to avoid this feeling. There is still no effective treatment available for overcoming this condition. Most dermatologists recommend that one should avoid taking a bath often as it is only going to be painful and irritating.

water allergy


  1.   Allergic to Exercise

It might sound like an excuse to avoid spending some time in the gym, but some people are allergic to exercise. There are a large number of people around the globe who suffer from it. There are a number of symptoms that cover this condition including: skin hives, gastrointestinal issues and other related problems. It is also said that even the idea of going into gym makes these individuals sick and irritable. The main reason is their negative conditioning with their past experience of the gym. Like I said before, some of these problems happen to be psychogenic in nature. The mind can play with our bodies in ways you can’t even imagine. For those who don’t believe, I recommend that they should read the book “Blaming the Mind”. The only plausible treatment interventions for such conditions including: avoiding any form of physical activity, seeking professional help, use of cell stabilizers etc. There are also some medications that can help alleviate the symptoms but no effective and permanent cure of the condition is available.


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  1. Allergic to the sun

There are some people who can’t imagine having life without spending some time on the beach. Some of us love spending a great deal of time  sunbathing on a weekly basis. However, there are some unfortunate individuals who just can’t handle the sun. The ozone layer around the world is still intact, but for these people it does not matter. Their immune systems react violently to any form of sunlight exposure. The symptoms include: nausea, headache and skin itching, all of which can become dreadful at times. These symptoms can get as severe as causing bleeding under the skin. In some cases, even a few seconds exposure to the sunlight can result in severe effects due to which individuals with such conditions are asked to avoid sunlight at all times. However, you should tag these individuals as vampires or Draculas. It is something that is genetic as well as environmental. In other words, it is out of their control. A more effective measure that can be used to overcome this problem is to use sun blocks and sunscreens most of the times.

sun allergy


  1. Allergic to Technology

It is almost impossible for us to avoid technology. Whether it be smartphones, Wi-Fi, Led screens or anything else, life is simply unimaginable without these things. Most of us are so addicted to technology that we spend almost 60 % of our day to day activities while using different forms of technology. But there are a few individuals who are hyper sensitive to any form of technology. It is more often referred to as electro-sensitivity. As soon as they are exposed to it, a number of effects and symptoms start to emerge. The onset of such symptoms is more often rigorous and immediate. The effects include: migraines, skin itching, rashes and chest pain. It is recommend to them they should be dedicated to the idea of not having anything electrical including: microwaves, smartphones, Wi-Fi etc. They should also be committed to avoiding all places where there are chances of exposure. It has been reported that there are some individuals who have moved to a special area in Southern France primarily because it is free from all forms of technology.



  1. Imagine never eating chocolate

Most girls can’t imagine a life without chocolate. It is indeed a weird form of allergy that unlike other allergies can result in pretty severe conditions and symptoms. The condition is quite rare but people who suffer from it can experience a number of effects within seconds of consuming or even smelling any form of chocolate. It should be noted that chocolates are made up of a number of different ingredients. The cocoa alone cannot be blamed for the reaction. Other ingredients like milk, sugar, nuts and lecithin can also cause it.

chocolate allergy

These are just some of the many allergies that people suffer from. The best tip for avoiding and overcoming these conditions is to simply avoid things that cause them.


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