The 5 Most Evil Kids on the Face of the Earth

There is no end to the juvenile offending cases all over the world. While different child protection organizations might have a number of things to say in this regard, there is always some hidden truth in every case. The environment which a child is provided with always has a major role to play in influencing the future life of the child. Childhood abuse, rape, mistreatment and some other factors are determining factors behind juvenile offending. This post will share some of the cases of those evil kids who killed someone. It should be noted that the criticism here is not directed towards the children but towards the poor child rearing practices. I child becomes in accordance to the environment that is provided to him or her. So it is clear that he or she is not the only one to be blamed for these murders.

juvenile killers

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5. The Japanese Schoolgirl

In 2004, a Japanese schoolgirl named Girl A killer he 12 year old classmate. Her reason was that the child used to kill her “Goody-Goody”. She slit the child’s throat and then returned to the class with her clothes all covered in blood. The teachers then found the body and then called the police. When the police asked her about why she did what she did, she confessed her crime and told that the murder was the result of some messages left on the internet.

4. The Pre-Teen Killer

I 2009, a pre-teen named Jordan Brown did the unthinkable. He was not happy with his father’s new fiancée. After due consideration he decided to take the law into his own hands. The women was 8.5 months pregnant when she was shot in the back by the 11 year old pure evil. The case is still in trial due to which brown is still in custody.

3. The Killer Girl

In 2006, a 12 year old girl, Jasmine Richards, with assistance from his boyfriend, murdered her family. The sole reason was that her family did not like her boyfriend. She was in a relationship with a 23 year old guy who was surely not a sober person. First she asked her boyfriend to kill her mother and father. Then afterwards, she ordered her boyfriend to kill his little brother. That’s not all, as she first stabbed her brother and then watched her boyfriend slit the throat of the little kid. Both of them are severing sentence in different prisons.

2. The Brazilian Hit-Kid

There lived a kid in Brazil who killed his police officer parents, his grandmother and then committed suicide. That’s not all, as it is believed that the boy had spent the entire day in school after killing his family members. He had shot each of the victims in their head. A friend of the boy told the police that the boy wished to become a hit man be killing his family members. Although the evidence goes against the boy, some of the family members are still skeptical about the killings. There is also a probability that the poor child might have been framed.

1. The Psycho Brothers

In 2001, firefighters got a call about a house on fire in Cantonment. When they rushed into the home looking for survivors, a dead man was found in a room. They thought that he had died due to the fire but later onwards it was discovered that he had been killed. It was his own children who killed them. The two boys said that they were never physically abused by him but he was weird and strict. The fire was also set by the children. After serving some jail time, both of them were released.

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