Marriage is a bond that is meant to last for a long time. Some marriages even last for decades and end with death. However, it is quite unfortunate to note that the more modern we are becoming, the less likely we are to remain committed to one man or woman for our entire life. You might have heard about marriages that last for a long time but not about the ones that last for a few moments, hours or days. It can be said that most of the marriages had ended out of mere stupidity of the couples or due Read more [...]
The history of human language is as old as man himself. Throughout the span of history, thousands and thousands of languages were used by humans. It is quite unfortunate to note that most of these languages have become extinct. This post is dedicated to remembering the gift of language. There is no other living being in the world that has an advanced language system like we have. Here I am going to share the 5 strangest languages most of you will never have heard. Here are the 5 languages. Ayapaneco This Read more [...]
Euthanasia has been controversial for a very long time now. In the olden days, it was quite acceptable. However, the same cannot be said in the present times when the whole world is chanting about the right to life. A number of religious groups are active in this regard with the slogans that no human has the right to take his or her own life as it is a gift of God. The increasing in such cases can be directly contributed to the increased mass media coverage. The purpose of this article is share the Read more [...]
A lot of people believe that only men are violent and prone to killing others. The potential for committing heinous crimes is equally prevalent in women as well. There are a number of reasons for which most women do not commit murder. It might be due to their physical inabilities or lack of will. However, the intent to murder is still there in a large number of women all over the world. Here I am going to share the 5 most dangerous female serial killers. Joanne Dennehy She is known to Read more [...]
The success of food shows in attracting a large number of people is a relatively new phenomenon. A great deal of hype is being created in order to ensure that everyone gets to know about food challenges. These shows are not limited to specific countries. In fact, TV shows all over the world are being launched in relevance to food challenges. It is to be considered that some food challenges are simply stupid and some even more so. I am going to share the 5 most stupid food challenges ever. Read more [...]
There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the moon landings in the USA. There are a large number of people who believe that these landings were faked in order to force the Soviet Union to bankrupt itself. It all had started when the Soviet Union had become the first country whose astronaut went into space. There is no doubt in saying that Russia was the first country to travel into space. However, some critics believe that the same cannot be said about the landings on the Moon. It is Read more [...]
The first in line in terms of capital punishment are the ancient societies like that of Babylon. It was introduced as a means of coercion, to control crime and to exercise the power of the state over the lives of individuals. The 8th century BC was the first time in which this code had been introduced. This code had been classified under the name of the Babylonian King, Hammurabi. The basic principle behind the formulation and development of this code was the principle that an eye-accounts for an Read more [...]
Brazil is one of the fastest developing economies of the world and there is no denying of it. It is a country that has gone through many ups and downs to reach the present state. Not long ago, it was classified as a failed state by the leading countries in the world. However, the undeniable fact is that the nation has shown a great deal of strength and resilience in the span of the past few decades. The same is the reason for which it is now progressing at a rate like never before. Brazil is the Read more [...]
Satan is a force that is undeniable. Whether you are religious or not, there is sufficient evidence to confirm the presence of this evil and powerful being. It can be said that people more often make use of this name as an excuse for their crimes. A large number of insanity pleas have been done in the name of evil or in the name of Satan. If you are unaware about these crimes, it is best that you continue reading this post. Here are the 5 most bizarre and appalling things done in the name of Satan. The Read more [...]
A large number of people in the USA believe that there is a strong relation between crimes and Halloween. Some even think that it is the time when the evil forces start exploiting the minds and souls of those who are not religious or have lost their faith in the powers of the Almighty. However, most law officials believe that a lot of criminals use Halloween as an excuse for committing the crimes. It is for sure that is one of the most common excuses made include accounts of the devil or Satan. Here Read more [...]
When caught doing a criminal act, criminals come up with all forms of reasons and excuses with the hope that the officer will give them a chance. In America, if you are caught red handed, all you have is a right to remain silent. This post is dedicated to all those individuals who use  stupid excuses in order to prove their innocence. Some of these excuses are so lame, that some of you might not be able to stop laughing. Here are the 5 weird and lame excuses given by criminals. Image Read more [...]
Death is something that all of us will experience. It is the only thing in this world which is certain. People die in a number of ways. Some are murdered, some die in accidents and some die through natural deaths. However, there is a small group of those who actually died due to things falling out from the sky. The cases I am about to share are really bizarre. I am sure that none of us will prefer to die in such a manner. Here are the 5 most bizarre deaths in human history. Image Source: Read more [...]
Allergies can make your life miserable. It can be caused due to environmental factors as well as internal ones. This post is focused on sharing with you some of the weirdest allergies known to mankind. It should be noted that the exact etiological factors behind the occurrence of some of these allergies are unknown. In addition, some of them can even be dangerous for you if not controlled in a timely manner. Here are 5 of the most unusual allergies you should know about People can be allergic Read more [...]
Lakes are landlocked bodies containing water and a number of other things. It has been reported that numerous strange and bizarre phenomena events have been recorded in different lakes around the world. It is also due to these strange and unexplained chemical reactions that weird creatures and bizarre animals are born. Some of the lakes are sites which were at the center of catastrophic phenomena while others have been hiding ancient secrets for a long time now. Here are the 5 most bizarre lakes Read more [...]
There is no doubt in believing that America has always the led the world in terms of science and technology. In fact, many around the world accept it as the intellectual and technological capital of the world. The Americas were the first to land on the moon, they were the first to introduce an objective educational system, they were the first in making an atomic bomb and it should not surprise any of you, they are still ahead of everyone else in everything else. Patriotism with your own country is Read more [...]
Dictators are crazier than you can imagine. Although the world now seems to be freeing itself from dictators but still there is a long way to go. The fact of the matter is that some of them have disguised themselves as supporters of democracy, so be aware of them. This post is going to prove from the acts of some notorious dictators that they were actually crazy for a number of things in life. Yes, Adolf Hitler is also going to be on this list as no list about dictators can be complete without mentioning Read more [...]
It is for sure that some men have indeed crossed all limits in terms of spending their hard earned cash. The cases of the donations I will be sharing with you will make you realize the fact that some good still exists in the world. Things will continue to remain balanced even if a single good deed exists in the world. You will be surprised to read about some of the stories and cases I am about to share with you. Another core purpose behind making this post is to let our readers know that making donations Read more [...]
It is an established fact that in the span of the past few decades, men and women have developed the need to look younger. Most of them are willing to go to all limits in order to improve their appearance. Medical procedures and techniques can be one reason behind this increasing trend. However, it should be noted that men seem to be lagging behind the race of looking younger than their partners. This post is going to share those products as well as treatments that are being offered for defying age. Read more [...]
If any one of you has ever had a suicidal tendency or thought, it is best that you seek some professional help. Suicide is never the solution to your problems. This post is dedicated to all those people who wasted their lives at some of the weirdest and bizarre suicide locations in the world. We should ask ourselves that why so many people end their lives in this manner? Although some major attempts and movements have been initiated all over the world to limit the number of suicide rates, but still Read more [...]
You might have read stories and novels about islands but have you ever tried to explore the reality behind these stories? Most of the stories you might have read are actually based on real events with a few changes. It has been reported that there are actually some pretty weird and bizarre Islands on the face of the earth. However, most people don’t know about them and their origins. This post will take you on a journey across some of the weirdest and most bizarre islands. Here are the 6 weirdest Read more [...]