The 6 Most Weird and Expensive Treatments for Aging

It is an established fact that in the span of the past few decades, men and women have developed the need to look younger. Most of them are willing to go to all limits in order to improve their appearance. Medical procedures and techniques can be one reason behind this increasing trend. However, it should be noted that men seem to be lagging behind the race of looking younger than their partners. This post is going to share those products as well as treatments that are being offered for defying age. Don’t be surprised to see the price tags with them. Despite of the fact that these treatments do appear weird to many, still a large number of people prefer opt in for them. There is no end to those who have spent almost all of their savings just for the sake of looking younger.

Here are the 6 most weird and expensive treatments for defying age.

  1. IPL Laser Treatment

This treatment more often requires more than 1 visit in order to see the best results. It is used for the eradication of brown spots and wrinkles. Although people hold different views about this process, but evidence suggests that it does work. Men normally start with the hands. It is recommended that you should ask the expert to apply some numbing cream as the sting can be of much surprise to you. You do not need to worry as the procedure is not a painful one. Soon after the treatment, you will witness a few changes. The normal time to witness and record the changes is within one or two weeks. It is around $ 250 or more for a single session of this treatment.

IPL Laser Treatment

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  1. Ultherapy Face and the Neck Lift

It is a non-invasive measure that works in close proximity with the natural healing systems and processes of the human body. Ultrasound is used by the experts to view various layers of the skin while the process is being done. The technique works through the stimulation of collagen production inside all of the deep layers of skin. You should remember that it is going to take around 3 to 6 months to notice the differences. It should be noted that the treatment might take an hour or so and that your skin might remain a bit red for a few hours or a day. The price for this therapy is $ 3000.

Ultherapy Face and the Neck Lift

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  1. Liquid Facelifts Treatment

Here is another treatment that is always heavy on your pocket. It is more often said that undergoing this treatment is indeed the fastest way available for looking younger. The results of this technique happen to be quite immediate. The same is the reason for which it is one of the most preferred treatments. There are a number of dermal fillers used to fill in the areas. Not to forget that the results of the technique are immediate and there is almost zero downtime. Botox is also used in the treatment for paralyzing the muscles. A single treatment lasts for about 12 months or so. The cost for the treatment is about $ 3500 but can vary from person to person depending upon the levels of treatment needed.

Liquid Facelifts Treatment

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  1. Eyelid Surgery

The cost for the upper and lower eyelid surgery happens to be around $ 4500. It should be noted that the eyes are one of the very first areas where signs of aging begin to appear. When people start telling you more often that you look tired or you have dark circles, it might be time to use this treatment. The procedure can take up to 3 hours or a bit more to complete. Furthermore, the same treatment time and procedures might not be required for every patient. In the span of a few weeks, the swelling is going to vanish and the new look will emerge. The most appealing thing about the treatment is that the results are going to last for many years to come. The price for this treatment is $ 4500.

Eyelid Surgery

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  1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This treatment is more often recommended to men whose testosterone levels fall below the normal range. It is indeed helpful in terms of regaining the lost vitality. Once the treatment has been transformed, you will experience a new and more energetic you. Some mental health experts are of the view that this treatment can also help in reducing depression and day to day anxiety. That’s not all, as some evidence suggests that it helps in improving verbal memory and a number of other cognitive functions. Keeping in view the benefits of this treatment, a large number of men and women are equally opting for this treatment. The price for treatment might be affordable for many as it is only $ 4740 or a bit more for a year. Don’t forget that you should undergo this treatment only from certified treatment centres under the supervision of certified experts.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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  1. Hair Replacement Therapy

Hair loss indeed has been an issue that effects many young and old men. However, it is more often linked to aging. A safe and well-tested procedure for ending this issue is the Hair Replacement Therapy. It works by removing a layer of skin from the back of the head and then taking out tiny grafts. The head is later onwards numbed marking the initiation of the procedure that might last for 8 to 9 hours. It is indeed a tedious procedure that requires a great deal of expertise and training. The recovery process also takes some time but the results are quite natural. The cost for this treatment varies from $ 5000 to $ 15000 depending upon the number of grafts and other associated technicalities. It should be noted that the 80 % of all men falling under the age of 70 do experience baldness. So if you wish to look younger than before, this treatment might turn out to be the best one for you.

Hair Replacement Therapy

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If you believe that some of these treatments are bizarre, then indeed you will make the right choice i.e. save your money and live naturally.

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