Celebrities do tend to act weird at many times. Whether it be Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or any other top class actor, you would want to know about the bizarre accounts of their habits and behaviors. No matter what the movie fans might want to think about them, none of them is perfect. With this said, I would now want you to think about the money which these super stars have. As they do happen to have a lot of money, spending and wasting the cash on the stupid purchases is their business. In other words, they can spend it in any way they want. There is a common belief among the celebrities that the only way in which they would be able to bag a huge amount of fan is through spending their money in odd manners. These unique as well as bizarre habits of the super stars and celebrities have never been as evident as they are now. For this reason, you would want to spend some time in reading this list about the most insane, stupid and bizarre celebrity purchases. Read more [...]
Image by  IanMurphy  Every time you sign into an online casino site, you never know where your gaming session will take you. Will you end up with more or less money than you started? The stories below show just how extreme playing casino games can be. All these events took place in land-based casinos, but now with so many playing online it’s likely that even more of these wild wins will take place. Check out the 32red online casino games if you feel like trying your hand at any of the Read more [...]
When it comes to the architectural masterpieces, then there are a number of examples which are worthy to be mentioned. But what about the screw ups about which you may have never heard of. In terms of making and constructing a structure, there are several dimensions which are always to be considered. It is because even a minor blunder in the process can result in some serious consequences. The history of making colossal buildings and structures goes thousands of years back. Whether it be the pyramids of Giza or the Great Wall, all of them were quite perfect according to the time in which they had been made. Read more [...]
Here you can read about the most horrifying marriage of all times. In fact, I should better say the most horrifying marriages since the times of Adam. The couples I have added in the list do not include the regular people, but rather the celebrities who preferred to marry one of their fans. There are a number of reasons for which marrying your fans is a bad idea. It is quite difficult for being a fan, as you might find yourself attracted towards your ideal at all times. Initially, you will begin with just admiring the works of a person, but then soon you will feel the angel of love getting inside you. If you fan, then you need to keep yourself acquainted with the reality i.e. your ideal might not turn out to be the person whom you expect him or her to be. Whether you like or not, there is a high degree of fakeness and surreal-images which are presented to you about the world of the celebrities. In the end, you will come to know that the person you loved and admired so deeply just turned out to be a crack head. Read more [...]
Most of you might not love to go McDonalds at all. Some of you might be loving it still, just because of their good childhood memories. The reason for which most of the people travel to this crazy house is to find out something delicious at a cheaper price. All the way you might be thinking about the taste of the burger, that intriguing smell of the cheese burger, the taste of chicken and mayonnaise, the cold coke flowing down your throat. Read more [...]
If what took place in the past of a human being could be verified, then the people who claim that they have been reincarnated would be much happier. The concept is all about the soul experiencing different bodies from time to time. In other words, this concept asserts that the soul does not die at all and changes bodies from one time to the other. There is no end to the people who believe that the souls are simply transferred. The same belief is also held by the Hindus who believe in a number of lives. In terms of Islam and Christianity, there is no accepted doctrine in this regard. In fact, both these religions term it to be absurd, but still there are some Christians who believe in it. There have also been cases of hypnosis in which the patients were made to accept that this is their second life. There are also a number of cases of reincarnation from the holocaust which you also need to consider. If you are still confused about it, then it is best that you read this list of the 5 people who believe that they have been reincarnated. Read more [...]
My mother loves me-This is what most of the people believe, but this list is dedicated to the monstrous and inhumane mothers who preferred to kill their own children all for their own selfish intentions and biases. Yes, it is a fact that the mother happens to be one of the few people who might care for you. It is a common belief in most of the religions, if anyone was to be worshipped after God and Jesus, it would have been the mother. There is no doubt in saying that the mother places in a great deal of effort for the wellbeing and for bringing up her children, but still there are some women who have caused a lot of damage to the worth and respect of the word “mother”. The instances I am about to share with you are also well-documented. Here are the 5 monstrous and inhumane mothers who killed their own children. Read more [...]
If you think you are unluckiest person in the world, just wait until you read about the people who were everything buy lucky. Luck is not something which you can earn or acquire with hard work, as it is something which just comes in from no-where. Yes, there is no sort of evidence or proof that can show the presence of luck in some and absence in others. In fact, many rationalists consider it a probability or just a matter of chance. There is no end to the experiences which we might encounter in our lives. Some of them would be awesome, while some might be those about which you will never want to think about. The idea here is to assert that all sorts of things happen to us whether we like or not. All of you will be aware of a person whose life changed because of his or her luck. For example, do you think that behind the success of Bill Gates, it is his effort and hard work? If this is so, then let you me enlighten you about something. In Bill Gates, being the richest person in the world these days, there is a lot more. It was his luck in addition to some effort that made him what he is today. Another reason to consider is that the other co-founder of Microsoft is also rich, but not even in the top 10 list of the world. Moreover, most of the people consider Steve Jobs to be more innovative than Bill Gates, but still Jobs never even made to the top. Why Bill? The answer is simple. Luck, luck and a bit of hard work. So much with luck-Now is the time to take at this list of the 5 unluckiest people in the world. Read more [...]
