The Secret Ingredient with Expanding Personal Growth

Do you feel as if you’re not growing on the inside personally? Do you feel trapped? Do you see others succeeding and you feel stuck? Maybe one of your mistakes is doing the same thing over and over again and not stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is the secret ingredient with being able to overcome and expand personal growth.

When you step outside your comfort zone you expand your personal growth in many ways. You might be asking yourself how do you step outside your comfort zone and accomplish this secret ingredient? There are lots of ways in which you can actually improve your personal growth.

The Secret Ingredient with Expanding Personal Growth

Learn to Dance

A lot of people find dancing to be outside of their comfort zone. You might have wanted to learn how to dance for years but find yourself scared. Learning how to dance is a lot of fun. It expands your personal growth and knowledge. You’ll never be embarrassed again to go out on the dance floor. You might even meet new people and fall in love with someone if you’re single just by learning dancing. Imagine your fears could be preventing you from meeting the love of your life.

Try new recipes

Trying new recipes is a great way to experience a variety of food. These days, you can easily google and search new recipes online. If you always find yourself keen on pasta maybe try a new pasta dish that has different ingredients. If you love lasagna, mix it up. Have you ever made Spaghetti Squash Lasagna? I didn’t think so.

Change your daily routine

Let’s say you have a habit of always waking up at 8 am, eating breakfast then having a shower. What if you changed up your routine some and get out of that comfort zone. Wake up in time to go outside and see the sunrise. Read some positive affirmations and take the morning slower than before. You will feel more energized and possibly even have more mental clarity by not being rushed in the mornings.

Watch TV Programs in Different Languages

You might learn a lot of things when you watch TV programs in different languages. You might not understand anything that they are saying but later a word that they use in a program could come back to you if you’re talking to someone. If you’re planning on traveling or being around people who speak in another language this is another great way to learn it.

When you’re on the treadmill talk on the phone

Amazingly, talking on the phone is a great distraction and you will find yourself able to go faster and burn more calories this way. Sure, listening to music is great but you’re still focused on what you are doing and might make the task more difficult. If talking on the phone doesn’t motivate you try and do something else to distract you while you’re on the treadmill. Think differently and step outside the comfort zone and people will notice you this way.


Mentor someone

There are lots of ways in which you can mentor someone. You can see about joining websites that can help you mentor someone online or you can even mentor someone locally. It doesn’t matter their age or yours. You might even learn a few things when you step outside of your comfort zone and mentor someone. Be patient with them and help them out. People might just need a friend to help with giving them that extra push to succeed in life. If you do become a mentor don’t judge them. Push your feelings aside and just help them the best you can.

Talk and hang out with successful people

You might be wondering how this is stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, studies show that a lot of people have trouble with hanging out with successful people. They feel uncomfortable with them. Part of this has to do with your self-esteem and fear plus discouragement. Push all of that aside when you’re with them. See what all they did to become successful Most of them would love to talk with you about it.

Wear different colored socks

Seriously, stop stressing out about those socks. Step outside of your comfort zone. If you find yourself worried about socks often then maybe just for fun you need to wear different kinds. This way you won’t have to worry about it anymore when you go out. Who cares if people glance or look at you in a weird way? Wearing different colored socks might even brighten someone’s day and cause them to smile.

Onward State

Interact with people on social media

Join social media websites for fun and to grow your social circle. Be careful with who you meet up and what location you meet but don’t let fear stop you from meeting new people. When you join a social networking site, don’t just join it. Look for fun groups, see if they have games you can play and find out if you can do live video streaming on the site. These are great ways to interact with people on social media and meet new friends.

Download challenging apps and app games

If you’re a techie step outside your comfort zone and download apps that might give you a challenge. Stop playing easy games or retro games online that you can complete in a few minutes. Look for new ways to challenge yourself. Read reviews from members to see if it is an app that’s considered to be challenging or easy.


Always take the time out to learn and develop your personal growth. Talk with a therapist to find out other ways you can step outside your comfort zone. You might be surprised as to all the new friends you meet along this journey of overcoming your fears, growing personally and doing different things.

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