Fun Summer Party Ideas

You don’t need a reason or have an excuse to have a party during the summer. The weather is perfect for a party outside. It’s best to start planning a summer party early so you can make sure that you have all of the things that you need and can make it a summer party that everyone remembers. You can even do cheap DIY summer decorations to help with the cost of your party but still make it memorable. Planning things ahead of time also helps to ensure that you won’t go over your budget.

Check out these Fun Summer Party Ideas

Wine Glass LED Lamps
If you’re having an adult summer party and want something that’s interesting, check out wine glass LED lamps. Sure, you can easily make your own lampshade but there’s something that makes it very unique and stands out more when it’s LED. It also is a great way to add in some lighting to the party you’re having outdoors.

Fun Children’s Obstacle Courses
When you’re having a children’s party it might be hard to come up with ways to entertain them. One way to entertain them cheaply is with coming up with a cool obstacle course. All you need to do is simply tie rope together around the stress in the yard. Plan on some goodies or treats for them when they are done with the obstacle course.

Plan a tent party
Sure, the party is outdoors and in the backyard but who says that you can’t throw a tent party at the same time? Maybe even go all out and plan a camping tent party in your very own backyard. This is a great way to spend some fun time with the kids or even with your friends. Make some snack foods and maybe even some trail mix to help with really adding in some more fun to your backyard tent party.

Create a photo shoot booth in the backyard
Why not create a fun photo booth shoot in the backyard? You’ll be surprised at how easy this is to do and all kids love it. They can then show off the photo shoot pic on Facebook and social media sites which will really make it fun There’s lots of things you can do to the photo booth to make it unique and special.

Be creative with seating
Who says that you need to have chairs at a backyard party? You can easily get creative with your seating and it not cost you a lot of money. Instead of chairs, why not use a long table with rustic benches. That’s just one idea. It all depends as to what kind of party you’re having as to what sort of seating would be ideal, just be sure to keep that in mind.

Make name cards personal
When it comes to seating don’t forget the name cards. It helps with making things less chaotic when you personalize each name card. It doesn’t matter what kind of get together you’re having even if it’s casual you can still create a personal name card. If it’s fancy enough they might even take it home as a reminder of the party and fun that they had.

Pull out the pillows
Pile up some pillows outside on your chair. If you have some that you don’t mind getting dirty then put them on the floor to sit on. Pillows can be a lot of fun. If you have children at the party they might even enjoy reading some books on the pillows. It’s also a great idea to have them if you plan on having the party at night and children can sleep on them while the adults are having some fun.

Turn food into artwork
There’s so many ways in which you can turn the food you’re having at the party into fun food artwork. You can research online for many food artwork ideas. You can create flowers and do creative things like that with food. You can also turn the food into a fun beach or sunset. This is another reason as to why you want to plan the party and food ahead of time.


Use flowing curtains in the backyard
Flowing curtains in the backyard makes it cozy and perfect. This is ideal regardless of what age might be at the party. If you’re wanting some more privacy then you might want to consider adding gauzy panels to help.  Another great thing about gauzy panels is that they help with keeping the mosquitoes away and also help with adding in extra shield from the sun.

Turn the kiddie pool into a refreshments area
Don’t know what to do with the kiddie pool anymore? Have your kids outgrown it? Pull it out, put some ice in the kiddie pool and put some drinks in it. A kiddie pool is a great area to have some refreshing drinks and snacks in.

Turn hollowed pineapples into a vase
If you’re tired of using regular glass vases at a party, look into getting some hollowed pineapples. Amazingly these can be beautiful and unique flower vases. If you have a lot of children at the party this might not be a good idea as they will want to touch them but if it’s mainly adults, go for it. Many people will compliment and remember the hollowed pineapple vases plus it shows you worked hard on the party.

Make some water balloons
No matter the age water balloons tend to be a classic at any summer party and lots of fun. You can even turn a water balloon into a piñata and have children swing at it. Adults can also do the same with the water balloon. You can also have water balloon games, which might be ideal if it’s really hot.

Other ideas include having bubble stations, doing hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire pit and even arts and crafts projects outside. If it’s with children get together with the parents and see what you all can plan together.

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