There is no end to the greatest movies, which all of us would want to revisit, but because of the availability of an unlimited number of choices, these great productions do not manage to get our attention back again. Most of these movies happen to be really disturbing as well as entertaining. No matter which person you might ask, almost all of them are going to regard this movie in positive terms. For this reason, I have gathered a list of those movies which are really awesome and fantastic. On reading this list, I am sure that some of you would want to watch these movies all over again. There are a number of reasons for which we never want to re-see what you left long ago. One reason can be the need for something new. In other words, we are always in search of something new and more entertaining. Now here, it is important to consider these movies have indeed raised our expectations for the movies that are going to follow from now on. With this said, here is the list. Read more [...]
You might have heard about the cursed musicians. This post is dedicated to these great individuals who were actually under the influence of some of the strangest musical curses known to man. Some of you might not consider these explanations to be rational, but trust me, music can really prove to be a curse for many. In terms of the analysis of the lives of some of the greatest musicians in the world, it can be said that some of them died under bizarre circumstances. Moreover, it is also to be pondered that these curses tend to continue even in the present times. Who induced these curses upon these people is still unknown, but one thing is for sure i.e. people really envied these fine individuals. Here is a list of the 5 bizarre strange musical curses. Read more [...]
Whether it be the Allies or the Nazis, all of them did commit a number of war crimes. It is obvious that the losing side was the one that was forced to pay for the crimes it committed. Yes, the atrocities and heinous acts committed by the Nazis deserved severe punishment, as their crimes were much more than you can imagine. It is still to some extent unclear the extent to whether the incidents of WWII were exaggerated or real, but it is the fact that because of Hitler, millions died. There is no worth of human life these days, but it is not something that is new. Similar killings and executions have been carried out in the course of humanity many a times. Although Hitler was an inhuman person, but what about the leader of the Allies who executed most of the captured as being a part of the war crimes. Another fact we need to acknowledge is that if Einstein would have valued his country more, than the outcome of the war would have been much different. With an atomic bomb at their side, Hitler will have never hesitated to use it against the Allies. The reason for which the US used the bomb against Japan was all because Japan was located in Asia and so the effectuations would have never reached the European and American regions. The war crimes I am about to share with you here have been collected from different segments from history. Here are the 5 lesser known heinous war crimes. Read more [...]
On reading about the most terrifying figures from history, you will realize the fact that the truth is always stranger than fiction. There is no end to the accounts about the inhumane rulers, barbarians and murderers in history. It is by reading about the lives of these individuals that you will realize the true nature of humans. No matter how civilized and evolved we might claim ourselves to be, but we will always remain unaware from our dark sides. The collective unconscious which we have inherited from our ancestors will always keep pinging upon our consciousness. Whether it be Charles Manson or the Notorious Adolf Hitler, all of them do happened to have a lot in common i.e. no respect for human life. There is no end to the reasons for which these people became infamous. Here is the list of the 7 most terrifying historical figures you might have never heard about. Read more [...]
Demonic possessions is a term that has always been at the center of science fiction and is also one of those issues which have been subject to a number of bizarre explanations. The religious views in this regard do not happen to be so appealing, especially in terms of the causes of these behavioral abnormalities. At certain points the religious views are silent, while at other instances, science seems to be helpless. Instances about the demonic possessions have been in all religious books and scriptures Read more [...]
You might be surprised to know that some of your favorite celebrities and superstars were actually bipolar. The reasons for these famous people suffering from this disorder can be many. They do have their issues and problems like everyone else in the world, but aren’t able to share them with anyone. Most of them even feel reluctant in visiting a professional therapist due to their concerns about their image. Trust me when I say that they aren’t able to share their problems in the manner like Read more [...]
Never pay attention to those who always say books cannot change the conditions of one life. It is a misconception that all books are far from reality. But what these so called critics of literature forget is the fact that that there are some books which have the potential to give a new direction to those people who are struggling to get a hold of their conditions. In the present times, the financial crisis happen to be at the core of all problems. Yes, the books cannot change the conditions of your life, but what they can do is give your thoughts the right direction. The potential to change lies within Read more [...]
In terms of the most horrible firework accidents, just like most of the other rankings, the United States is in the lead. While most of the people in the US love to celebrate the 4th of July doing barbecues and beaching, there are also some who just let go of their sanity. The celebrations of this day turning out to be tragic is not something new in the country. Most of the accidents which took place on the Independence Day for this year are still under investigation. The thing about the fireworks which most of the people tend to forget is that they are explosives. The idea behind the list is not to give you information in this regard, but rather to make you aware about the potential harms that you might be in on this day. Here is the list of the 5 most horrible firework accidents from all over the world. Read more [...]
