5 Ways to turn your Hardware Junk into Artwork

I always wondered what to do with my old computer parts, hated the old piece lying in my store for years. I finally got an answer to my question, which is not only useful but is cool n awesome. Here is the answer you guys might be looking for, like me.

1. Geek Version of Mona Lisa


Chinese artists are now bringing a geekish touch in their art work. From an art exhibition in Beijing, China. The name of the piece? “Technology Smiling”.

2. Technology Filled Lamp


The lamp literally filled with technology.

3. The Computer Bug

Offline Webinar Autopilot


I wonder if it the same bug we are supposed to debug from our computer programs.

4. Circuit Egg


I am thinking of making a cheese omelet out of it. But who is going to eat this much circuits.

5. Wallet made from a Compute Keyboard

Circuit sheet of a keyboard makes a surprisingly durable wallet.

Alternatively you could just take your hardware to a computer repair shop!


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