10 Weird and Little Known Facts about Pregnancy

Keeping a healthy diet and life style helps you in keeping well during all the phases of pregnancy. A healthy diet is the most important in this regard for those who are pregnant or hope to get pregnant soon. The vitamins

and minerals present in all the rich foods and diets provide nourishment to your little one. The birth of a baby is indeed a mystery as there are numerous weird facts associated with pregnancy. Finding out that you are pregnant can be a very exciting fact for some women, while for others this state may bring with itself a number

of other problems, especially for those women who are engaged in substance abuse. In short, having a baby is thrilling, enthralling and somewhat overwhelming as well. The facts and figures which this top ten list would be sharing with you are those which most of the people do not know about. As soon as you get pregnant, you must make prepare yourself for the better as well as for the worst. There are a number of impeccable decisions that you would be required to take as the birth of the baby draws more and more near. The more the days pass in your pregnancy, the more you will get aware about some of the facts involved. Let us now take a look at the 10 weird and little known facts about pregnancy.

10. Pregnancy Can Last For Over a Year

Normally, the pregnancies have been reported to last for almost nine months or less. With the advent of the test tube baby concept, you do not need to face the 9 months of anxiety. But at the same time, having a baby too early can also prove to have several debilitating consequences. Having an idea about this, there also have been certain cases in which pregnancies had lasted for more than 1 year. The longest pregnancy has been reported to last for nearly 375 days. At the same time, the baby who was born as a result of this pregnancy was nearly 7 pounds. So, this points out yet another fact that longer pregnancies do not guarantee a more than usually heavy baby.

9. Not all Women Love to Have Pickles in Pregnancy

There has been a widespread belief that all pregnant women love to have pickles and other related products during their pregnancy phases which is indeed a misconception. Scientific research has proved that only those women who experience a deficiency of minerals crave for pickles. These additional minerals are in fact quite important for maintaining the concentration of the minerals in the blood levels of the body. On the other hand, the women who crave for various forms of junk foods like ice creams and all do so in order to comfort themselves. In simple words, the sugars and other forms of carbohydrates present in it help in excessive release of serotonin which contributes towards lowering down their stress and anxiety levels.

8. The More Than Usual Pooping

In times of child birth, there are very high chances that the contents inside your bowel may be expelled out. The main reason behind this unusual movement is the fact that these muscles are the same ones which are used in order to push the baby out of the body. At the same time, while the baby is about to exit, he or she might push hard on the rectum, thus causing more materials to squeeze out. Before the advent of the modern technologies and devices, many decades back the older women used to give the young pregnant girls enemas in order to reduce the chances of pooping. Most of the times, these enemas didn’t turned out to be successful in reducing the chances of the expulsion. These days the doctors and nurses are more than helpful in cleaning up the mess, but never share with you the causes of this pooping.

7. Stiches in the Entire Undercarriage

Getting stiches in the under carriage is not what any women would consciously want, but most women after child birth have to undergo this phase. Based on the latest research it has been reported that 9 out every 10 women, come to experience the same form of vaginal displuming or tearing. Some of these tears can be patched up by using only a few stiches, while in most of the cases the opposite seems to happen. Also, there have been cases in which the tearing had reached all the way to the anus. The tearing that reaches to the anus is faced only by 1 in 100 mothers. So, in order to effectively deal with it and reducing the chances of this problem, it is better to constantly massage the areas before the child birth.

6. Most Women Glow in Pregnancy

It is a very common practice to say that a woman is starting to glow and look more beautiful than usual. One explanation for it can be the fact that most of the women get more excited than usual than hearing the news that they are pregnant. So, the glowing of the skin is more like the innate happiness and the feeling of completion for the women. But not to forget the fact that this happens with only those who pay a great deal of importance to the process of pregnancy. Another explanation for the glowing of the skin is the fact that during most of the pregnancies the blood levels in the body are increased to more than 50 %, thus resulting in a more than usual blood supply to the facial muscles. At the same time activity of the hormones is also increased resulting in a fresher and shiny skin.

5. Increased Olfaction-Sense of Smell

Based on the latest researches which have been made in the domain of medical science and pregnancy stages, it has been reported that during various stages of pregnancy the women may experience an increase in their sense of smell and taste. The most probable explanation which has been given by various medical doctors and scientists is that this mechanism helps the women in taking more and more levels of vitamins and tasty foods and at the same time will prevent them for the intake of harmful toxins that may disturb the physiological mechanisms of the body. These harmful toxins can prove to have enfeebling consequences for the fetus. In simple words, this increased sensitivity of the sense organs empowers women to avoid drugs, alcohol and coffee.

4. Contractions persist after birth

Even after the birth of the child, the contractions may be experienced at varying intervals. In fact these muscles movements are more like defense mechanisms of the body which helps in stopping excessive bleeding. Most of these contractions are not experienced by women these days, as they remain heavily drugged in hospitals. But that was not the case with the women who had child births using the old and conventional methods.

3. Over eating is not required

There is a widespread rumor that all pregnant women should eat more than usual in order to provide nourishment to herself and her child. But the truth is women are only required to have nearly 300 calories more per day. These calories are present in approximately in 1 or more servings of yogurt. In addition, most of the women will only be required to gain only 25 or more pounds during their pregnancy. If you happen to be at a party and cannot resist yourself from having a bite of the lasagna or chicken momo, then it is alright to eat more. As you are pregnant, you are not required to follow the slimness patterns and some party manners.

2. You May Come to Have Big Feet

For those who are thinking that how can their feet grow so big by gaining only 25 pounds or more, it has been reported that this expansion is due to the increased pressure from the upper portions of the body. As the pregnancy process continues to unfold, the ligaments of your body start coming into a more relaxed state primarily to help you in the final stages of child birth. Unfortunately, the shape and slender look of your feet starts withering as your feet start pushing the sides of your shoes. Not to worry, as this more than usual flat state of your feet does not lasts for long and will soon stabilize after the birth process. But there have been a few cases in which the change in the feet was permanent. Your husband would be quite happy with this, as he will not have to spend more money in buying new shoes each year and will be required to spend only once.

1. Pregnant Father

Known commonly by the name of Couvade Syndrome, this state is marked by the feelings of pregnancy by the man. In simple words, the man experiences a few of the symptoms similar to the one experienced by a pregnant woman. The symptoms which are more commonly experienced include morning nausea, sleeping disturbances and some minor gains in weight. Although this condition has not been accepted as a recognized medical condition, still the reports of this state have been many till now. Firstly, this term had been coined in the year 1865 by the well-known anthropologist of those times E.B Taylor. At the same time, a number of psychological theories have been proposed in order to explain the causes of this state like anxiety, pseudo-sibling rivalry, parturition envy or any other form psychic uncertainty. Viewed from a sociological perspective, this state is probably experienced between those couples in which the woman has dominance over the male’s status.

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