Why The Man of Your Dreams Might Be Ignoring You

It can be hard these days to get a man’s attention. What if you have done everything that you can possibly think of and they still look the other way. Maybe you need to change your focus on how you’re trying to attract them and do something odd or unique to get their attention. Just changing a couple of things might surprise them.

Why The Man of Your Dreams Might Be Ignoring You

Balance out your accessories
You might very well be either over or under accessorizing your outfit. If this is the case then you might want to see what you can do to balance things out. If you’re not sure as to if you have the right amount of accessories on then you might want to ask a trustworthy friend what they think. Be sure that you’re ready to honestly accept their opinion without getting mad at them.

Don’t put on a lot of perfume
When you walk in a room and find people holding their nose or starting to cough, maybe you’ve put on too much perfume. Try just adding on a quick dab and keeping the amount of perfume small. This way you won’t have to worry about chasing anyone off with your perfume. Some perfumes can also fade off in time and leave a bad smell behind. Be sure that your perfume isn’t doing this.

Stop talking about yourself
Let’s get real here for a second. Sometimes us women have a hard time shutting up. We want to talk about the day, the kids and everything else that has been happening. The man of your dreams might not find this attractive at all. Stop talking sometimes and really pay attention to him. Put your phone down, look him in the eyes and spend time with him and let him talk.

Don’t show off lots of skin
Showing some skin is fine. However, you might be showing off so much your man could feel embarrassed by it. Look behind you and make sure that your butt cheeks won’t be hanging over your shorts. If so, time to change clothes. Think about this. Would you want your man’s pants falling down every few minutes when you’re with him? He doesn’t want to be glancing and looking around to see who is looking at your skin besides him.

Put flowers in the bed and roll on them
Yes, you read this correctly. Put some flowers on your bed and roll around on them for about 30 minutes before you meet up with him. This way you have a feminine all natural smell about you that he might like better. This way you don’t have to worry about what happens when you don’t put a lot of perfume on. Avoid lots of unnatural smelling products on you in general.

Check your eyebrows
Have a professional do your eyebrows. You don’t want to over pluck or under pluck your eyebrows. If you have no experience in this area, then just don’t mess with them. A professional might even be able to give you better tips with your eyebrows. You might also want to make sure that the eye shadow your wearing is the right color for you. Don’t be afraid to ask your makeup professional questions like this to make sure you’re doing it right.

Try to avoid exposing your belly button
A crop top or other shirts that might expose your belly button could freak him out. During the summer when wearing a bikini might be the only way this is okay. However, if it’s not summer and you’re not in a swimsuit avoid letting him see your belly button. Even if you have a belly button ring. It’s not cool going around flashing it.

Stop wearing shoes that hurt your feet
If you are with the man of your dreams and he loves nature or going on long walks, stop wearing shoes that hurt your feet. He won’t be happy with you if all you do is complain about your feet. Ask what he wants to do when you go out. If you already know he is planning on going for a long walk or wants to spend time out in nature then do yourself a favor. Try and get some shoes that feel good on your feet.

Pay attention to his hair color
Maybe it’s time to dye your hair similar to his hair color. Try and ask him what he thinks of colored hair or get his opinions. You might find out that he’s not too crazy about your green hair. Sure, you should be yourself with him but look decent when you’re with him. The green hair color might not be the best hair color to have when you go out on a fancy date in town with him. Can you picture him taking you to a very nice restaurant in a limo with you having green and purple and pink hair?

Smelly deodorant isn’t always the better choice
Just because the deodorant might smell nice to you doesn’t always mean that it smells nice to him. Check and make sure that the smell isn’t very strong. Maybe just use a classic smell that’s light scented when you’re with him so he won’t be wondering what that smell is when you’re with him. Alternatively, you might even think about fragrance free deodorants until you find out what he’s like with smells. Again, just roll around in the bed of flowers.

Do you really want your lips to look fuller?
Is that collagen injection really worth it? There are lots of other ways to make your lips look amazing. Think about several years to come and how your lips might look and the side effects. Instead of getting that injection use the money towards saving up for the wedding.

When you get home write down the good things that happened on your date and the bad things. Review the bad and see how you can prevent that from happening again.

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