12 Dating Tips for Single Parents

When you’re a single parent it can be very hard to date. You have to take time out to balance your personal life, work and family. Things can get complicated very fast. After being in an unsuccessful relationship the last thing you might even feel like doing is dating but when you find that person that makes life easier for you, you’re willing to try it again.

Check out these Dating Tips for Single Parents

12. Don’t Always Be Texting Your Babysitter
It can be very tempting to be texting and calling your babysitter a lot when you’re out on a date. However, the person who took you out might find this to be rude and not very understanding. They might not even call you back again after the date. Just put the phone down and know that your child or children is in the hands of someone and that you can relax.


11. Be Responsible
You’re going to have to go back home after the date is done. Try not to forget that you’re still a parent when you’re out. Don’t go out and get high on drugs or go home drunk. You are the parent and your child must not become scared whenever you decide to go out on a date.

10. Talk with Your Child
Before going out, just be truthful with your child. Tell your child what is happening and see if they have any questions. Be upfront and comfortable with talking to your child. This will also help with communication and making sure that the two of you communicate more. You don’t have to tell your child everything about the date or the person you’re dating but if you let them know some of what is happening it’ll help them feel better.

9. Talk with Your Friends
If you’ve decided to start dating again as a single parent talk with your friends about it. They might even be able to introduce you to someone new and make the perfect match for the two of you. If you’re just looking for dating advice then let them know. Talk with friends that might have just started recently dating or who might also be married.

8. Take things Slow
You might be tempted to rush into the relationship but instead of rushing, take things slow. Talk with the one you’re dating and tell them that you don’t want to rush into the relationship at the moment. Just do things slow and easy. The one that you’re dating should respect this and not expect for you to jump into the relationship right away.

7. Don’t feel Guilty for Dating
A lot of single parents often times end up feeling guilty for dating. Don’t feel guilty for dating. You need this time for yourself. You never know when the other person could end up being the perfect parent that you need for your child. Don’t ever feel guilty for also spending time away from your children. There are times in life when you just need some you time and the only way to have it is to go out and see new people.

6. Try to Avoid Comparing Them To Your Ex
It can be very hard to not compare them to your ex. However, when you compare them with your ex you’re going to just end up hurting yourself at the end. The one you’re dating now or going to see is nothing like your ex. Seeing them as your ex might also prevent growth from the current relationship that you’re in right now. Enjoy them for who they are and know that they are not like your ex.


5. Let Go of The Past
Letting go of the past can be very hard to do. When you’ve been hurt you might not be thinking of anything else. Thinking about the past might not only cause you problems with your current relationship but might even cause issues with being a parent. Talk with someone professionally to help you with letting go of the past.

4. Talk about Your Limits
Be open and upfront with the person you’re dating or seeing. Go over your limits. They can’t read your mind. Sometimes miscommunication happens just because you didn’t make it clear with your limits. This is why you must be honest and upfront with them right from the start. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your limits. They should respect you and have no problems with it.

3. Try to Stay Balanced
When you’re just starting out with dating again, all you might be thinking about is them. You might find yourself wanting to hang out with only them. Try and keep yourself balanced in order to avoid this from happening. It might cause your child to have some resentment if they see you’re always spending time with the person you’re dating and not them. Write things down and see how you can balance things out to prevent hurt feelings.

2. Stay Confident
Single parents might struggle with confidence after being hurt so much in the past. Stay confident. Just remember that there’s no one like you on earth. When you’re confident it will help not only your current relationship but even your child will notice it. Trust me, your child notices things a lot more then you might think that they do. Don’t let anyone try and break your confidence in you. Hang out with positive people that will help you regain it back if you’re unsure about things.

1. Don’t Worry about Your Ex
Stop worrying about your ex and what they might be thinking. Your ex is an ex for a reason. Just let go and enjoy the person you’re with right now. Stay positive and upbeat. You never know what could happen when you’re with them.

Just because things didn’t work out for you in the past doesn’t mean they won’t work out right now. The only way for you to see if it’s going to work out is if you try.

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