The Most Psychotic Girlfriends in Human History

You think your girlfriend is the most psychotic, think again? This post is a tribute to all those poor boyfriends and partners who suffered at the hands of their girlfriends. The cases I will be sharing with you are so revealing that most of you will start fearing your girlfriends. It is often said that females always suffer at the hands of men. But after reading this post you will start thinking in the opposite. These are only the cases which have been reported. Just imagine that the actual number of cases in this regard might be much more. Here are the most psychotic girlfriends of all time.

psychotic girlfriends

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5. Dominique Fischer

There was a case in which a girlfriend carved her name (Dominique Fischer) on the body of her boyfriend. She did this while the poor guy was asleep. Moreover, she also injured the guy in a brutal manner. Carving her name was merely one of the many injuries and bruises she inflicted on her boyfriend. The guy reported that he had met the girl for the first time in a bar. When he woke up next morning, the name was there along with a number of other signatures of love.

4. Kristina Pongracz

This girl set the best example of abuse of old men. It all happened when the police received a call from a Country estate. The old man told that his girlfriend, Kristina, who was 28 years old, had gotten drunk and started beating her old boyfriend. The poor old man was only 77 years old when he got the beating. When the police finally arrived at the spot, the old man was on the floor covered in blood. In custody she said that she had also been abused and beaten, but no evidence was found. It should be noted that the poor old man is still in hospital recovering.

3. Lisa Marie Coker

Lisa Maria is the best example what girls can do when their boyfriends decide to marry someone else. When she heard about the weeding of his ex-boyfriend, she did the unthinkable i.e. took a razor and crowbar and bashed into the weeding. She also had a fight with the groom’s mother. During the fight, she even went as far as cutting the groom’s mother with a razor blade.

2. Tracy Davies

Now here we have a case of unusual French kissing. She and her boyfriend were going on well, but everything went wrong on his BFs birthday. She wanted to have a baby but was not getting pregnant after trying long. She suddenly got upset during an argument and asked her boyfriend for a French kiss. When they kissed, she simply bit off his tongue.

1. The Girlfriend who was obsessed with Warcraft

Just imagine what will happen when a game, on which you have worked for months and months and reached level 80, is suddenly downgraded to level 0. Well, this is what a girlfriend did with her boyfriend while he had gone to a nearby shop for a pack of cigarettes. She even recorded a video while explaining the logic behind her act. The boyfriend’s reaction was really worth watching.

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