Weird Things People Do On Ambien

Almost everyone knows that Ambien is a pill that helps you to sleep. When you take it, you get very relaxed and go to sleep within a few minutes. Some people do very funny things when they are on Ambien. They might not even know until the next day that they actually did it until someone tells them or they wake up and notice it. Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember anything that you’ve done on Ambien because most don’t remember anything. This makes it even funnier as to what all you might do when you’re on it.

Check out these weird things people do on Ambien

Applied for jobs
When you’re on Ambien and looking for a job, the worst thing in the world you could do is apply for a job while on it. Just go ahead, put the job applications away so you’re not tempted to apply when you take it. You might say you would never apply for a job when you’re on Ambien but weirder things have happened. You might wake up and totally regret the application that you sent if you apply to jobs online.

Purchase things online
Never ever order things online after Ambien. There’s no telling what you might order when you’re under the influence. What’s worse is that when you order something you might not even be able to ask for a refund depending on their policies. The other thing is that you might even bankrupt yourself when on Ambien because you might not care about how expensive something might be.

Shower with no lights on
There’s nothing wrong with showering in the dark but just get ready to shower again when you wake up. You might have skipped a few dirty spots or either forgot to use the shampoo or bathe yourself. Another thing, you could also easily trip or fall down if you shower without the lights on and in the dark. It might sound like fun but it’s really just a waste of time when on Ambien.

Baked late at night
Baking at night might sound good if you can’t sleep but when you just had Ambien it’s best to stay away from it. There’s no telling exactly how the food might come out. You might even accidentally leave something on the stove and could burn the house down. Try your best to stay away from the kitchen after Ambien even if you think that you’re wide awake. You never know when the medicine might fully hit you.

Clean your home
Cleaning your home still might be fine. Just don’t expect for it come out perfect and you might have to redo a few of the things that you did the night before. You might also end up falling asleep in the middle of the living room floor after you’ve cleaned all night.

Washed food in with your clothes
When you’re under the influence of Ambien there’s no telling what might end up in the washer and dryer with your clothes. Maybe you thought that it was easier washing the food in with your clothes and tried to take the easy way out. You’ll really regret in the morning and wake up then realized what you did.

Cut hair when on Ambien
Some people cut their hair when they are on Ambien. This is a very bad idea unless you do a good job with it. Just imagine how terrible your hair might look when you wake up in the morning. To make things worse, you could even accidentally hurt yourself with the scissors when you’re cutting your hair.

Get tattoos and pierced earrings
Getting a tattoo or either pierced earrings while on Ambien is also just a very bad idea. Imagine waking up and seeing a tattoo that you don’t remember getting. What might even be worse is waking up and seeing that you got a tattoo or either got your earrings pierced. Might just not be the earrings that you get pierced.

Post on social media
Many make the mistake of posting on social media when they are on Ambien. This is a bad mistake for lots of reasons. You might end up saying something in a post you totally regret later. You could even get yourself into major trouble on social media when you’re under the influence. Just put your phone or tablet down and wait until the morning too post on social media. You’ll be glad that you did.

Exercising on Ambien might sound like a good idea but you never know how you’ll feel when you wake up in the morning. The reason why is because you could accidentally hurt yourself or strain yourself in the process.

Follow random people on FacebookSounds like a good idea to follow random people on Facebook right? However, you might wake up and realize that you followed your ex or someone you didn’t like then they could end up getting the wrong idea. Just stay off the computer all together when you’re on Ambien.

Order food online
Ordering a pizza sounds innocent enough. However, you might wake up and see that you left all of the pizza on the floor and the cats or dogs all around it. Plus you might have spent a lot of money on that pizza and wasted all of it.

It’s best that after you’ve had Ambien just plan on going to bed and not do anything else the right of the night. It’s extremely strong and when it hits you never know what might happen after if you continue to stay awake instead of sleeping.


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