5 Creative Uses of Toilet Paper

Half of the world will agree with me on this, that we get the most creative ideas while sitting on our potty seats. These creative art pieces made from toilet rolls are the reflection of such ideas. Some guy was once sitting toilet had an idea to make sure that the empty toilet paper roll doesn’t go waste.

1. Ugly Faces



The main idea according to me, for making this amazing piece of art was to scare people who make fun of toilet accessories.

2. Wall Hangings



This wonderful piece of art is made to be hanged in the toilets. So that the pe

ople think about good and pretty things, instead of the dirty thing they are doing.

3. Doll House



This is a doll house made out of toilet paper roll for the people, who like to spend a lot there time in toilet. This is just for them to not get bored.

4. Honey Bee


Yes you can create a sweet honey producing bee from something that comes from a toilet.

5. Rocket


This is the best of all because it doesn’t take your mind of the fact that you are bombing your toilet seats while you are watching it.


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