Speaking about the most dangerous places and locations in the world, you might think that these places are located in the third world countries. But to your surprise, not all of them might be situated in the countries you would be guessing. In terms of spending your vacations, you should prefer to do some research beforehand in order to decide for yourself about the places where you should go and where you shouldn’t. In addition, it is also preferable to consider the demographic factors of a location in order to finalize it as your dream destination. You might also love to stumble across various websites and links for the purpose of finding all sorts of details in this regard. But is there any surety that the review presented by the website is reliable? No, as most of the tourist destinations and the hotels located at these sites hire some cheap freelancers in order to pen down some cocky reviews for them. So what can be done? Well, you should try to seek general information in this regard and never rely on using the reviews in order to finalize your destination of travel. Plus you can simply use some website that provides some reliable info on a destination. At the same time, there are also a number of books that are known for giving ratings to tourist destinations in an unbiased manner. It depends on you that how far you are willing to go in this regard. With this said, there are also several tourist destinations and sites where you should never go. The reasons for this would be better understood after you have went through the details of these destinations which I am sharing with you below. Here is the list of the 5 most dangerous places you should never visit. Read more [...]
Are you an American? Are you in search of a job? If that is so, then you should first take an idea about the worst urban jobs in America. Initially, the job might seem to be high paying and amazing to you, but soon you would realize the worst and exhausting nature of the job. For example, if you consider a reporter’s job, you will know that the stress is much higher than the payout. Another reason for which a number of jobs have been effectuated can be linked to the introduction of virtual work. Read more [...]
Drugs can save your life, but can also put an end to it. There is no end to the drug overdose cases which have been reported till now. Not only the regular people, but also a number of superstars and sports icons have lost their lives in it. But here the cases I would be sharing with you happen to be really bizarre. Read more [...]
Texting is something which all of you might love. Apart from what the elderly have to say about the era of hyper globalization, people do more texting than they anything else. If you only calculate the number of hours you spend in waiting for the texts or writing them, you will be amazed to know about the time which has gone wasted. The reason for this list being is to point to you about the amazing gadgets which have been invented till now. Here is the list of the 5 most amazing and crazy texting gadgets. Read more [...]
Plastic surgery disasters are not something new. Every now and then, we get to hear about these disasters happening with film actresses, super stars and icons. As it is said that the real beauty lies in the eyes of the person who judges beauty, so why risk so much for notching up your appearance for a short time. After reading about the disasters I would be sharing with you in a while, it is a bet that you would never dare to for one yourself. The quest of the celebrities for a flawless beauty, has its ups and downs Read more [...]
So what makes a country cool? Well, in terms of the answer to this question, some higher degrees of variability would be seen in this regard. The list I am about to present to you would indeed be controversial, but trust me that it has not been designed to break the heart of anyone. You all might be strong patriots, as I am, but when it comes to the facts and the general view, then surely we can’t do much. Every country is like a heaven for someone or at least, a place where a person feels the sense of one’s own identity. Read more [...]
There are a multitude of crazy and insane facts which you do not about North Korea. The country has been the center of a lot of hype related to the possible war between the United States and North Korea. In all, it does not matter that from where you get to hear about the country, what matters the most is the fact that it has managed to gain the attention of the world. Although quite little is known about this country till now, but what is known can be termed as really odd. Read more [...]
Insects do outnumber us in terms of the population. With millions of species in the world, there is also an unlimited number of them about which you do not know till now. There are nearly 900,000 species about which we know, but what about the remaining ones? According to an estimate, there are hundreds of thousands more insect species which are still hidden from the human eye. Insects are indeed found all over the world, except for the regions of the poles. In lines to the fossil records which have been found, it is being said that there are several species of insects which exist in the same form as they did millions of years ago Read more [...]
The weapons can be classified into a number of different types. Whether it be the mechanical weapons or the non-mechanical ones, all of them have been designed to take the human life. Yes, some of you might think that it is a bit harsh to say this, but it is true. The reason for making this list is to point out to you about the fact that humans have lost the respect and love for each other. Every country is in the pursuit for occupying the rights and resources of others. In fact, there are those Read more [...]
You might have made a number of confessions at the church, but have you ever thought about making an online one? Most of the people prefer to make confessions when their life becomes miserable or at least pathetic. While speaking their heart out, most of them do not know that their words would turn out to be funny for most of the people who are going to read about these web confessions. If you plan to make a stupid online confession yourself, then the ones I would be sharing with you below would turn out to be helpful. Here are the 7 bizarre and most hilarious online confessions known to mankind. Read more [...]
On asking the millions in USA who live in rented homes, it is clear that you are never able to feel the freedom. So in lines to this, it can be said that no matter how weird and strange you home might appear, there is no other place that can be better than your own property. Here are the 5 strangest houses in which people live in. Read more [...]
Playing video games can be scary sometimes. When you see something that you have sworn you have seen before, you may be right. There are many things that exist in video games, but you are not thinking of this when you are playing. However, knowing that such places exist is even scarier if you think about it. Well, sit down a moment as we reveal that there are such places based on your video games that you love so dear. In such games below, the inspiration to the games came from these exact places Read more [...]
