Top 10 Unsolved Murders

It is the circle of life that brings death. Every soul shall get a taste of death no matter what. No one really knows the time when death is going to encapsulate him or her. Same is the case in being murdered. Every year, hundreds of murders go unsolved. In fact, many of the murders that are carried out are so mysterious that the even the police are baffled. A number of horrifying and brutal murders have been carried out in history, most of which are unsolved till the present date. So, I have formulated a list to share with you some of these murders. Hers is the list of the top 10 unsolved murders.

10. Olof Palme

Known as one of the greatest politicians and Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme was killed from a gunshot on this way home after watching a movie in the cinema. What define him are his actions which he had taken in terms of the nuclear strategies of Sweden. After getting to know to know The Three Mile Island Incident in the United States, Olof planned to remove all such nuclear devices from Sweden. Furthermore, he was also a bit outspoken in terms of the security matters.

9. Jack the Stripper

This nick name was given to a murderer who carried out a number of brutal killings in London in the years 1964 and 1965. He was in some ways inspired by the story of Jack the Ripper. His main targets where the late night prostitutes. He killed around 6 of these prostitutes and used to dump them into the river. The person who carried out these ferocious murders has been never been found or heard of since them. Probably, he is dead by now.

8. New Orleans’ Axeman

All the horror had started after the murder of a butcher and his wife who used to live above the Maggio Grocery Store. After some thorough investigation it was revealed that the killer had used an axe in order to chop down the husband and wife into pieces. The weapon was discovered from someplace in their home which was still coated with Maggie’s Blood. Just after a few months, a man who lived in the neighborhood was also found dead in a pool. Nearly 8 people were killed by the Axeman who was never found.

7. The Dead Boy in the Box

It was in the year 1857 when the body of a very young boy was found in a box on a road located in North East Philadelphia. What’s more bizarre was the fact that the boy was completely nude when his body was discovered. There were a number of bruises all over the child’s body. The public was outraged on hearing news of this accident, but nothing could be done to trace out the person who did all this.

6. Oscar Romero

Oscar was a priest and a kind hearted Archbishop in El Salvador. He had raised his voice in order to defend the human rights of the victims of the civil war that took place in the area. He also criticized the US government for aiding El Salvador. At the same time, he also encouraged the people to start civil disobedience. So, in response he was killed near a small chop, probably from a gunsh

ot. The killer has never been claimed to be found, but it is said that the “Death Squad” of El Salvador had killed him.

5. Black Dahlia

At number 5 we have one of the most gruesome and devastating murders that have been carried out till now. The victim was known by the name of Elizabeth Short who was 22 year old American citizen. She was found dead on January 15th, 1947 with her body mutilated into many pieces. Till now it is not clear that who was the person behind this devastating murder?

4. JonBenet Ramsay

Just look at the face of this innocent girl and imagine the face of the person who killer her. Ramsay was a very cute 6 year old who loved to participate in beauty competitions. She was found dead in the basement of her home. Soon after death, a widespread reaction came from the side of the public which forced the police to hasten the investigation. The DNA sample taken from the blood on the child’s underwear showed some DNA samples of a Caucasian Male. Till now, the victim has never been found, but one thing is for sure that the guy is going to be mutilated in hell for doing this to such a little girl.

3. The Zodiac Killer

You might have seen the story of this killer in a number of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It is one of the biggest murder mysteries of all times in which a number of suspects were captured but the real killer was never found. The murdered had killed a number of people in the years 1968 and 1969.

2. Andrew and Abbey Borden

It was in the year 1982, that the murder of Andrew and Abbey Borden was carried out at their home. Their bodies were discovered to by their daughter who also happened to be the only one in the home at the time when her parents were killed. Due to a few clues which were found against their daughter, Lizzie, she was arrested. As there was no solid evidence against her, so finally the police had no other choice than to let her go.

1.    Jack the Ripper

The story of this unknown guy is the same as Jack the Stripper. He had killed a number of prostitutes in London in the year 1868. First he used to strangle all the victims to death and then used to cut their arteries. Furthermore, he also used to remove several body parts which further baffled the authorities. Till the present date it has never been found that who actually killed those women and for what purpose.


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