Never Trust Your Memory and Here Is Why

Trusting your memory is not always a good thing. The human memory can be very amazing but it’s not accurate every time. The brain can play some wicked tricks on us when we least expect it. This is just one of the many reasons as to why you shouldn’t trust your memory. Sometimes moving on and letting go of the past is really the best thing to do because you don’t know for sure if your memory is correct.

Check out these reasons as to why you should never trust your memory

Memories might not get saved the right way
Creating memories is stored in your unconsciousness level. It can be brought to your forefront as needed. There are times when memories might malfunction and the memory isn’t saved correctly. Maybe you put your keys in a certain place and you told yourself to not forget where you had put them. However, you now can’t find them. This happens for a variety of reasons. Your brain might not have registered as to where you had put your keys; things didn’t retain properly or maybe the memory just wasn’t accurate. Writing things down might be the only way to help your memory and with making sure that you get things correct.

Aging makes it even harder to remember everything correctly
There are lots of reasons as to why it’s hard to remember things as you age. The hormone levels might not be at its best. When you get older the blood that flows to your brain also decreases. This is also why it might be harder to remember where you put things. Rose was able to easily recall her story with the Titanic but a lot of people might not be that lucky. She also had pictures and things that helped for her to recall some of her memory.

More positive memories
Believe it or not, as you age you have a higher chance of remembering the positive memories instead of the bad ones. You’ll find yourself reflecting back to birthdays or either holiday’s that you loved the most. You might even find yourself thinking about the special food you had at your grandma’s house or either special gifts.

Memory loss can be caused by traumatic brain injuries
Traumatic brain injuries can cause your memory to have problems. You could even experience a concussion that’s very mild and still cause you to have memory issues. One example of this is in the movie 50 First Dates. The movie is very much a comedy but at the same time, it’s a true example of what can happen when you have traumatic brain loss.

Déjà vu might create false memories
Having that déjà vu feeling might be a curse at times. It’s that odd feeling when you feel as if you have experienced something already when in reality you might not have. Researches have found that there’s a flaw located in your memory system that can lead the brain into creating detailed memories from new experiences. The information can bypass the short term memory then goes into your long term memory and creates that sensation that you’ve experienced it before.

The brain can’t always remember colors
The eye can notice the differences in colors but the brain has a hard time with remembering them correctly. Doing home renovation might become difficult because of this reason. This is why it’s also a great idea to save pictures and compare them to each other. This way your brain is able to remember the exact color you want to use for your home. Not being able to remember the colors properly actually can cause the memory itself to become different and not remember it correctly.

Repeated false statements makes you believe it
Researches have found that when a statement is repeated enough that the brain might believe it too be true. When you hear something enough then you might find yourself not doubting it. A master manipulator might use this in order to try and get what they want out of life. This is also used during political campaigns. When a statement doesn’t sound correct, try and research it first. It doesn’t matter how many times a statement is said or repeated. Be sure that you get the facts on it first before you are able to do it.

Stress and depression interfere with memories
If you’re under a lot of stress or either might feel depressed it can cause problems. One of the problems that it can cause is that it can interfere with your memory. Being stressed out and depressed might cause for things to not seem right. It can also cause you to not sleep well at night. Lack of sleep can be another reason that causes you to have memory problems.

There are some medications that might interfere with memory loss. If you have noticed your memory becoming worse while on a certain medication you might want to talk with your doctor about it. You could be having a side effect without even realizing it.

Writing things down often is a great way to help you with remembering. If you don’t want to keep paper with you at all times there’s also apps available these days that you can jot down notes on. Using sticky notes is also another good way to help with making sure that you remember things. Never be afraid to tell your doctor if you’re worried about your memory loss. Your doctor might be able to help you with it.

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