Over the last two decades engineers, developers, property dealers, building owners and system designing professionals, had started adopting a different perspective towards the making of buildings. These days the buildings are getting smarter and at the time quite weird. Unfortunately, it is because of these varying perspectives and evaluations, these days we have a number of definitions of the word “weird”. In simple words, a smart and weird shaped building is one that increases the levels of productivity and facility attractiveness. Many of the buildings today make use of a number of advanced and integrated systems in order to enhance the building automation. Now here arises a question that why are these structures given a weird shape? The answer is very simple indeed. In order to add the element of uniqueness and singularity, these structures are made weird. Although the structures I would be later on sharing with you are weird indeed, but the in terms of functionality they make use of some of the most sophisticated and complex technologies. While the idea of integrative telecommunication system, life safety and building automation are all ahead of their times, but still they add a lot towards the credibility of the companies and organizations using these buildings. Equipped with some basic information, let me know share with you the top 10 weird shaped buildings in the world. Read more [...]
Getting married is just like seeking out for a perspective in one’s life. Almost all of the successful couples I know accept the fact that there road to seeking out each other was indeed a rocky one, but in the end they were the ones who emerged successful. In the start you may find some disappointing stages and times, but the best thing is to remain committed to each other. But I am not here to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting married. My motive is to share with some of the most unusual places where you can get married. The place which you select for your marriage can indeed be very helpful in leaving a long lasting impression on the minds of others. Making other women and men jealous from the venue of your marriage, is in some ways a good start for your marriage. Not to worry, as the envy of others is not going to influence your relation at all. The places which I would be sharing with you are unique as well bizarre. In the end, it depends on you whether or not you select one of these places for your marriage. Here is the list of the top 10 most unusual places for getting married. Read more [...]
A superstition comes from having a belief that is irrational and it arises from either fear or ignorance. We live in a world that is full of people who have all kinds of superstitions and some may or may not know that what they believe in is considered a superstition. There are a few superstitions that might be logically such as walking under the ladder, however most of the time they just seem to be very ridiculous. Some people get so wrapped up in their superstitions that they those superstitions might start to control them and unfortunately, they live in fear because of it. Here are the top ten weird superstitions people believe in. Read more [...]
Red, white and blue. Everyone knows of these colors. Purple, green, orange, yellow and pink tend to be colors that we see every single day. The problem with these colors is that everyone knows about them and they are just basic. There are even secondary colors that are created from when you mix two of the colors that are primary such as orange, green plus purple. Read more [...]
As the name suggests, street art is always designed and formulated for being displayed in the streets. In the past few years, more and more artists are now paying attention towards it. Technically speaking, it is relatively cheaper and an amazing way of getting of getting exposure to the world. These arts can be funny, bizarre, extreme, annoying and wonderful. Read more [...]
Mental disorders are more common and prevalent that one can consciously imagine. Having certain kinds of mental disorders makes a person vulnerable for open criticism from the side of friends and relatives. In reality, all these mental states are entirely misunderstood, heavily stigmatized and prejudiced. Read more [...]
In the initial days of the publishing of the Guinness book of world records, the records used to be like the fastest, longest, shortest, etc. But now it seems like the records are getting more bizarre and odd than ever. The main reason behind this increasing trend may be to set something new and different from all others. Surely, some of these records are quite interesting to watch. So, below is the list of the top 10 most bizarre world records. Read more [...]
Celebrities seem to always stay in the eye of the public. viagra generic They will do anything in order to help with making sure that their look is maintained. Sometimes a new look is needed because of a role that they are playing but other times it's because they buy cheap clomidneed to get rid of baby fat. Most diets that celebrities take on are often crazy odd fad crash diets. Their eating habits become odd and they usually exercise a lot in this time. Here are the top ten odd celebrity diets. 10. Read more [...]
