10 Weird Festivals of Asia

For those who want to experience the Asian cultures fully, visiting these bizarre festivals is highly recommended. Asia is one of the richest and culturally diverse continents of the world. In addition to the rich history of the continent, the exotic

s foods and flavors of Asia are also famous all around the world. From hundreds of years, numerous weird and bizarre festivals have been arranged from time to time. The importance of these festivals in reflecting the cultural patterns and preferences becomes more evident if one takes a look at the thousands of tourists who come to be a part of these events. The dates of these festivals, especially for the Chinese festivals are calculated in terms of the lunar calendar. Surprisingly, each year the number of people who come to attend these festivals is increasing. This points out to yet another fact that the Asian people have collective attachment with these festivals. Let us now have a look at the 10 weird festivals of Asia.

10. Phuket Vegetarian Festival

On hearing the name of this festival, you might feel a bit hungry. But what you don’t know is the fact that this festival is one of the richest and most traditional festivals in the history of the Asian nations. In addition, it is also one of the most flavorful and tasty festivals. As the name suggests of the festival points out the abstinence or a restriction of eating meat, so a number of people attend this festival exhibiting courageous and dangerous acts by making use of vegetables. Not to forget the fire walking and face piercing acts which indeed make this festival as one of the most bizarre festivals.

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9. Konaki Sumo Festival

If you think that watching a bunch of fat men fighting each other in white and blue diapers is bizarre, then think again, as the Konaki Sumo festival will redefine your thinking. It is also known by the name of the crying sumo festival. As soon as the festival starts, more than 200 babies are given to the Sumo wrestlers, who place the babies in front of each other. It is more like a face off fight between the babies. The only thing which the people want to see is that which baby starts crying first, as they believe that crying babies grow to be much stronger than the babies who don’t cry at all. Is this festival weird or not?

8. Holi Festival

Most of you might have heard about the famous holi festival of India. It is celebrated in the months of spring season. Holi festival is marked by hundreds of colors which the people throw on each other, as a symbol of happiness and serenity among the people. The festival is initiated by burning of the Holika which exhibits that the “Good always overcomes Evil”. But the really funny part of the festival is celebrated the next day when the people from all spheres of life gather and smear all other people with bright colors. This festival surely points out the rich and deep history of the Hindus.

7. Boryeong Mud Festival

This festival was started in the year 1998 with the purpose of promoting the skin care measures and most importantly, the use of the special mud found in the South Korea. The South Korean people believe that this mud can guarantee a healthy and pure skin. What’s even weirder is the fact that this festival is drawing more and more tourists each year. The festival continues for nearly a week in which people from all around the world engage in various games like mud wrestling, mud sun blocking, mud dancing, mud sliding and much more. After you are done with it, in order to get yourself cleaned you must select mud soap and mud shampoo.

6. Songkran Festival

For those who feel lousy and rotten by reading the mud festival, let me share with you a quite refreshing and purifying event held every year in Thailand. Each year this festival is arranged in the month of April, which happens to be the hottest month of the year for the Thai people. It is during this month when the whole world comes to witness the biggest water fight ever. All around the city you will find thousands of people running around with water guns, water balloons and water hoses. A few decades back, the event used to be quite ceremonial, but with the advent of the 21st century it has now turned into a very wild event, especially for the youngsters.

5. Hungry Ghosts Festival

At number 5 we have a Chinese Festival known by the name of Hungry Ghosts Festival. The Chinese people believe that on this day the gates and pathways from the underworld opens allowing thousands of restless spirits and ghosts to wonder all around the world. In order to have peace with these souls, all the people burn fake money and paper

pieces in order to show that they don’t value such things any more. By doing this, they endeavor to pass internal comfort for the spirits of the other world. This festival continues for 2 to 3 days in which the street is filled with various lanterns which are lit up in order to turn these ghosts away. At the same time, huge fireworks are also displayed in most of the areas. Surely, this festival is one of the weirdest festivals even in these times of rationalization and technological advancements.

4. Kanamara Matsuri

At number 4 we have yet another hilarious and weird festival which is held every year in Kawasaki, Japan. For those who think they are quite open minded, this festival can prove to be very revealing and shameful. What really happens in this festival is that the all the young and old people suck candies which resemble the shape of the human sexual organs. The main purpose of doing all this is to promote sexual health among all the people. The origins of this festival are based in an old legend. The legend on which this festival is based is also quite bizarre and hilarious. The money which is gathered in this festival is given for charity and HIV awareness purposes. Although this festival is quite shocking, but still the motive behind the festival is quite pure.

3. Hadaka Matsuri

At number 3 we have another festival that will surely make you feel awful, as the theme of this festival is a completely naked man. What’s more funny is the dressing of the people who attend the festival. Almost all of them wear white colored diapers. All of them gather around the man who is completely naked and the person who succeeds in touching him will be the luckiest of them all. It is also believed that if you will be able to touch the person, then all your bad deeds and sins would be absorbed into that man. Although Japan is one of the most technologically advanced nations, but their beliefs are still very conventional which points out to the fact the Japanese never forget their origins and values like most of the others do.

2. Monkey Buffet Festival

Yes, you’re right that the main feature of this festival is the “monkey” himself. At the same time, the name of the festival does not mean that the buffet is made by cooking monkeys, but in fact this festival is arranged in order to give the monkeys a party time. It is arranged every year, on the last Sunday of the month of November. The location at which this festival is arranged is known Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple. On this day people from all the nearby localities as well as from distant parts of the country brings tons and tons of fruits which are gathered at one spot. The macaque monkeys are the guests of this festival who happen to quite moderate natured. They even show their respects for the people, by having photographs with them.

1. Thaipusam

Do you think that you have seen the most bizarre festivals? Let me tell you that no festival is more bizarre than the one which is celebrated each year in the southern regions of India. It is known by the name of Thaipusam festival. Although this festival is also celebrated in certain parts of Indonesia, but the extent to which it is given importance by the Indians is beyond your wildest dreams. The festival is always celebrated on the day of the full moon and mostly the people who attend this festival belong to the Tamil community. In terms of meaning and symbolism, Thaipusam means the start at the highest most point. As soon as the festival begins, the devotees from different regions of the country first bath and then prepare to keep a fast for the whole day. In addition, some of them also shave their heads and carry certain kavadis on their heads. But what makes the festival as the most bizarre is the mortification of the flesh which is the main theme of the festival. Not just men, but also women also actively participate in this process of flesh piercing. The parts of the body which are pierced are the tongue, cheeks, stomach and chest. The more pain you can endure, the more blessing will be showered onto you from the side of the God’s. This is what the people of the region believe. This festival is not a place to be for the faint hearted, as reading the details on this page is one thing and seeing the festival with your eyes is quite another.

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