The need for having a large army in the present times has been accelerated. The reason for which can be linked to the whims of terrorism and deliberate attacks from the side of those countries which are looking to gain access to the resources of some gifted countries. Since the times of the WWII, the entire game has been about the gaining a direct route to the natural resources including oil, gas and other rare minerals. In fact, the attack on Pearl Harbor which Japan had carried out was all because of oil. No country can expect to live in peace without having a strong army. Yes, there are some countries which believe that they can progress without having an army, but trust me, that soon they would be able to understand the need. All of the world armies have come a long way in terms of the position at which they stand now. Yes, it is understandable that the nuclear weapons have notched down the need of having large armed forces, but still they are needed for dealing with the challenges and security threats. Whether it be the United States of America, India, Russia, North Korea, China or Iran, all of them are marked for having the largest armed forces in the world. A substantial amount from the budget is also allocated towards the maintenance and training of the army, the best example of which can be taken from the military budget of the United States which happens to be around $ 526.6 billion or more for the year 2014. The budget I have reported here is the base budget. Another important fact which you need to consider here is that a number of countries have gone bankrupt in terms of maintaining some large armies and armed forces. The former Soviet Union is a living example of that. Here are the top 10 largest armies in the world 2013. Read more [...]
We are living in those times when everyone is in the pursuit of notching their looks and appearance. It also seems like most of the people are now suffering from the phobia about ones looks. Standing in the mirror and looking at oneself for hours and hours is not something that can be termed to be normal. Now here, even a number of behavioral experts are also of the view that the human behavior these days is indeed quite centered towards ones looks. On a daily basis, a number of women as well as men undergo various procedures just for the purpose of adding a lot to their facial looks. The use of cosmetics and a number of other treatments is all a part of the face-game. In the United States, you are going to find thousands and thousands of women who have undergone some of the most creepy and weird facial treatments. In lines to this trend, here is the list of the 6 of the creepiest facial treatments. Read more [...]
Death can be termed as a harsh reality of life. There is nothing in this world that can be termed as more real than death. In fact, death does mark the end of all forms of truth. Thousands of people die on a daily basis. Some die cry dying while others die happily, but have you ever imagined about some of the weirdest deaths? The gist of life lies in coming to terms with the death. Unless, we won’t be able to do this, till then we would never be able to understand the cause behind death. It is through the process of accepting our death that we would be able to appreciate all the life around us. Apart from this, the life we live in this world, can be termed as the preparation for the final stage of death. Having said this, I am about to share some of the weirdest deaths. Here are 10 weirdest deaths you don't know about. Read more [...]
Mostly used in the content of clinical psychology, a phobia can be defined as a kind of morbid fear or a type of specialized anxiety disorder. It is a kind of persistent fear we come to have in relation to certain objects, things and situations. In other words, we are always keen in terms of escaping from the stimuli and environments which we find aversive or distressing. These weirdest phobias have varying psychological and sociological basis, all of which have been subject to profound levels of research in the past few years. Although these phobias happen to have a bizarre nature, they can be cured by making use of the right form of clinical intervention. You might have heard the names of a number of phobias in your everyday life, but the ones I would be sharing with you would surely let you know about the underlying symptoms and technicalities which they encompass. Some people are afraid of heights while others might be afraid of water. In all, there is something which is still common among them all i.e. a never ending fear that something bad might happen. If you think that you happen to be suffering from one of the phobias I would be sharing with you below, it is best to get in touch with a therapist or a clinician at the first. Here are the 6 really weird phobias you need to know about. Read more [...]
Wonderful and amazing places do exist in reality and not only in the movies and animations. Yes, some of them do appear to be unique and out of the world, but that does not mean that they are not there. The world we live in is the place where all the life is and where it all began. No matter what the NASA guys might say, the best and most evolved form of life can only be seen on planet earth. The same applies to the beauty of this land which is to be found no place else. On seeing these wonderful and the most beautiful places on earth, you will come to acknowledge the gift of life you have been given. It is time you start saving some money in order to visit these places, which are truly astonishing and fantabulous. But the one thing you need to do before that is to look at their pictures and imagine the serenity you would be able to feel once you would be visiting these sites. Here are the 7 truly wonderful places you won’t believe actually exist. Read more [...]
Sports gifs can really be an amusing source of entertainment. Some of them prove to be so stupid, that you are forced to think negatively about the sports men involved in it. You can also term these gifs to be sports fails, especially the ones that are really funny and stupid. For your entertainment and fun, here I have the 12 funniest sports gifs you won’t get to see. Read more [...]
Here I have some really weird and interesting examples of street art that you won’t be able to see on a daily basis. It is a commonly held belief that the art is confined to only the galleries, but in reality, the art lives across and outside time and space. It is a fact that every corner of the street and all of the walls can be changed to artistic gems. All you need it is a bit of imagination to change all there exists around you. These amazing and weird examples of street art will surely come in handy in giving you some ideas for the drawings and designs you can make in your neighborhood, but be sure that the home owners doesn’t catches you carrying out the designing. So, here are 15 really weird, amazing and interesting examples of street art. Read more [...]