There you are exploring a new country and doing what is natural to you. However, your host seems to be a little bit offended. They are looking at you like you are a little odd. I am assuming that you aren't just naturally offensive and that you aren't aware what you have done. Later you discover that you have greatly insulted your host. You made an embarrassing cultural faux pas. Shame on you - if only you had done your research then you wouldn't have made the mistake. The problem is that what means one thing in one culture can mean something completely different in another culture. Here are ten things that you may want to avoid doing when travelling to certain countries. Read more [...]
Do you want to watch something odd or just strange? Sometimes we might get into the mood to where we are just tired of seeing the same movies and would like to view a movie just because we've heard that it's odd or strange. A film might be very appalbuy propecia online without prescriptionling but yet we find ourselves still there in front of the TV just waiting to see what might happen next. Here are the top ten odd, strange and just bad movie releases. 10. Plan 9 from Outer Space http://youtu.be/u2ukRYsYPmo This Read more [...]
Something that many people in the USA enjoy is a nice hamburger. These days you can find all sorts of hamburgers topped with almost any kind of ingredient that you can imagine. The normal hamburger usually is served with ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, bacon, pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup, cheese, mayonnaise and sometimes relish. The name hamburger actually comes from Hamburg Germany. Burg stands for a settlement that is fortified or either a refuge that is fortified. Hamburger is also known Read more [...]
To begin with let us take into account the words of Sigmund Freud “Dreams form the royal road to the unconscious mind”. Since the inception of humanity, many individuals have tried to understand the “Why” behind dreams. The first reported studies on dreams were made by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle as there is indeed something weird about the kind of dreams we see in our daily lives. Some researchers assert that dreams reflect the innate and impulsive desires while others assert that dreams reflect the fears. The most comprehensive studies in this regard have been made Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and many others. As shown quite clearly in the movie “Inception”, dreams make use of actual images and reflections. Surely, most of the dreams we see create confusion as they are based on meaningless associations emerging from the unconscious mind. In simple words, most of the dreams are obscure and so randomized that it becomes virtually impossible to trace out a logical meaning from them. Here arises a very basic question that “Why do we Dream”? Till now, none of the dream analysts and researchers had been able to make any definite explanation about the “Why” behind dreams. Viewed from a religious perspective, many people believe that dreams are a way to get in touch with God, while others believe that dreams serve as a medium of communicating with the paranormal. So, it can be safely asserted from the above discussions that dreams do somehow serve to provide a comprehensive knowledge about oneself which is possible by seeking the element of commonality in your dreams. As it is quite corroborated now that the very nature of dreams is based on the element of unearthliness, let us now have a look at the 10 weird facts about dreams. Read more [...]
One of the most difficult things for a company is to find a name that translates through many languages. Nowadays companies are probably more aware to check the meaning of their brand name or the name of the product before launching it in a new country. However, this hasn't stopped some hilarious examples of not quite getting the name of the product or the advertisement right in the past. Some of these may just be urban legend, but it just goes to show that you need to be careful. Read more [...]
In the Hunger Games trilogy you will noticed that there are lots of weapons used throughout the movie. When they are at the Cornucopia they are supplied with a lot of them. They also need the weapons because of the bloodbath that happens in the first part of the movie. If a tribute does not have a weapon usually this means that they would have to fight and get them from another tribute and often times this would result in hand battles. Sometimes weapons would be given as a gift by their mentors or Read more [...]
It is the circle of life that brings death. Every soul shall get a taste of death no matter what. No one really knows the time when death is going to encapsulate him or her. Same is the case in being murdered. Every year, hundreds of murders go unsolved. In fact, many of the murders that are carried out are so mysterious that the even the police are baffled. A number of horrifying and brutal murders have been carried out in history, most of which are unsolved till the present date. So, I have formulated Read more [...]
