5 Most Weird and Lame Excuses Given by Criminals

When caught doing a criminal act, criminals come up with all forms of reasons and excuses with the hope that the officer will give them a chance. In America, if you are caught red handed, all you have is a right to remain silent. This post is dedicated to all those individuals who use  stupid excuses in order to prove their innocence. Some of these excuses are so lame, that some of you might not be able to stop laughing. Here are the 5 weird and lame excuses given by criminals.

stupid criminals


  1. Tomatoes

It was reported that in 2013 a man named, Ikhlaq, had been caught with a prostitute. The prostitute was inside the car while the man went  into a nearby ATM machine to collect some cash. When the officer asked the guy what he was doing, he replied that this girl was going to show me a place to buy some tomatoes. The officer said that he was silenced and shocked with this response. Obviously, he fined the individual for soliciting. The officer told the authorities that throughout the span of his 10 year career, he had never heard such a stupid excuse for covering up your crime. He paid a fine for it.

  1. ISIS

A woman named Lisa was caught stealing children items from a bus. When caught, she made up an excuse that she was in the pursuit of members from the terrorist organization named ISIS. The officers who caught her were also appalled with the excuse. There is no doubt in saying that the woman indeed looked weird but what she said in her defense was even weirder. No wonder people can’t come up with some plausible excuses in order to prove their innocence. Here arises the question that perhaps she was telling the truth? Maybe a few kindergarten children might have decided to join the organization. As stupid as this information sounds, one should take into consideration that this woman might be out of her mind.

  1. The Lusty Cat

It was reported in 2009 that a few detectives had caught a man with child porn saved on his computer. They had been tracking the person for some time when one day, there strategies proved to be fruitful. It should be noted that individuals possessing child porn are subject to strict legal action. The man had saved more than 1000 images of child porn with victims as young as 8 years old. It was a serious crime even at that time. When the person was caught, he made up a weird excuse. He told the authorities that he was in the habit of leaving his computer on for many hours. He said that when he had returned home, he found the cat sitting on the keyboard. More specifically, he told the detectives that his cat was in the habit of jumping up and down on the keyboard, so that’s why the authorities should blame the cat for it. The man thought that this excuse might work for him but it didn’t.

  1. I am Gandhi

In 2003, there was a man who killed a man in cold blood. When he was finally caught and taken to the court, all he had to say that he was Gandhi. In other words, he meant that Gandhi had been reincarnated into him and the man he killed was making a plan against the whole nation. In simpler words, he was looking to take an insanity plea from the court. If he was Gandhi, why did he kill a person? This was a question that was in the mind of the prosecutors which is the main reason for which he lost the case. It should be noted that in those times there were no professional forensic psychologists in India who could have verified his sanity or insanity. However, there is a possibility that the person might have suffered from a delusional or a dissociative identity disorder at the time he killed someone.

  1. The Dark Knight

It all had happened during the year 2011 when a guy wearing something like Batman tried to steal a Chevrolet Impala. However, luck was not with him that day because the owner of the car turned out to be a detective who took out his gun and arrested him at the spot. When the authorities asked him about this act, all he had to say was that it was the part of the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”. It should be noted that the filming of the real movie was taking place about 250 miles from the location where this crime had occurred. The detective also found that the guy was being sought after for another crime. In the end, the so called Batman was arrested by the detective and charged with two crimes. So much for the dark knight.

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