6 Common Hypnosis Myths

When a person becomes hypnotized, this means they are in a state that’s sleep like. Their brain tends to be more active in this sleep like state then when they are fully conscious. When you’re hypnotized you become not as conscious about yourself. There are many myths involving hypnosis and partly it’s because of the state that it puts you in.

Being hypnotized can help you out in many ways. Before you become hypnotized it’s good to know the truth about it. Don’t be afraid of becoming hypnotized because of a myth. However, being hypnotized is not for everyone. Be sure that you do a detailed study to see if it’s the right thing for you to do.

Check out these 6 common hypnosis myths.

6. You might find yourself stuck in the hypnosis state
Some people believe that you can get stuck in the hypnosis state. *spoiler alert with Office Space* I believe that some of this has to do with the movie Office Space. He was being hypnotized and during much of that movie he stayed in that state. If someone has told you that you will never wake up from this trance, do not believe them. Fact, you are never actually asleep when you are hypnotized. When you’re being hypnotized you might feel a relaxing heaviness. You won’t feel tense and some of your stress will just fade during this state.

5. People who might be weak willed might be easier to hypnotize
A lot of people confuse this with people who might not have a lot of power or either very gullible. In fact, it tends to be the exact opposite. It takes a lot of concentration for a person to be hypnotized plus it also requires intelligence. People who have a low I.Q. often times cannot be hypnotized. However, this is not always true because even people with low I.Q. can still be hypnotized if they really want it. Some people with other neurological or health problem cannot go into that sleep state. This means people who tend to be creative or have intelligence that might be above average, can be hypnotized.


4. Being hypnotized is the work of the devil
One popular myth is that being hypnotized is the work of the devil. Some others might also even believe that it is dealing with the occult. Part of the reason as to why people believe this is due to horror films and hearing about people dying after they’ve been hypnotized. Others who believe this might not fully understand as to what all being hypnotized is about or fully means. Many religions have now accepted the fact that being hypnotized can be healing. It can relieve you from stress and even boost up your immune system. All you’re doing is drifting in and out of being in a natural occurring state throughout the day. This alone is not good nor is it bad. Only a professional hypnotist can help with guiding you into this state in order to help you with achieving your desires.

3. People will forget everything when they are being hypnotized
Many people actually remember what happens when they are being hypnotized. Some people might forget for a time but it’s just in the back of your conscious mind. The memory isn’t gone and you can access it whenever you want. Only just a few might forget for a short time but most people remember everything when they wake from the sleep state. Personally, I was hypnotized for weight loss at one point. I remembered everything that happened when I woke up. I think that at the time the sections did help and I don’t regret being hypnotized for weight loss. The only thing I regret is not continuing the classes and coming off the diet. I remember what happened in every section for weight loss hypnotism.

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2. Being hypnotized is bad for your overall health
Some feel that being hypnotized might be bad for their overall health. They think that they won’t be able to sleep or do anything normally during this state. However, being hypnotized is actually very good for your health. It can help you both physically and mentally. Your body is in a state of deep relaxation compared to when you’re fully awake. You’re not stressed. You feel more in control of your future and destiny. Your brain is able to release a lot of happy endorphin’s that flows into the blood stream. These hormones will help you with being able to feel confident and happy. People who might be depressed tend to feel much better when they are hypnotized for depression. If you do have some health issues, talk with your doctor first to ensure that being hypnotized is right for you.


1. You might be forced into saying or doing things against your will
One of the most common myths, again mainly thanks to Hollywood and movies is that the actual hypnotist can force you to say or do things against your will when you’re hypnotized. This is a myth. The client is the one who is always the one in control when they are being hypnotized not the hypnotize. You won’t do anything that goes against what you believe or against your own values. Often times when a person is being hypnotized, negative messages become neutralized or fade. It is generally used to provide a message that is positive. Hypnosis is often times used to help with creating a change but only if the client wants to change and is ready for it. If they are ready and willing, then they will change if it is their will to do so and not forced into changing.


You can find many free classes online for hypnotism. You can also search places like YouTube for meditation to help you with going into that sleep state mode. Again, only do this if you feel you’re ready for it and comfortable. It might not work if you go in there with the mindset that this isn’t for you.

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