How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

You might be surprised as to just how common identity theft really is these days. It just doesn’t get talked about enough. Many have now learned that the best way to make sure that their identity does not get stolen is too protect themselves. How do you know that you’re correcting identity the right way? Regardless of being warned, over 41 million people in the USA have had their identity stolen. This is another reason as to why you need to protect yourself from it. The problem is really a lot more serious than you might even think that it is right now.

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Don’t throw things away that you get in the mail

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they throw things away that they get in the mail. Some might just rip their bank statements in half and toss them and think that is enough. However, when someone really wants to steal your identity they will do whatever they can to make sure that they get it. Even if that means spending hours

putting together ripped paper and getting your identity. What you want to do is make sure that you shred everything completely with a shredder to avoid this from happening and make sure that there is just no way possible for them to get it.

Be careful about the information you put in your emails

Creating a folder and putting in your information might sound secure but you never know when a hacker can breach and hack your system. If you really must use your emails to put in your information make sure that you create a password that is very hard and even set up two factor authentications to help protect your account.

Make sure the network you’re engaged in is secure

If you’re connected to a network then make sure that the network is secure. Using a network that is not secure could easily cause your identity to become stolen. Using wifi at a local restaurant or even café might also be insecure. Be sure to check with the manager and find out how secure the wifi is before you use it. Better yet, wait tell you are home and use your own private secure network.

Be smart when you are using social media sites such as Facebook

You might want to consider leaving out personal and private details about your life on social media sites unless if it is a must. Do you really need to display your birthday? Try and strengthen the privacy settings on your social network sites as much as possible. Ones who might be after stealing identity can easily take this info and use it for their benefit.

Always be careful when giving out your Social security number

Before you give out your social security number think to yourself, why are you doing it? Do they really need this information? Never give it out over the phone to someone that might just be wanting info about you. If you have never watched the movie Identity Theft then maybe you should because that’s a very good example of what happens.

Be careful on what links you click on

Never click on a link that you don’t know anything about even if a friend sent it to you. A link might contain a virus or malware which could cause your account to get hacked and your identity stolen. This is another reason why you need to be very careful of what links you click on. A friend might even send a link by accident without realizing it or even their account might have been hacked. Always double check before clicking on any link.

Put your name on the Do Not Call registry list

Something that a lot of people might not know about is that they can have their name removed off a hit list aimed for marketers. Not all marketers use this info for bad but it’s important to still be careful and protect yourself in advance. Call 1-888-382-1222 and put your name on the list to stop people from calling you.

Watch your banking online carefully

If you do your banking online make sure the bank has a solid reputation. Google the reviews on the bank before deciding to invest in online banking. I recommend that you go with a bank that is known and has 4 to 5 star ratings. Anything less, I would not trust. Ask around and find out what banking your friends tend to do. See how they protect themselves online when they are doing things. Do not give out any of your banking info to ones that you do not trust or might know. Why do you need to supply them with this information anyway?

Sign up for alerts to prevent stolen identity theft

A lot of companies and banks have it to where if you use their services you can sign up for alerts. If there is any odd activity going on they will put a stop to it and alert you right away. Each one might alert you in a different way. Some places call and let you know what is happening and others might send you a text. The most important thing is to make sure that you put a stop to it before something else happens.

Contact your bank right away and get help if you think your identity has been stolen. Delaying help might cause them to do even more damage to your account and identity and you don’t want that happening.




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