Things That Make Us Happy

When you let life get you down then depression and sickness can happen. This is all of the more reason as to why you need to avoid being down. How do you become happy in a world that causes you so much grief? Let’s get back to the simple things in life that will make you smile again. You just possibly need the reminder of them.

Things That Make Us Happy

Waking up and smelling a fresh pot of coffee in the morning will help to renew you if you let it. Just take a moment and smell it all in. Don’t rush when you’re having that cup of coffee. Instead, just sit down for a moment and relax. This will make you smile and you’ll feel much better after having that cup of coffee in the morning.

The Sky
When was the last time you went outside and just looked up at the sky? Have fun with it. Try and look outside when there’s lots of clouds or either stars. Name the clouds that you see. Maybe one of them looks like a fluffy marshmallow. Connect the stars at night. You might find a new pattern that you never noticed before. Go live on Facebook when looking at the sky and see who else can name things with you.

Ice Cream
I know that not everyone loves ice cream but for us ice cream lovers, it might be the only thing that makes us smile when everything is going wrong. Go shopping after work and buy some of your favorite ice cream. Have a bowl when you get home. If you’re watching your weight then buy some sugar free ice cream. Either way, enjoy your ice cream without feeling guilty and just smile.

Who can’t help but look at a bunny and smile? Bunnies have become so popular at calming people down that they take bunnies to work now and help employees smile while they are at work. Talk with your boss about it and see the atmosphere change at work when you bring a bunny in. This is the best way to motivate employees.

The Ocean
Looking at the ocean or hearing it can be very calming. If you’re near the ocean then lucky you! If you’re far away then try and find some videos on YouTube that have the ocean sound to it. This will help relax and calm you. If you can’t sleep at night then listening to the ocean waves this way might be exactly what you need.

Frosted Cakes
A frosted cake is something that we must have sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it was your birthday or not. If you need to smile go in your kitchen and make a frosted cake. If you don’t have time to make a cake then buy one. Either way, a cake oozing with frosting sounds really good right now doesn’t it?

If you find yourself being down a lot then have some chocolate. It’s known that chocolate can help you smile again due to the ingredients in chocolate. Just make sure that you eat the chocolate in moderation but have enough to where you’re smiling by the time you’re done with it.

Snap Chat or Funny Selfies
Pull out that phone and start taking funny snap chat pictures. You’re bound to smile a couple of times when you’re snap chatting. Share your snap chat pictures with your friends and also give them a smile. If you’re not in the mood for snap chat then make an original funny selfie that everyone would love and make you smile.

Cute Animal Pictures
Maybe holding a cute fluffy bunny isn’t your thing. What about just looking at cute animal pictures online? You might be surprised as to how this can bring a smile on your face. Just research those words or either look up cute pictures of your favorite animal and browse the pictures until you’re happy again.

If you’re doing a hobby that doesn’t make you happy then maybe you need to stop and get a new hobby that brings happiness. A hobby should never stress us out to the point we become unhappy for several days. You might even just need a break from it and do something else for a few days until you can smile again and then get back to your hobby.


Warm Blankets and good books
It’s been a rough day. You deserve some you time. Get underneath that warm blanket, pull out a book and enjoy it. Read a book that will make you smile and help you escape into another world while you’re all curled up in a comfortable blanket.


Listen to some music that makes you happy. Put on some dance music and get rid of the blues by dancing. Dance as if no one is in the room and just get lost in the music. You might be surprised as to how much better you feel after dancing to a few of your favorite songs.

Nature and Camping
Take a moment and go outside in nature. Soak in the beauty of the trees and earth around you. Turn off your cell phone and just enjoy it. Spend at least 15 minutes outside just looking around let nature refresh yourself. If you have time or have a nature trail near you go and hit the trails or go camping. Maybe even see if any friends might like to join you camping or going on a nature trial and enjoy it together.

If none of these things made you smile then write down your favorite things and think about them until you smile. If you’re extremely depressed consider talking with a therapist to help you with overcoming your depression. Don’t become so down that you forget how to smile. When was the last time you really smiled? If you can’t remember then that’s all of the more reason to talk with someone.

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