5 Most Devastating Underwater Volcanoes

Underwater volcanoes also known as  Submarine volcanoes are found under ocean and can generally eject into air after eruption. Underwater volcanoes are formed when molten rocks erupts underwater fissures of planet earth. They are usually found near the areas of tectonic plate movement. Many underwater volcanoes have caused chaos by eruption or earthquake by destroying various places nearby leaving many homeless.

1. Coast of Tonga


Hunga Tonga is located about 30km from Falcon Island. Volcano lies about 65 miles above a very seismic zone. Many underwater volcano have been erupted here first ever volcano erupted here was in 1912 This volcano was erupted on march 18, 2009 caused due to the melting of two tectonic plates using excessive amount of heat and pressure resulting in the big eruption. Volcano extends from New Zealand to north-east to Fiji.

2. Loihi Volcano, Hawaii


Loihi is an undersea mountain located in south-west of High Island in Hawaii rising approximately 3000meters above the Pacific Ocean. It is also knows as youngest volcano. Loihi was first discovered in 1970 but scientists claimed it to be a normal seamount, but Loihi proved to be an active volcano later in 1996 where first eruption took place. And since then small earthquakes has been hitting all over due to the volcanic eruption. Scientists strongly believe that it can break the surface anytime from 10 to 10,000 years.

3. Eldfell Volcano, Iceland


Eldfell is located over 600 feet high on Heimaey Island, Iceland. Many volcanic eruptions has been occurred here because it is located over mid Atlantic ridge,  where north American and Eurasian are moving apart over Iceland hotspot causing many volcanic eruptions. First ever volcanic eruption took place in January 1973 in the Icelandic town of Vestmannaeyjer. Eruption took place at a sudden without alarming people of this town. It destroyed entire town and Heimaey Island was immediately evacuated.

4. Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu

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Yasur volcano is located in Tannu Island, Vanuatu The first ever eruption discovered here was in 1774. Yasur is Vanuatu’s most active volcanoes. Its has been erupting frequently for the past 800 years. Eruption starts with a strong shockwave distributing huge clouds of smokes everywhere. Then there is a huge explosion of molten chock of rocks. During the daytime they are dark and gray but during the night they are surrounded by orange color.

5. Sumatra, Indonesia


Sumatra is an Island located in Western Indonesia. It is the largest island in the Indonesia and worlds sixth largest Island in the world. Sumatra is formed by long chain of mountains and it is 4,600 meters tall and covers base of 50kms in diameter below the surface of the ocean. There are about 90 volcanoes in this range and 15 of them are active. The underwater earthquake appeared here was the main responsible of tsunami that affected and rocked the Asia in 2004.

Eldfell Volcano, Iceland

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