10 Things Banned in San Francisco

And if you think the law is hard on you where you live, compare yourself to the citizens of San Francisco city where the mayor has gone out of his way to keep his people healthy and unhappy.

1. Happy meals

happy meal

An Unhappy meal: A “Happy Meal” is a meal specifically marketed at children, sold at the fast-food chain McDonald's since June 1979. A toy is typically included with the food, both of which are usually contained in a small box or paper bag with the McDonald's logo. This is the norm everywhere except San Francisco, where the children are expected to be happy about actual food.

2. Segways


Step up: A segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen and manufactured by Segway Inc, which is not allowed on the streets, sidewalks and bicycle pathways of this city because the mayor wants his people to be more self reliant and stand on their own two feet.

3. Plastic Bags

plastic bags

Going Green: With approximately 180 million plastic bags being distributed to shoppers in San Francisco each year, the bags pose an environmental problem as they are difficult to recycle, and often wind up in trees or bodies of water, where they harm ecosystems and kill marine life… not to mention their growing presence in landfills.

4. Sodas


Get Real: San Francisco has officially taken out sugary drinks and replaced them with soy milk, rice milk, and certain diet sodas in vending machines on city property. Sodas, sports drinks, artificially flavored water, and juice with added sweeteners will not be present in vending machines.

5. Firearms in Advertisements

the other guy

Down, Gun: San Francisco is well known for its fog.  But while the sunshine sometimes cuts through fog in the atmosphere, one fog that rarely seems to lift is the fog of anti-gun thinking. most cities just want to ban your constitutional right to bear arms, the city by the bay has banned the depiction of firearms on municipally owned advertising


6. Baby animals

baby rabbit

Grow up: Well the baby chickens, ducks and rabbits in San Francisco do not have to worry about adoption. We cannot be too sure about the purchase of cats and dogs either, some argue that this law should just be restricted to hamsters, although one you want to do with a fully grown one, I cannot imagine.

7. Arizona


Forbidden territory: City workers are not allowed to travel to Arizona for official purposes, although there are some exceptions, including for law enforcement officials investigating a crime, officials said. This law has been denounced by civil rights groups, some police officials and President Obama, who said it, threatens to “undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.”

8. Bottled water

bottled water

Noble speech: “The transportation and distribution, developing the plastic for the water bottles, the cost of the water, has a huge environmental and economic impact….the difference between bottled water and Diet Coke is that you can’t get Diet Coke from the tap. It’s not like any other bottled liquids. These people are making huge amounts of money selling God’s natural resources. Sorry, we’re not going to be part of it.”

9. Smoking

no smoking

Of course: Buildings, parks, public squares and many other outdoor spaces are to be considered a smoking free zone, tobacco or otherwise. Clover cigarettes are completely banned from being sold in the city. Violators could be fined up to $100 on first offense, $200 for a second violation and $500 for each additional violation.

10. Sitting on Streets

street music

Get a house already: Sitting and lying on the street is not allowed between 11 am and 7 pm. Supporters, especially businesspeople in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, said it would curb loitering and aggressive panhandling. But since the police acknowledge that enforcement will be “complaint-driven,” opponents are sure it will be unfairly used against homeless people.


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