Some men just make it more difficult for the average guy. They propose in such a unique and extravagant way that the average, drunken “let's get married” just won't cut it anymore. Let's look at those marriage proposals that stand at the top in terms of their extravagance and creativeness. I am a fan of the clever ones, but in the modern world clever doesn't go viral. Decide which ones you like best for yourself. Read more [...]
There are some hotels around the world that demand attention and seriousness. What do we in fact look in hotels? Is it Luxury, comfort, restfulness and contemporary breakfasts? Yes, that is exactly what most of the people are in search of and this is what we pay for in order to be a part of these hotels. But that is not the case, with the hotels I would be sharing with you. For them, it is more than just convenience and comfort. All these hotels have been designed and structured in such a way that everyone wished to at least spend a night or so in them. What’s more interesting is the fact that almost anyone can afford to stay at these “not so luxurious” hotels. Look and decide for yourself, whether they are worth some of your bucks or not? Below is the list of the top 10 weirdest hotels around the world. Read more [...]
Death is the final stage of growth and the inevitable truth of all life. In our modern technological society, death is something you want to undergo in a hospital. But that was not the case with these individuals who died in ways you cannot even imagine. Below is the bizarre list of the 10 truly weird deaths you would have never heard about. Read more [...]
The Hunger Games movie was directed by Gary Ross and it is based from the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. John Kilik and Nina Jacobson produced the film and Ross, Billy Ray and Collins did the screenplay. The main starts of the Hunger Games include Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Elizebeth Banks, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson. The Hunger Games takes place in the future and Panem is the nation of where they are located. In the movie 12 boys plus 12 girls participate Read more [...]
Common sense and caution should always go hand in hand while trying to buy a beauty product. For those who love to buy beauty products, this article would indeed prove to be quite revealing, as it will bring forward the dark side of the beauty industry. Even for all the watchdog environmentalists, those of us who try to monitor hazardous pollutants as parts of our daily routines, a number of toxic surprises are waiting to be read in this article. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at the 10 bizarre beauty products. Read more [...]
It is important that the athletes plus all of the fans feel that they are protected whenever they go to the Olympics. In order for them to be and feel protected there are a few restrictions that they enforce. There is the usual rules about not bringing in materials that are toxic, explosives, knives and firearms but yet at the same time while some of the items listed make perfect sense there are still some items prohibited that might just make you laugh. 10. Protection Sprays It is understandable Read more [...]
There is indeed a chemistry that all the fragrances possess. This chemistry is later on passed from the perfumer to the consumer. The word Fragrance represents indulgence and pleasure. Since the inception of the human race, we have had an unconscious relationship with the fragrances no matter what quality of smell they give off. Now here arises the question that why are some small very evocative? Simply, the way they are structured and mixed. Furthermore, it is the only human sense whose functioning is still a mystery to all the scientists. But as Barille had stated that the magic of fragrance comes from the relationship between the man and nature. Apart from some of the most spectacular fragrances, there are some which are indeed quite bizarre in terms of their impinging effectuation son the human senses. Below is the list of the 10 most bizarre fragrances. Read more [...]
A museum is indeed the place where history comes alive. Technically, museums are among the most highly visible institutions in the contemporary societies and have several grounds of relevance with the public. Within the context of a museum, the term public is often used to invoke a generalized body of people who care to visit this place at regular intervals. For those who want to gain a deep understanding of the civilizations specific to a particular area, visiting the local museums is required. Furthermore, museums also serve as pointers to the psyche of the inhabitants of a particular area. Not to forget, that there are some countries that don’t care for their past history. Apart from all the historical analysis that some museums provide, there are those which appear to be quite bizarre in terms of their theme and artifacts. Below is the list of the top 10 weird and bizarre museums. Read more [...]
