The Most Weird Jobs On the Face of the Earth

People do all sorts of jobs in order to make money. One should always note that earning money can be pursued in a variety of ways. Some sell drugs while others kill for this purpose. However, in the end, the money made through these illegal means never lasts for long. The best man in the world is always the one who is willing to be innovative when it comes to money making. This post will share some of the weirdest jobs in the world. Here are the 5 most weird jobs on the face of the earth.


weird jobs

5. Professional Organizers

Many mothers in America have started paying thousands of dollars to professional organizers to pack the bags of their children for camps. There are some consultants who charge more than $ 200 per hour to prepare the bags of children for different trips and camps. However, all of them do the job with high levels of talent and expertise. It is not something that every other person will be able to do.

4. Sleepers

There are a number of hotels who are in search of people who are professional sleepers. The job of these sleepers is to go inside these hotels and sleep in different rooms. After they have slept, they are inquired about the comfort level of the rooms. However, not everyone is able to apply for these jobs as there are a number of requirements. The person should be fluent in English language is one such requirement.

3. Iceberg Mover

Ever imagined moving an iceberg. Well, it is now a professional job in some parts of the world. The petrol which is responsible for preventing incidents was launched soon after the occurrence of ice berg incidents. It is their job to move icebergs in advance and ensure that no ship or boat collides with it. They move these icebergs all the time in order to ensure safety of the people. The equipment they use is expensive as well as highly specialized.

2. Paint Drying

This is indeed one of the weirdest jobs on the face of the earth. All you will need to do is to watch the paint drying. One such person is Dr. Thomas who has been working for a long time with some paint companies. It is his job to always watch the paint dry. It is an important job as it helps in ensuring the durability and quality of the paint. The company which has employed him has been able to make a lot of profits due to the increased sales of their paint which is durable as well as high quality.

1. Mourner

In the land of Taiwan, funerals are staged by actors who are hired to mourn the deaths of people. They are mostly hired by their relatives. The mourner tells the name of the person and then starts to cry. He or she also mentions the personal qualities of the deceased and prays for his or her forgiveness. Their job is to ensure that people cry out and release their hidden emotions. This strategy has been helpful in releasing the true emotions of people. Trust me, it does help you in feeling better.

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