The Mayans have failed in predicting the exact date for the end of the world. We should all feel lucky and gifted in terms of surviving the end of the world which was actually scheduled for the year 2012. Till now a number of astronomical theories and viewpoints have been proposed in order to offer a sound explanation for the end of times. The Popol Vuh are of the view here that the Gods had created 3 failed worlds followed by the creation of the 4th world, in which all of us are now living in. surely, all of the theories and numerical calculations have failed to predict the date on which the end is expected to occur, so till then it is best that we enjoy ourselves by taking a look at the 16 bizarre and badass images showing the end of the world. Here they are. Read more [...]
On listening to the most weird and interesting facts about the everyday products we all love to make use of, you are sure to rethink the way you have been living till now. There are times in which it seems to us that leaving the facts buried and unknown is the best thing to do, but the cost of doing this can really prove to be debilitating for us. Some of the weird facts that would be presented below will make you feel bizarre and odd. At the same time, some of them would force you to say that these are some of the most wtf facts. In all, the prime idea here is to make you think about things for which you have no regard. Here is the list of the 6 most weird and interesting facts about everyday products. Read more [...]
So, Kim Jong Un has taken the whole world with a bang, but to me he seems like another cocky person who is going to initiate havoc on his own people. But Jong Un is not so tough after all and on seeing these pictures you would be able to appreciate this fact. Here we have the 10 most funny pictures of Kim Jong Un. Read more [...]
Here are the 10 amazing terrified reaction gifs which you will love to see. On seeing these gifs, you come to know about how weird and bizarre reactions that are generated at times when are shocked by an aversive event or stimulus. Surely, some of these happenings and surprises can cause a heart attack due to which it is best not to use them on your friends and relatives. Some of them would indeed turn out to be funny and stupid, but all of them are sure to entertain to you beyond anything you know. Just take some time in looking at them after which you can leave your comments. Read more [...]
So you think you can become the next big online sensation on the web? Well, it all depends on your limits and attitudes towards making a mark for yourself. The one thing that makes the crazy people different from the normal ones is their need to appear different from all other around them. Yes, some of them aren’t aware of what they are doing, but trust me when I say that you should follow their examples if you plan to take the worldwide web with a bang. The hilarious, stupid yet amazing gifs I would be sharing with you below will definitely help you in gaining an idea about the extra mile you would need to cover. In other words, you would be required to go beyond the limits of normality for the sake of being an online sensation everyone would try to follow. There is no end to the examples of those who made use of the social media marketing and other similar platforms for the purpose of gaining an exposure. The basic idea for making use of the gifs in this post is to inspire that you do not need to have the most charming voice or any other talent in order to let the world know about you. All you need is courage together with some stupidity. Here are the 7 amazing gifs you can use to become the next big online sensation. Read more [...]
It is best to be weird at times when nothing makes sense in our lives. At one time or the other, almost all of us love to commit some stupid and nonsense acts. In fact, most of these behaviors are so irrational that any sane psychologist might term as suffering from some severe mental disorder. But we should never care about what others might think of us, as life should be lived in the way we want. To hell with, conformity and compliance with the rules of the society. We all have the right to be free and open no matter what some psychopathic conformists and functionalists might say about it. We spend our entire lives just for the sake of making a sense and a meaning. In other words, we endeavor to seek a point in our lives, but in the end the only thing we are left with is a despair that we should have lived more. So, if you wish not to be included in these people who are marked for leading rigid lives, here are the 8 amazing nonsense pics you should take an inspiration from. Read more [...]
On seeing these parental fail photos, you will come to reason about the stupidity of some parents. At the same time, you will be forced to think that do your parents really care for you? Well, you should never think in the negative when it comes to your parents, as they are the only one in the world who might care for you. The present times are surely marked for the high degrees of selfishness and brutality, so your parents might be the only ones in the world you can trust. The images I would be sharing below are just for the sake of entertainment and not for the purpose of undermining the concept of parenthood. Here are the 7 weird bizarrely weird parental photos and images. Read more [...]
So you think you know all about abnormality? Well, on reading this list of the 7 abnormal discoveries and facts, you are to say, wtf. On a daily basis, scientists all over the world are in the pursuit of the noble prize. Yes, it is a fact that almost every other person in the present times is looking to make his or her mark. Whether it be music, filming, art, science or anything else, the need for fame is evident. The world we live in is truly marked for having a bizarre as well as a beautiful nature. In the not so distant future, we will come to see more of this weird world and the people that live in it. So what is abnormality? Most of the psychologists and all those who study the human behavior have failed to provide a complete definition of this term, but I have one ready for all you. Abnormality can be defined all those things that go beyond the realms of normality. In other words, everything that goes or functions out of the line or out of the regular, is what that is called abnormal. Surely, the best explanation is always the simplest so same is the case with the definition of abnormality. Having said this, here is the list that is sure to make you rethink about abnormality. Read more [...]
