Top 10 Cool Magic Tricks

It’s always fun to learn magic tricks. You never know when a magic trick might come in handy and you can use it to impress someone. Magic can produce awesome effects and many other things. Most people view page with a great deal of suspicion and when

ever someone does practice magic they

usually do it in secrecy and isolation. Here are ten cool magic trick videos.


10. The Coin Fold Illusion Magic Trick Revealed

Did you ever want to learn the coin fold trick? It’s magic trick is now revealed!

9.Coin Flip

Win the coin flip every time.

8. Liquid In Glass

Impress your friends with learning how to make liquid appear in glass.

7. Coin Through The Hand

Ever wanted to know how your friend could put their coin thru their hand?

6. Bend The Spoon Trick

Bend spoons in a magical way.

5.The Finger Pulse

Impress your friends with this easy card trick.

4. Pepper and Water

Great way to get the kids involved.

3.Go Thru A window

I don’t know about you but personally, I’ve always been curious as to how this one was done.

2. A Cool Magical Crayon Trick

Easy crayon trick that will shock anyone.

1. The Famous Hat Trick Revealed

Now, you can learn how to do the rabbit trick!



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