Why do people turn to magic in the last? Is it performed for the gaining of success, wealth, love or fame? Magic whether it is black or white, in unjustified no matter what the circumstances are. Similarly, the magicians who use them are often considered to be outlaws marked by their aberration. They are in fact obsessive about thrills and joys which lie far beyond the limits of rationality. At the same time, they also make use of certain curses which according to them have the power to destroy the life of any human being. Whether the curse works or not, cannot be said with complete certainty. Still, there is indeed something bizarre about these curses, which has compelled me to formulate a list of the most infamous curses there are. Below is the list of the top 10 bizarre curses. Read more [...]
The movie Spider-Man has raised many questions about spiders and what all they can do. Some people think that there are some spiders that might have magical powers. Others might be scared of them because of the way that they look or they might be afraid of the spider biting them. There are a few spiders that are indeed poisonous while others happen to be very harmless.  Another thing about spiders is that their size varies and you might see some very tiny ones and other spiders could be huge. Spiders Read more [...]
As we continue to live in the 21st century, the worldwide food production industries are in the midst of a substantial contraction and restructuring. The prime reasons behind this is the shrinking of the overseas markets, huge debts, rising costs, falling prices and decline in the current farm incomes. There are a number of ingredients that have been synthesized after years and years of research. After performing hundreds of tests, they were included in the foods. At the same time, there are some incredibly bizarre ingredients which are also being used these days about of which most of you might not know. Below is the list of the 10 bizarre ingredients used in foods. Read more [...]
TV shows are indeed a great source of inspiration as well as entertainment. Since the inception of the concept of TV, thousands of programs and shows have been seen all around the world. Some of them even managed to develop a huge fan following all around the world, while others did not. Not to forget some of the most controversial TV shows to be played on live television. These so called reality programs have also generated reactions from the side of the psychologists and other behaviorists who try to study the impact of these shows on the psyche of the viewers. Below is the list of 10 most bizarre TV shows. Read more [...]
Buying sports insurance is considered as a way to ensure the safety of the player and the organization. Due to this, in case of an accident, the victim and the organization are provided with financial coverage. Sports insurance is also known as event insurance and it is a special type of coverage that is offered by insurance providers. It offers financial coverage for lawsuits, accidents and damages caused during or by a sporting event. Another thing that players usually get is body part insurance. Now Read more [...]
The moment for which the whole world was waiting has just arrived, as the London Olympics 2012 have started on July 27th, 2012. It is time to see some of the most dedicated and trained sports professionals who are going to display their skills and endurance in this year Olympics. This year Olympics will feature nearly 26 sports. Not to forget, that there are a few sports that could not make it to the Olympics. It can be said that they were in fact too odd or weird to be included in the Olympics. Another explanation can be the fact that for a sport to qualify for the Olympics must be played in more than 50 % of the world countries. At one time or the other, these sports have been included in the past Olympics. Read onwards, to have an idea about the 10 weird Olympic sports ever. Read more [...]
There are different kinds of phobias common in people but a lot of them haven’t been heard of before. A phobia is a consistent fear of particular situations, persons, objects and activities. Here are some least heard of but actual phobias that some people suffer from: Read more [...]
Scientists have different conspiracy theories about space. This is a list of the top 10 space conspiracy theories in human history. These conspiracy theories have been analyzed by several specialists and they believe them to be true and fact. You can see some pretty interesting discoveries in this list for your information! 10. The Lost Cosmonauts The Lost Cosmonauts, or Phantom Cosmonauts, are cosmonauts who allegedly entered outer space, but whose existence has never been acknowledged by Read more [...]
You have to actually feel or have the mentality before a word comes out on paper or in a language. Each language carries its own dictionary, with words that may or may not have an equivalent word in another language. While English maybe the most spoken language in the world, yet it is somewhat limited and cannot be used to translate all words from all the other languages of the world. Some languages simply exceed the English language or maybe the English themselves have never thought about such Read more [...]
Life isn’t easy in any part of the world. While most of these crazy, stupid laws have been revoked there are many that still remain. 10. Blindfolded Driver Stated in the Section 32-5A-53, according to the laws of the US state, Alabama, a person cannot drive as long as someone is obstructing the driver’s view or interfering with the driver’s control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle. The law was implemented in the acts of 1980, No. 80-434, p. 604, 11-104. The law states that:  (a) Read more [...]