There are a number of facts in this world that can be described as epic. If you think that you already know all there is to know in this world, please reconsider. The best thing about the facts is that they exist independent of us. In other words, the facts do not require the human mind to comprehend to their existence. What? The facts are the only things that can be defined as realities. The ones I would be sharing with you below would truly come to impress almost some of you, if not all. Moreover, it is also likely that some people might not even agree with them. You might have heard about the saying that there is no such thing as reality. Well, I personally do not agree with this saying. The actual definition of reality is the state or condition in which something exist and not what it might appear to us. How can we determine the reality of things while knowing that the human mind and rationality is bounded? We can’t even see most of the wavelengths of light, so on what basis can we falsify things that some people term as unverifiable? This philosophical debate can go forever, so it is best that now I share with you the 7 epic facts you should know. Here they are. Read more [...]
We all try our best to make our pictures appear to be the most photogenic. But there are times in which accidently some of the even most ridiculous pictures can turn out to be photogenic. On seeing the pictures I would be sharing below, you will come to reason about the stupidity of these pics. There are some tips which can be used in order to add a visual appeal to your pictures. At the same time, some of these pics might also appear to be weird, especially in terms of the facial expressions that can be seen in the images. Here are the 5 most ridiculously amazing photogenic pictures. Read more [...]
High security prisons are designed to keep all the trash of the society. It is because of these prisons, the normal and peace loving citizens of any country are able to live with safety and compliance. You have no idea about the severity of the crimes that have been carried out by a number of perpetrators and criminals. Moreover, some of you might never want to know about the inhumane acts that have been carried out by most of them. Unfortunately, some of the human rights organizations get too personal in terms of the rights of these criminals who are all but human. There have been instances in which some violent criminals were shifted to mental asylums all because some crazy psychiatrists believed that they were mentally ill. Yes, most of them are indeed mentally ill, but the best psychotherapy for them can only be given by the prison guards. There is surely no medication that can lower down the dangerous whims of some deviant criminals. Having read this, you would be able to grapple the importance and necessity of having the highest security prisons. These prisons are surely the best in terms of keeping the trash and the dirty leftovers of the society. Here are the 5 high security deadliest prisons in the world. Read more [...]
To start the pursuit for the highest paying tech companies, you need to keep a number of things in mind. Firstly, you should consider the prestige of the company and the skills that would be required from your side in order to be hired. The organizations in the 21st century demand that you have an understanding about the dynamics of the job. Moreover, long gone are the days when you were required to carry out specific jobs for your entire life. The need of the time is that you continuously learn about various job types while being in an organization. For example, Google loves to hire those employees who have an understanding about the regulations, conditions and contracts. Furthermore, the company also expects from its employees that they will always be adding to their knowledge and skills. Surely, in the present times the best tech company happens to be the one which has a lot of knowledge capital. Those individuals who graduate from the colleges and universities also want to be a part of the organizations that are known for their handsome paychecks. So, for your ease, here I have made a list of the 5 highest paying tech companies in the world. Always keep the names of these companies in mind at the time of applying for a job. No matter to what race, culture or society you might be belong, you will be hired by these profitable tech companies if have what it takes to understand their vision. Always remember that in order to have a permanent job in these uncertain times, you need to make a lot of effort. Here is the list. Read more [...]
Although the scientists and researchers claim to have understood most of the facts about the human body, but still there are some which need further explanation. In other words, no matter how advance and sophisticated the human examination devices might get, we can never claim to have completely grasped the complexity of the human body. Almost, all of the facts we know about the human body are amazing, but there are some that can be classified to be weird. You have no idea about the creepy phenomena that is currently taking place in your body. From the inner biological processes to the external phenomena, there is still a lot that needs to be understood by the human body. In order to unravel the mysteries and oddities that lie in the human body, a lot more needs to be done. It can be said that the upcoming years are going to mark some ground breaking studies and discoveries about the human physiological and psychological functioning. Get ready now for the 10 weird, amazing yet creepy facts about the human body. Here they are. Read more [...]
You are sure to have a number of reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 if you care to look for the features that are being offered in this device. Samsung Galaxy S4 would indeed turn out to be a promising launch for the company which is now looking to level out the odds in terms of competing with Apple. Both of the companies are now moving head to head. Although for the last year, Samsung had won the game by making the most number of smartphone sales, still it is best not to undermine the potential of Apple, which has always been innovative and vigilant in offering the users with a state of the art experience. At the time of the launch of the Galaxy S4, most of the officials had little to say about the role of Google in notching the sales for the company. The company was only found talking about the goodies and the S-apps that would be offered to the users in the device. But it is still too early to assert that who is going to take the edge for this year i.e. iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4. In terms of the spec analysis I have performed, it seems to be like Samsung Galaxy S4 would be the emerging as the best smartphone for this year. So, why buy Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, below are the 5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more [...]
