The 5 Most Bizarre Bets

There is no shortage of gamblers in the world. Whether it be men or women, all of them show an interest in gambling in one form or the other. This post is dedicated to all those gamblers who lost stupid bets. It should be noted here that most of the bets end in disastrous results. So if you plan to bet in a few days or today, it is best that you prepare yourself for the worst. The instances I will be sharing below are not about losing money. They are much more than money for some people. Trust me when I say that none of you will ever want to lose any such bet. Here are the 5 most bizarre bets ever to be placed.



5. 99 Character Name

For all those who love to gamble, never prefer to consume alcohol at this time. If you do so, then the results can be more devastating than anyone of you can imagine. There is a guy in New Zealand who did the same. As a result of his lost bet, he was given a 99 character long name. This is what you get on losing a bet while being drunk. What’s more bizarre is the fact that the name of the guy was accepted by the government on the expiry of his old passport. Yes, he can change his name at any time after paying a fee and going through the required paperwork.

4. The Odd Publisher

There was a publisher who challenged a writer to write a book for less than 50 words. The result was that the author formulated and wrote a classic book. The classic he wrote is named as Green eggs and ham. The published never paid the client, but the author was able to make a name out of this book.

3. The Vegetarian Gambler

Howard Lederer is known for being a permanent vegetarian. One of his fellow gamblers bet that he will pay $ 10,000 to Howard if he will be able to eat a hamburger. He won the amount and in return, challenged the man to eat olive. He again won because the other gambler was an olive hater.

2. His Whole Life Savings

Never get greedy or cocky on a roulette table. Ashley Revell is the guy who had travelled to Las Vegas to bet his whole life savings. The total amount of the bet was $ 135,300 or a bit more. The result was that he won the bet and bagged a lot of money. Yes, the story here is marked for its happy ending. He was just lucky to say the least. You should never try to do the same ever.

1. Ghost Rider

William Bonner, is the guy, who is now famous as the real ghost rider. The reason is simple. He lost a bet and lit his head on fire. The lesson to be learned here is that never drink alcohol while betting and never ask a friend to light up your head with alcohol.

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