How Self-Improvement Goals Might Be Crushing You

We all set aspirations and goals in life. It’s a dynamic component of self-development and lets us live a better and satisfying life. It energizes and motivates us all. If you have a goal of becoming a devoted parent to your kids, there just cannot be an “end” to this one. Let’s say right now you are a loving parent today but you could possibly fail to be one the next day; you are no longer a loving parent but then that could change again the next day The same even goes for when it comes time to being a husband that is faithful, a with being a friend who is supportive and even a successful businessman. If you stop and really think about things, all single goals that we set up tends to share the same flaw.

How Fast Weight Loss Goals Hurt You

Let’s take this moment and just assume one of the new year resolutions was fast weight loss. You would set a number to lose that weight, say, 10 pounds. You become motivated and start eating better and healthier and exercise on a daily.  You decided to do it and, you managed to lose 10 pounds. Here is where we slip, just because you’ve lost 10 pounds this does not mean you should revert back to your old ways and diet. In time, you will simply gain again. So, now what?

You are creating a general goal in your mind and not thinking about the long term. This is why some self-improvement techniques hurt us. You become literally fixated with trying to think about that goal and doing all you can to make it. When you make it then you become lazy and go back into your old ways.

Become Focused On Your Journey

Stop thinking about the destination. You need to be focused on your journey instead. Let’s say two children are anxious to get to their grandparent’s home. One keeps on asking if they are there yet and the other says how long until we get there? One can’t wait to see their grandparents. The child’s goal is to go there as soon as possible. The child can’t sit still and wait long enough and slowly becomes agitated.

Let’s look at the other child now. They are just as excited about seeing their grandparents but their approach is different. The child enjoys the journey, seeing the country side or the roads, maybe they enjoy spending more time with their parents and eating out before seeing their grandparents. The child enjoys the actual journey itself and knows even a better journey is ahead of them.

When they arrive at their destination, both children enjoy spending time with their grandparents. Now let’s take the first child. Imagine if something happened that caused a delay and you had to spend the night somewhere. The child would have been extremely sad and it would have caused him to have a miserable day. The other child might have been sad but not totally. He would still find something to be happy about regardless of the delay. He thinks of it as two journeys in one.

A lot of times we get like the first child. We start trying to become fixated on what we believe the outcome should be. If you look forward to what kind of results you want to have and fully embrace and enjoy your journey, you will find that life becomes easier, content, happier and things will get done.

Most people who tend to be like the first child also give up on things in life faster. This is because they become frustrated with what they have. Review your goals. Think about your journey and stop letting frustration bind you to the present.

Do you find that your goals right now happen to be sustainable or do you feel as if life is a burden and a chore? When you start changing your goals then you will be amazed at how much stress will leave and how you can truly start to enjoy life again.

How Positive Affirmations Help You

You can also say positive affirmations to help inspire you with your journey. Become creative with thinking about goals. I am not saying to get rid of all short-term goals but to also just think about your journey. When stress leaves your life and you become happy it makes things so much easier for you.

Think about this. When was the last time you can admit, you were happy with your life? When did you laugh last? When was the last time you felt comfortable with the journey you are on right now? If you cannot remember, then get busy rewriting those goals.

Change your short-term weight loss goals into long term. Change your lifestyle in such a way that when you wake up in the morning, you feel happy with your journey. People will notice the change in you and then they will start asking you what’s your secret and wondering why you’re so happy.


When you become happy with your journey then you will be surprised as to how many amazing doors will open for you because the universe will know that you are ready for them.

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