Weird Ways to Experience Bliss in The Middle of Chaos

Right now there’s a lot of chaos in the world. You can feel the tension rising everywhere. The best way to calm yourself is to experience bliss during the midst of chaos. How can you remain calm when everyone else is in a panic? How can you be happy when there’s so much anger in the world right now?

Check out these weird ways to Experience Bliss in the Middle of Chaos

Stand barefoot on grass
Standing barefoot is very calming. You can also easily meditate when you’re on the grass. Before you remove your shoes just check the grass and make sure that you won’t be standing on anything that could harm your feet. Once you remove them you might experience instant bliss and feel renewed. It’s good to do this every day for just a few minutes.

Do Hula Hooping
Why hula hoop? It is a lot of fun. You’ll find yourself laughing
and feeling the stress leave right away. It doesn’t matter your age. Hula hooping is for everyone. If you can’t find a hula hoop locally you can get one online. You can also check out toy stores locally that might have them. Get the kids and family involved hula hooping with you.

Keep a stress ball in your pocket
There are stress balls available you can get online or at a store. Keep one in your pocket. You can experience bliss when you squeeze the ball. Just squeeze it whenever you start to experience any kind of tension or start to worry about things.

Take selfies with strangers
Share your bliss experience with others and see if you can take their picture. It can help them smile and help you smile. You might even meet new people this way. Just approach them carefully and see if you can find someone who might already be smiling or having fun. Avoid ones who might be in a rush because they might not appreciate it.

Clean slowly
If you’re one that must clean then instead of cleaning fast, do it slow. Cleaning things fast might make you feel rushed. You might want to clean things fast to get it done but by the time you’re done you feel exhausted and worn out. Cleaning slow can prevent you from feeling like you’re hurting all over when you’re done.

Say positive affirmations
Start saying positive affirmations the moment you realize you’re stressing. When you’re saying them don’t say them in your mind but say them out loud. If you’re in a crowded area, try and find a bathroom or a place to where you’re by yourself. Start speaking them out loud for just a couple of minutes. It will instantly calm your body down and help to pick you up.

Smile for 30 Minutes without stopping
Try keeping a smile on your face for 30 minutes without stopping. This might sound easy to do but when there is chaos it can be difficult. Time yourself when you’re doing it and you will see exactly what I am talking about with it. Other people might even wonder why you’re smiling and start thinking you’re up to something! It can be a lot of fun watching people’s reactions as you’re smiling for no reason.

Take a shower or bath and meditate
Don’t rush when you’re having a bath or shower. Instead, take the time out to meditate and enjoy it. Let all of your worries just simply wash away (pun intended) while you’re relaxing. You can also put on some peaceful music in the background. Another idea is to light up candles to make your bath time even more relaxing.

Color and relax
Children color but adults can also color. Coloring is very relaxing in many ways. There’s a variety of adult coloring books available. You can find everything from nature coloring books to even naughty coloring books for adults. Just be sure to remember to get the crayons whenever you pick up a coloring book! It just takes a few minutes to color one page but think about how relaxing it is when you are coloring.

Play some games
There are lots of ways in which you can play some games these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or if you have someone with you. If you find yourself alone then play some games on the computer or either play a card game by yourself. It’s a great way to have some fun without spending any money.

Stop talking
You might find this hard to believe but there are times when maybe the best thing for you to do would be not to talk. Everyone else around you might be talking nonstop and this could be adding to the chaos. Just stop talking and let calmness settle in even if everyone else is in the middle of chaos.

Visualize what you want
When was the last time you sat down and really visualized what you wanted? Last year’s goals should not be the same as this years. You should be changing your goals each year. Think of it this way. The iPhone you got a couple of years ago is most likely already outdated. You need a new one. Changing your goals might be exactly the thing you need to become motivated.

Just Dance and Get Silly
Don’t worry about anyone around you. Just turn the radio on, dance and get silly. Laugh while you are dancing. If you are worried about what others think then wait tell you’re alone and just get dance by yourself. The most important thing is to have fun.

Don’t stress about the things you cannot change in life. It only makes it worse. Just laugh and have as much fun as possible and before you know it, you will experience that blissful moment.

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