What is wrong with these people? That’s probably the first thing that comes to a decent mind. But these people pull these wacky and weird stunts, they have a reason and it’s none other than the Guinness World Records that makes them go an extra mile in their weirdness. 10. The Loudest Burp Now this is disgusting, makes me want to throw up. Paul Hunn from Great Britain performed the loudest burp with an intensity 118.1 decibels. The intensity of the burp can be compared to, let’s say a Read more [...]
Innovation - It’s what got us through the Dark Ages, polio and Celine Dion. But over the years, instead of moving forward, some scientists and inventors have taken a few steps back, while others have plumbed into the depths of dumb luck. By far, mans greatest invention has been the creation of the wheel that set him on the path of success. Although not every invention scores high on the scale of usefulness, but we should always remember that Thomas Edison didn’t create the light bulb without Read more [...]
The Earth is indeed an extraordinary planet and not just because of the infinite variety of life that it supports, the land itself is fabricated marvelously. 1. The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is an enormous ravine situated in the state of Arizona in the United States. Seen from the space the Colorado River is most conspicuous feature of the south western desert, which creates The Grand Canyon. In just a few million years, this river has cut through the ancient Colorado plateau creating a canyon Read more [...]
A hacker is a much softer name given to a cyber criminal. Although, it is termed as a crime yet there aren’t any hard and fast laws against them, except only when the situation gets out of hands. To some it’s a hobby and others are hacking just for the benefit of the masses. What’s more interesting is that these hackers end up with legitimate jobs after their adventures. 1. Jeff Moss Jeff Moss alias the Dark Tangent, is the founder of the Black Hat and the DEF CON computer hacker conferences. Read more [...]
Rising sharply from a narrow summit area, these majestic mountains stand prominently above their surroundings. However, many amongst us have yet to learn the difference between the tallest and the highest mountains. Although, it sounds the same and we often confuse the two but there is a difference. The tallest mountains have the measures from the base of the mountain to its peak, whereas the highest mountains have the measures from the sea level to the peak. See the difference? Looking our planet, Read more [...]
And if you think the law is hard on you where you live, compare yourself to the citizens of San Francisco city where the mayor has gone out of his way to keep his people healthy and unhappy. 1. Happy meals An Unhappy meal: A "Happy Meal" is a meal specifically marketed at children, sold at the fast-food chain McDonald's since June 1979. A toy is typically included with the food, both of which are usually contained in a small box or paper bag with the McDonald's logo. This is the norm Read more [...]
Our world has a lot of beautiful islands and some of them are really magnificent and full of natural resources and minerals, but some islands are still unexplored and are secret as many people don't know about them. The culture and life style on these islands are very unique. Here are world’s best secret islands you may ever want to visit. 1. Ulleungdo - South Korea Ulleungdo Island is an ideal place when travelling to South Korea. Though it is a simple paradise on earth but it cannot Read more [...]
We all love our pets, don't we? But some people are ready to pay millions for animals from a million dollar cow to DNA cloned dog. We have complied the top ten list of the most expensive pets in the world. Readzithromax online ahead to find out. 1. Green Monkey - $16,000,000 Green monkey was considered to be the most expensive horse in the world. Its initial price was $16,000,000. The Green Monkey (in the picture) was purchased as a 2-year-old race horse at Calder Race Course by Demi Read more [...]
Pollution is a problem for many cities in the world, it has been a threat to environmentalist and developed countries. Efforts are being made to overcome the growing pollution in the world but for some cities its too much, and those are  the ones where it hit the hardest. So if your a neat freak avoid these ten cities. 1. Maputo - Mozambique Maputo is the capital and the largest city of Mozambique located on the bank of Indian Ocean. It is suffering from lack of sanitation processes--specifically Read more [...]
