8 Wacky Inventions for Women

Being a woman is rough. We all know this for a fact.  There’s so many things that you need to do throughout the day. Being a mom might even make your job even harder. Some people have tried to invent wacky inventions for women to help. However, these inventions might be so wacky that you might find they are more trouble than worth using.

Check out these 8 Wacky Inventions for Women

The Bridal Buddy
If you’re getting married and worried about using the bathroom when you’re in your big dress then don’t worry anymore. The Bridal Buddy is pink bag you can slip under your dress and use the bag to help you with the trip to the bathroom. How this works is that the bag just lifts the dress and makes it much easier to use the bathroom. This is a very big worry to a lot of women who might be getting worried soon. Another thing, if you’re wondering what kind of shower gift you might want to give them and think that they have possibly everything then this is one gift to consider.

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The Booty Pop
If you’re tired of your booty not popping and want to show it off, then you should check out the booty pop! This is underwear that will make your butt pop. Your butt will not only pop it will look like a huge lollipop when you wear this. The booty pop underwear is also made with 100% cotton. Impress people around you by having the booty of your dreams. Maybe it’ll help make it look tasty enough that they will want to pop your booty.

The Boyfriend Pillow
This may or may not be a pillow that you need. If you can’t handle the idea of sleeping by yourself at night or really miss your boyfriend, the boyfriend pillow might help you feel much better. It is a pillow in shape of an arm that will help you feel as if your boyfriend is near. What makes this arm so special is that you can wrap it around you and it feels as if someone is near. If a girl is missing cuddles with her boyfriend then this might just be the thing to help her with sleeping better at night.

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Happy Face Trainer
It can be hard sometimes coming up with that perfect smile. If you’re a woman and having problems with have that sweet smile show up then this face trainer might be thing that helps you. You can laugh and smile right away whenever you use it. One of the best things about this product is that it’s cheap. Sure, there are mixed reviews on it, so I guess the happy face didn’t work on them and they’ll forever have a sad face.

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The Elixir Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Face Slimming V Line Face Slim Up Strap Set
Phew, what a name! Looking for a way to have a face lift at home? You can now use this to get that face of your dreams. The only bad thing about this invention is that it seems to be made for a small head. If you don’t have a small head then you might consider staying away from it or it could be too tight.

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Picnic Pants
Do you find yourself loving picnics and going on them often? What if you don’t go on them often because you’re afraid of dropping things on your pants. The good news is that has changed now. You can go on a picnic and wear the picnic pants. You can sit down on the grass, put your pasta bowl salad on your pants and not be embarrassed about it spilling or something happening to it. The good news is if you’re worried about children dropping things on their pants then this could be exactly what they need to prevent them from doing it.

Decorative Bra Straps
You may or may not find these useful. If you find that your bra strap is often peeking out from your shirt then it’s time to invest in getting a bra strap. Instead of hiding that bra strap decorate it with one of these. This way they will stand out more and people will be looking at your bra instead of you and wondering what it is that you have on. Don’t be embarrassed anymore about that bra strap showing when you can just decorate it.

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Lip Stencils
All of us have different lips. I get this. If you’re needing to create that pout and need it to be perfect then the lip stencils might be exactly what you need. There’s a variety of stencil shapes that you can use. You can then use this trick to help you with having lips that look kissable. Just remember that practice makes perfect so if you don’t get things right away then try again.

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If you’re tired of something not working right then see if there’s some kind of invention out there that’s already made to help you out some with it. If you find that there’s no invention then take that thought and turn it into a crazy invention. Sure, it might sound crazy or even be crazy but the one thing to remember is that your invention could still help people. Regardless of it being crazy or not, it might very well could be worth it no matter what people think about it. Don’t let fear hold you back from inventing an invention which could be useful for women.

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