You might have heard about the 7 wonders of the world, but here I would be sharing with you the ones you might not have seen till now. There is no end to the majestic and enthralling views this world offers to us. Moreover, there is also no sort of restriction for us in terms of exploring the hidden corners of the world. The places and sites I would be sharing with you below would indeed prove to be different from the destinations you might have visited till now. There are numerous facets to the fame and natural beauty of these regions. At the same time, some of these places are also marked for their weird features. Being at these places, your imagination and thoughts would surely be gauged to higher limits. The idea here is to appreciate and acknowledge the beauty and awe which this world offers to us. Here are the 5 unseen natural wonders of the world. Read more [...]
Human beings are indeed different and unique from one another. So what makes us different? Well, there are a number of things in terms of which we can classified to be different including our facial structure, our minds, the way we see the world, the way we interpret the world, our manner of talking and from numerous other dimensions. But here my focus would be to share with you the people with unbelievable medical conditions. After reading this list you would truly come to know that how unique humans can be from one another. Some doctors term them to be medically deviant, while others use a number of different names for them. Here are the 5 people with unbelievable medical conditions. Read more [...]
Medical experiments are an integral component of scientific researches. In fact, without these experiments, no hypothesis can be confirmed with a great deal of validity and reliability. The present times are marked for high degrees of professionalism and ethics, but that was never the case a few decades back. The list I will be sharing below covers some of the most notorious and unethical medical experiments that were carried out from time to time. Moreover, some of these studies even yielded a number of beneficial results, but still there are a number of things that can never be justified in a research. Here are the 5 most notorious medical experiments. Read more [...]
There are a number of things that are considered to be common in every human society. Marriage and wedding rituals are one of those things that can be included here. Apart from the dynamics of the modern world, wedding rituals do have their importance. Some believe that these rituals symbolize love and affection, while others practice it just for the sake of social customs. Moreover, it is also believed, especially in the Asian countries that these rituals help in keeping the bond of marriage eternal and intact forever. There is no denying about the importance of these rituals, but still there are a number of odd wedding rituals that are going to be the prime focus of this article. Some of them even appear to be illogically bizarre and odd, but people still love to be a part of these rituals. Here are the 5 really odd wedding rituals. Read more [...]
Most of us have a little clutter somewhere in our house or apartment, but for some people, the need to hold onto their “stuff” gets out of hand. Here are five stories that show what can happen when hoarding becomes credit report online extreme: Elderly spinsters Margaret and Marjorie Barthel began feeding the neighborhood rats in 2002. By 2007, officials estimate that the neighborhood rat population had exploded into the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Neighbors in the wealthy LA suburb Read more [...]
Making a list of the best fantasy RPG’s of all time is a tough task. It is one of the largest genres of video games, and this abundance of titles has led to some wildly different and creative games. This is a look at the best fantasy RPG’s ever to eat up huge portions of a person’s life:   The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim This game is one of the most polished RPG’s ever to hit the market. The smoothness of the gameplay and the richness of the game’s details allow players to immerse Read more [...]
The video games industry is indeed intriguing, but there are a number of weird video games that might force you to think in the opposite. Presently, video games are deeply linked with the use of technology and a full fledge marketing discourse that enables the game makers to make a fortune for themselves. Now here, some of the gaming enthusiasts are also of the view that the marketing tactics have little to do with the usefulness of the games. In the past a number of strange video games have been launched, but here I would be sharing with you only a few of them. Here are 5 most weird video games that have managed to make their mark. Read more [...]
There are a number of weird biological anomalies which humans suffer from. Simply defined, these anomalies can be termed as physical disorders or abnormalities. Every a large number of people suffer from these biological abnormalities. The scientists and researchers have devoted their lives to understanding these variations that take place in human beings. Moreover, as you will read this list of the 5 most weird biological anomalies, you will come to learn the diseases humans suffer from continue to get more and more weird. In fact, every year, medical science exposes a number of changes in human functioning about which there is aren’t enough explanations present Read more [...]
People searching for life insurance quotes online are not liable to see articles about the most bizarre inheritances bequeathed to individuals. From leaving money to a Feng Shui master to a beloved cat, the saying that truth is stranger than fiction viagra livraison rapide comes to fruition: Introducing the Strange Case of Nina Wang An extremely wealthy lady by the name of Nina Wang was more than enthusiastic about Feng Shui. This woman, who, before her death in 2007, was listed as number 204 in Read more [...]
The design and development of automobiles throughout history has evolved over the years. Unlike some of the predecessors of modern vehicles, most cars manufactured today do not present problems when drivers want to get inside of their vehicles. Parts usually function. In modern society, people can even buy discount truck tires when they visit http://tireteam.com. The following list offers brief descriptions pertaining to five of the worst cars ever designed:   1. Introducing the 1958 Read more [...]
The 21st century brings remarkable breakthroughs in medical technology. Researchers usurped every technological advance and innovation to add to their toolbox for health, regeneration and fitness. Just a century ago, the breakthrough of X-Ray technology arrived, shortly followed by protective wear like x-ray aprons and the thyroid collar. Now, a century later, here are five of the most important game-changers: Lymphedema pump is one amongs the various important innovations in medical science. Melanoma Read more [...]