Mental disorder has always had its share of fear and stigma which is still evident in the walls of many asylums. The abandoned buildings have their tales of being haunted by the ghosts of their past. More so when we realise that the once inhabitants had been declared to be clinically insane by the society. Having been inhabited by the mentally challenged, their bad memories magnifies within the walls of the architecture. Yet asylums stand still to great character, rare solace, and irresistible magnetism Read more [...]
Nature tells you a story, of solace and existence. Similarities can be found in the things surrounding us but what is most astonishing is when water bodies cry for attention; through their various intriguing shapes and outlines, we look but we do not see. 1. Eros Lake- India From the bottom of the heart: If you fancy giving a lake photo as a valentine gift, the heart shaped Lake Eros is the water body for you. The Chembra Peak in India overlooks what is the symbol of love throughout the world, Read more [...]
You are in your car, but stuck there. You cannot leave the vehicle even to buy yourself coffee or stop by a library to drop books. The concept of drive thrus was introduced in the United States so that drivers could grab some eatables and then be on their way; but since then, the idea has expanded and very strange drive thrus have appeared, where you can either pray, get hitched or even get treatment for a disease. 1. Strip Club Drive-Thru There is a window Climax Gentlemen’s Club which Read more [...]
You have embarked on a climb in the toughest, most challenging spot of land; mountains. You want to live the nature, experience the raw feeling but it is inevitable that a time will come when you wish for a hot cup viagra cheapestof cocoa, a crackling fire, the comfort of a roof four walls, and no wind. And like a dream come true, with the blink of an eye, you witness a hut, the very place that could supply the wants of humanity. Yet, it is after considerable effort that you will be allowed to Read more [...]
The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be. Here is a collection of some of the eccentric laws in the world. We can laugh, we can gasp, we can only wonder… 1. Think before you chew In Singapore, chewing gum is prohibited. This rule was introduced because of the high cost and difficulty in removing stuck chewing gum from public premises. In particular, chewing gum stuck on the Mass Rapid Transit train doors stopped the trains from moving. It happened Read more [...]
Luxury is something expensive or hard to obtain. But is anything expensive for Middle East? Well this post features a collection of  gold plated cars owned by the Arabs. 1. Bugatti Veyron 2. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 3. BMW M5 4. Rolls Royce Phantom 5. Aston Martin 6. Porsche 911 7. Porsche Cayenne 8. Delorean JioOv 9. Smart Fortwo 10. Fiat 500   Want to purchase this. Here is a Fiat 500 sale.   Read more [...]
There are many jobs a person can choose from, but there are some jobs left for the unfortunates. Here are some of those jobs. 1. Road Kill Cleaner Source One gets to see so many animals in this job, the only problem is that they are dead by the time to you get to see them…. Not a job for animal lover as there are guts n brain splint all over the road most of the times. 2. Sewer Inspector Source The dirtiest job that I can think of is of a sewer inspector…. All that piss and shit u have Read more [...]
With the triumph of their inventions, came the angel of death. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but if one really needs to die, why not just take a swig of poison? Following are a few inventors in history, who tragically lost their lives at the hands of their own inventions. 1. Michael Dacre - Flying taxi (2009) A lift to the heavens: Michael Dacre, inventor and pilot of the 8 seater Jetpod flying taxi lost control of his aircraft’s engine during a test flight and crashed on Read more [...]
Photo manipulation is a really wonderful art.  Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved. Photo manipulation gives a realistic view of an unreal picture. 1. Medical Kitchen 2. Long Run 3. Face Vs. Fist 4. Work at Sea 5. Fishy Island 6. Road Worker's Coffee Break 7. Arms Break   8. Reflective Cubes 9. Shock 10. Tough All images are property of Erik Johansson Read more [...]
