11 Hidden Weird Horrors of Parenting

Thinking about becoming a parent? There are many things that you should think about first before becoming a parent. Being a stay at home parent also has its horrors by itself. There’s also the whining from the kids and sleep deprivation that you’ll have ongoing. However, that’s just some of the horrors and those are the common ones.

Check out these 11 hidden weird horrors of parenting

Their hands get pinched in small places
When I say small places, I mean small. Think about this. They can pinch their fingers and hands in places such as the cabinets, doors and even their high chairs and strollers. They will suddenly start screaming like bloody murder and make you feel terrible for their hand or finger getting pinched. You can try and safety proof your home for your child but no matter what, they will find a way for their hand or finger to get pinched.

They complain about cold food and any kind of food
Having a picky eater for a child is common. What makes it even worse is when you go out of your way, warm up a nice meal and they forget about it. Maybe they were at a friend’s house and suddenly remembered what time it was and raced home. Either way, when they start begging you to reheat the food, take it as a compliment that they still love what you made them and overlook the fact that the food got cold.

Forget about having the bed to yourself
Many children will beg for a better bed or even a grown-up kind of bed. You go out of your way to ensure that they have it. When you get the bed for them they want nothing to do with the bed. Instead, they go back to their old habits and continue to want to sleep with you instead of sleeping on their own bed. Don’t expect for that to change anytime soon no matter how old they might be.

Throwing fits at nap time
One thing that’s very common is for kids to throw fits and try to not have their nap. Some parents allow them to get by with it and give in then they skip their nap. What happens when this happens? The child becomes very cranky and falls asleep early then they don’t want to sleep during their normal hours at night. Never give in when they are trying to throw a fit about not napping.

Better be ready to sacrifice the TV
Unless you decide to put down rules, they will want to watch TV around the clock. The cartoon channel will be on 24/7. Some parents just don’t know how to say no and come up with restrictions in regards to the TV. When you miss out on your favorite tv series, you can’t say that you weren’t warned. What’s even weirder is to know that you missed out on your favorite TV show because your child wanted to watch some news on the TV instead of cartoons. Who is the adult here?

They want to be in every single selfie
If you love taking pictures on the phone they will want to do the same. The only way for you to have a selfie by yourself is if you escape and lock the door in the bathroom. We all know that taking selfie bathroom pictures can be dangerous and especially if you’re distracted with your child banging on your door begging to be in the picture. Go ahead. Let your child get in the selfie with you then take more when they are sleeping.

Hide crayons and lipstick
When they are young you might find them drawing on your walls with crayons. When they get older you might find them getting into your lipstick. As a matter of fact, they now have washable crayons these days. Plan for the worst and go ahead and get those. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration because you’ll simply be able to wash it off your walls.

Never expect privacy
Your children will be with you around the clock unless if they are at that age where they want to be independent. Even then, they still want to know what you’re doing. This is when you’ll be grateful for the babysitter or nanny. The only way you get some time to yourself is if you hire one of those.

They’ll beg for social media accounts
Almost everyone has facebook or some sort of social media account these days. They will beg you and drive you crazy. Depending on their age they may or may not be able to have one. If they are under 18 limit the time they have on social media regardless of how old they might be. Sure, they could get mad but it might be for their own good.

What’s walking when you can carry them?
Get ready for some good exercise with your arms. They will want you to carry them around. When you put them down for one second they will beg for you to pick them back up again and for you to carry them once more. This might not sound like such a horror but it will be to your arms.

They grow up before you know it
Enjoy them while they are young despite the horrors and mistakes they make. Before you know it they will be grown up and going to college. You can pick your fights with them and remember that everyone makes mistakes. This doesn’t mean they should get by with them just remember they won’t be young for long though it seems like it at the time.

If you’re having a very hard time with parenting then you might consider getting counseling and help for parenting. You never know as to how parent counseling might be just the thing you need to solve your problems.

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