10 Most Bizarrely Shaped Lakes and Rivers

Nature tells you a story, of solace and existence. Similarities can be found in the things surrounding us but what is most astonishing is when water bodies cry for attention; through their various intriguing shapes and outlines, we look but we do not see.

1. Eros Lake- India

From the bottom of the heart: If you fancy giving a lake photo as a valentine gift, the heart shaped Lake Eros is the water body for you. The Chembra Peak in India overlooks what is the symbol of love throughout the world, at 1,398 metres above sea level. The water not only warms the eyes but is also at a fairly tolerable temperature with a surface area of 1,827 square meters.

2. Peyto Lake – Canada

B for Bear? Situated among the Canadian Rockies is the bright turquoise bear shaped lake, Peyto. The lake was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area. It is fed by the glaciers overhead and is easily accessed from the Ice fields Parkway.

3. Schulensmeer Lake – Belgium

Giant water gun: Nature and man worked together to unintentionally make a weapon out of Belgium’s 2.5 km long Schulensmeer. A highway was constructed nearby in 1970’s and the parcels of land brought for it turned the lake into a pistol shape. It is not as deadly as it seems, however in case of flooding it causes the Demer River to overflow. Otherwise, sailing, surfing and water sports are the powder in the gun.

4. McKinley Lake – Alaska

Judging by the cover: This fishy lake is situated near Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America at around 6,194 meters. The base of the mountain is lower than that of Everest, giving it a higher rise and it is also bulkier than the Himalayas, which is why no one pays heed to the frozen fish hidden behind it.

5. Sao Paulo Lake – Brazil

Manhunt: The fishing community n countryside of Sao Paulo state, in Brazil must be highly amused by this happy looking man lake, someone has gone through a lot of effort to give the lake a shape of a giant man. Here, the nature has been tempered with. Personally, I find the 140 meter tall man a bit unnerving.

6. Yueyaquan Lake – China

A trip to the moon: We have seen water reflect the sky and clouds, but this is a lake that is shaped like a crescent. It is an attractive spot for tourists on camels in China, located 6 km south of the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province. The oasis has rather a majestic presence.

7. Horseshoe Lake – Canada

A wet stadium: Ox bow lakes are formed due to cutting off of wide meanders from the main river. Same is the case which caused Canada’s Horseshoe Lake to come into being. This good luck charm is located along the long the Red River, near Morris in southern Manitoba.

8. Manicouagan Lake – Canada

Engaging ring: One of the seven wonders of Canada, a ring-shaped hydroelectric reservoir lake occupies the centre of Quebec’s Manicouagan Crater. This shuttle view shows the prominent 70 kilometers diameter, ice-covered annular lake that fills a ring where impact-brecciated rock has been eroded by glaciation.

9. Fisheating Creek – Florida

Use your imagination: This could be anything. It depends upon how you perceive it. It could be a hand grabbing something, a dragon spitting fire or a bird with a funny eye. Fisheating Creek is the zigzagging body of water which runs through Cowbone March west of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, itself known as The Big O.

10. Horseshoe Bend – Arizona

Feeling lucky? Beautifully green; above is an almost ox bow lake. Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend, a magnificent meander of the Colorado River situated slightly downstream from Lake Powell within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; is very easy on the eye.

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