Ever wondered what will be the world like if cats ruled. Well take a look. 1. Disc Jockey 2. Police Officer 3. Surgeons 4. Teacher 5. Solider 6. Celebrity 7. Kitty's Whiskers 8. Cat Portrait 9. Bar Buddies 10. President All images are property of  Worth1000 and have been published with explicit permission. Read more [...]
Now a day’s these 3D street Illusions are seen everywhere as people have got so skilled drawing these illusions using different kind of paints and chalks. Our mission was to find the best 3D street illusions ever. So here they are. 1. Displaced Concrete Source Looks like a chunk of concrete displaced from the walkway. 2. Flowing River Source This illusion looks like if a river is flowing through the street. 3. Water Stream Source Amazing illusion of water stream running through a Read more [...]
Different people have different skills, some of which are gifted with drawing skills. and what would be more fun other than drawing your favorite celebrity. 1. Micheal Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, choreographer, poet, businessman, philanthropist and record producer. Referred to as the King of Pop, he is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time, as well as one of the most influential. His Read more [...]
The information gathered by our eye is processed in the brain to give a percept that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. We have complied a list of images which will confuse your brain. 1. Black Dots Source Try to count the number of black dots on the image above. 2. Rectangle or Not? Source The Blocks in the Center are perfectly Rectangular. 3. Paint or Real? Source This is painted in such a way that it looks as if it is suspended in real. 4. Brain Read more [...]
Computers like humans have generations. The micro-processor computers known as PCs are the 4th generation computers. But the 5th generation is of AI (artificial intelligence). This generation deals with training or you can say programming the computer in such a way that it can process data like a human. But these pictures are the pictures of robots, whose creators took it to another level. They not only tried to give them a brain but also made them look just like you and me. 1. ReplieeQ1 Source Osaka Read more [...]
Half of the world will agree with me on this, that we get the most creative ideas while sitting on our potty seats. These creative art pieces made from toilet rolls are the reflection of such ideas. Some guy was once sitting toilet had an idea to make sure that the empty toilet paper roll doesn’t go waste. 1. Ugly Faces Source Source The main idea according to me, for making this amazing piece of art was to scare people who make fun of toilet accessories. 2. Wall Hangings Source Source This Read more [...]
Underwater volcanoes also known as  Submarine volcanoes are found under ocean and can generally eject into air after eruption. Underwater volcanoes are formed when molten rocks erupts underwater fissures of planet earth. They are usually found near the areas of tectonic plate movement. Many underwater volcanoes have caused chaos by eruption or earthquake by destroying various places nearby leaving many homeless. 1. Coast of Tonga Source Hunga Tonga is located about 30km from Falcon Island. Read more [...]
Devil… the most hated creature of all times… we pity him for being thrown out of heaven :(. But these toys guys, I think they like him too much, that they even made out toys of him. I hope Satan rewards you well. By the way let me tell you the award may be the eternity in hell 😛 here are few of the devilish toys company made just to please the devil himself. 1. King of Devils Source 2. Devil's Child Source 3. Blue Devil Action Figure Source 4. The Devil Creep Source 5. Read more [...]
If human have myths, legends and tales to live on, the animal kingdom can boast of some fascinating if not strange misconceptions. From angry bulls, dancing snakes to beautiful penguins, the animal kingdom is spared with misconceptions some of which comes from animated movies and cartoons. We have compiled a list so that you can know the facts. 1. Bulls are Color Blind Source Bull fight is a common sport in  Spain and few other European countries, and surely is enjoyed by many millions around. Read more [...]
I always wondered what to do with my old computer parts, hated the old piece lying in my store for years. I finally got an answer to my question, which is not only useful but is cool n awesome. Here is the answer you guys might be looking for, like me. 1. Geek Version of Mona Lisa Source Chinese artists are now bringing a geekish touch in their art work. From an art exhibition in Beijing, China. The name of the piece? “Technology Smiling”. 2. Technology Filled Lamp Source The lamp Read more [...]