6 Weird Allergies People Have

Many people suffer with allergies throughout the year. A few people might only suffer with seasonal allergies. Some of the most common allergies include pollen, flowers, dust, animal dander, insect stings, mold and of course, there’s a variety of food allergies. In regards to food allergies milk, eggs, dairy products, nuts and shrimp tend to be the most common food allergy. There are lots of natural remedies for allergies and more so if they are common ones. However, what happens when you have a weird allergy? I’m going to go over and list some of the weird allergies that people have. If you suffer with any of these then talk with your doctor and see if there’s some kind of medication that might can help you with easing your symptoms.

Here are 6 Weird Allergies People Have

6. Cold weather
There are some people who might be allergic to cold weather. When cold weather happens they tend to develop hives right after their skin might have been exposed to the cold weather. Being exposed to cold weather even includes liquids that might be cold or ice cubes Studies show that the condition is more than likely inherited. All these people can do right now is try to avoid the cold weather or either treat the symptoms as they occur. If you’re in a place that has cold weather and allergic to it then maybe you might want to consider moving or saving up during the summer so you can travel during the time of the cold weather.


5. Deodorant
There might be many reasons as to why people might get an allergic reaction o deodorant. One of the many reasons is that the deodorant might have a fragrance in it. They might not even be aware of the fact that they are allergic to the fragrance until after they try the other deodorant on. Some places like Walgreens has lots of deodorant that’s  fragranced so it’s important to read the ingredients. A few of the other reasons why people might be allergic to the deodorant could be because of the essential oils the deodorant has or maybe from one of the vitamins in the deodorant such as vitamin E. It’s important to tell your doctor whenever you receive an allergic reaction to any kind of deodorant.


4. Sweat
Can you imagine being allergic to your own sweat and breaking out into hives because of it? However, some people tend to have this allergy. There are studies being done about it right now to try and figure out exactly as to why people might be allergic to sweat. One of the reasons as to why some people might be allergic to sweat is because of substances which might be unknown. These substances could be what causes the hives. More studies are being done to find out exactly as to why people might be allergic to sweat.


3. Sunlight
Could you imagine being allergic to sunlight, cold weather and your own sweat? Hopefully no one is in that boat. I could not imagine being allergic to sunlight but some people happen to be. Around 20% of people might be allergic to sunlight. When a person is allergic to sunlight they develop a rash that happens to be extremely uncomfortable. The rash is not to be confused with a sunburn. When you receive an allergy rash it’s different but almost similar. Most people usually notice that they have an allergy to sun in their 20’s or 30’s. Often times this allergy is not life threatening but it varies depending on the person. The good news is that there are also lots of ways to help people who are allergic to sunlight. They can wear protective clothing or either they can go out at night more if they are worried about having a reaction to the sun.


2. Clothing
People can be allergic to clothing for a variety of reasons. This is also known as clothing dermatitis. Some people can be allergic to just cotton and others might be allergic to dyes in the clothes, chemical additives, rubber materials or even sometimes even glue that might be used on the clothes. It can be extremely hard trying to actually figure out exactly as to why a person might be allergic to clothing. If you find yourself allergic to the clothes you’re wearing see if you can write down all of the ingredients on the clothing and find if the doctor can do a test to see what ingredient you might be allergic too on that particular clothes item.


1. Water
One of the weirdest allergies is that some people happen to be allergic to water. Studies show that people can drink water and not have any reactions while drinking it. The reactions occur when they are submerged in actual water such as a lake, shower or even pool. People don’t understand as to what causes this reaction to happen. There are some studies and theories that show that might have to do with the salt concentration in these types of waters or maybe even with the chemicals that could be in the water.


If you have one of these weird allergies then you might have to have medication to help with easing the symptoms. The doctor might also suggest a variety of natural remedies for your allergies depending on what all you have. Be sure that you document your allergies. Write down what happens at certain times and what medication could help or not help. You might need to take a variety of medications in order to see what medication could be the best one to help with your symptoms.

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