10 Luxurious Gold Plated Cars

Luxury is something expensive or hard to obtain. But is anything expensive for Middle East? Well this post features a collection of  gold plated cars owned by the Arabs.

1. Bugatti Veyron

2. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

3. BMW M5

4. Rolls Royce Phantom

5. Aston Martin

6. Porsche 911

7. Porsche Cayenne

8. Delorean JioOv

9. Smart Fortwo

10. Fiat 500


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13 thoughts on “10 Luxurious Gold Plated Cars

  1. Well to get the best in the world is almost everyone desire. If these people spend on humanity and still they have enough to spend on such expensive cars, i dont mind at all.

  2. at least if i get to go a ride in these cars rather than telling that you/ i wanna buy it, because it’s not gonna happen.

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