Everyday, human beings unknowingly come into contact with objects covered in thousands of dangerous germs. In order to stay sanitary and know what you're touching before you touch it, read and consider the list below: Money: Think for a moment about the number of hands the money you've touched today must have passed through before reaching yours. You may have showered thoroughly this morning, but the homeless man who used the same dollar bills to buy booze the other day probably did not. The money Read more [...]
Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and a never ending passion for each other. But there have been times when this day turned out to be the last for a number of people. The events I would be sharing with you are really bizarre, yet true, so it is best that even after reading this post that you always hold this day positively in the mystic strands of your memory. It is really strange that why even on this day, such acts of aggression and insanity were carried out. You will have a better idea about it on reading the top 7 most bizarre Valentine’s Day murders. Here they are. Read more [...]
There are several pointers and clear cut signs that can show and prove your addiction to Facebook. If you are one of those people who are obsessed with social networks, then it is best to get a hold on this addiction. Here it does mean that you should stop using this one of a kind social networking site, but it is to help you in knowing the levels of your addiction and fixation to this website. Facebook can really be an amazing way to share your life events with other people. Moreover, it is also one of the most powerful mediums of socialization you are ever going to find in the 21st century. Here are the 7 clear signs that prove your addiction to Facebook. Read more [...]
The world is really an amazing place to be, as there is no other planet that shares its glory and beauty. No matter what the scientists might say about the origins of the world and the universe, there are some truly amazing facts about our world that none of the other planets might share in common. All other planets of the solar system may or may not have some alien population, but what the earth has is really wonderful and exciting. Now here I cannot resist myself in mentioning those unlucky individuals who commit suicide only to get an escape from the mother earth. But what they do not know is that they would come to miss it and that there is no sort of return. In other words, life is only given for one time with all the goodies and wonders. We are the ones who have the power to shape the course of this moral journey across the enchantments and strings of beauty this land mass encapsulates. The idea here is to appreciate our life and try to get a hold of it in order to have the best time here. The world, since its origins, has been the center of a various dramas and plays, sometimes seen in the collisions with the other planets, sometimes in the theory of The Big Bang and sometimes in the views of the philosophers. Moreover, the earth is the only place that is marked for its coldest, highest and most astonishing destinations and sites not to be found anywhere else. Having said this, I want you to get ready now for reading out the top 5 truly amazing facts about the world. Read more [...]
Robotics become more and more commonplace everyday. Equipped with custom battery packs, programmable devices range in size from miniature units that clean household floors to massive, automated systems capable of carrying equipment and humans while navigating the rugged terrain of distant planets.   * Da Vinci   Used by surgeons around the world, da Vinci has the capability of performing delicate surgeries. Physicians operate the robot equipped with four separate arms while seated Read more [...]
The courtroom drama is an exciting movie genre, appealing to an audience's sense of justice and puzzle-solving. Here are the 5 best courtroom drama movies of all time: 1. 12 Angry Men (1957, directed by Sidney Lumet). This movie is set entirely in the jury's room as they try to decide whether to rule a man guilty or innocent. On first count, eleven of the jurors think he is guilty... but one man isn't convinced. One by one, he works to convince the others that the defendant may not be guilty. Read more [...]
Psychology tricks have been used since the inception of the human race. In the olden days, people used them in the form of dark arts for exercising control over their enemies. But here in making the list, I have not tried to include those tricks that might be harmful to the psychological wellbeing of the people on which they might be used. The history of these amazing psychology tricks asserts that some of these have been effective on some while at the same time ineffective on others. So the degree to which other people might be influenced by them varies. Moreover, all of these tricks have been designed to influence other people in a more positive way and to make them think positively about you. In simple, all of these tricks and maneuvers can help you in making friends. Read more [...]
Online casinos have exploded in popularity ever since 2007. Some of the biggest online casinos are now considered a threat for many conventional casinos that are struggling to keep up with the multiple conveniences they offer. With an online casino, players from anywhere around the world are able to enjoy many of their favorite games in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the internet, people can now gamble at their own convenience anytime they want.   However, players interested in joining Read more [...]
The natural world as we see it is full of strange and wonderful things: animals of all shapes and sizes, unbelievably colorful marine life, and plants that mimic insects, to mention a few. What we don't often realize is that there is a whole other world that exists beyond the limits of our eyesight: the microscopic world. There are entire ecosystems that our eyes cannot perceive - inside and on our own bodies, in between grains of sand, and strewn throughout leaves on the ground. These places, and Read more [...]
You might have seen the motivational posters being used in your schools, colleges and universities. But have you heard or seen the ones that can truly demotivate you from a number of things? Well, I have made a collection for your curious young and old minds. There also happen to be some posters that were originally designed to be motivational, but in the end they turned out to initiate the opposite response in the people. There is an agreement that these posters can prove to be quite persuasive for some people and may also bring out nothing in others. What kind of response these posters generate in you? Read more [...]