10 Crazy Weird College Courses

There are some dumb college courses available these days. No idea as to why you might want to even consider taking them unless if you just want some extra credit or maybe really want to learn them. I believe that some of these college courses should be offered in possibly high school or even middle school, but for sure should not be in college. However, considering the fact that they are still available it shows that people are interested in them.

Check out 10 Crazy Weird College Courses 

10. The Joy of Garbage
Curious about all of the garbage that’s around? If so, you might want to go and enroll in Santa Clara University. This course Is all about the waste products out there and what happens to them. You can explore between the fates of non organic and organic detritus. The class will help to look for solutions that might be sustainable with the problems of waste today.

9. Zombies in Popular Media
You can learn all about the Zombies in Popular Media at Columbia University. The course details and explores the significance, history plus the representation of the zombies as both a figure in fantasy and horror texts. The assignments provided daily reflect on commentary plus the final projects include fostering connections that might be thoughtful between the student disciplines plus the zombie figure.

8. Goldberg’s Canon: Making Whoopi
Coming to you directly from Bates College: Goldberg’s Canon the Making Whoopi. You can learn about the career of Whoopi Goldberg and even learn about Alien Whoopi which is the Star Trek and the Goldberg Generation. I guess that in the end, one can never learn enough about Whoopi and the detailed knowledge of her career.

7. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media
In New York at Skidmore College, You can learn all about Miley Cyrus. The assistant professor Carolyn Chernoff said you learn everything about the Disney tween to the twerking machine. The rise of Miley Cyrus, her transition to adulthood, what happened as the Disney star started aging and much more. So, imagine going to college, paying all of that money just to learn about Miley Cyrus.

6. The Art of Walking
Are you worried about how you walk? Do you want to try and focus on improving your walk? If so, then you might want to check out the Art of Walking class from the Centre College. It will teach you on how you should stop trying to focus constantly on doing and concentrate even more on simply just experiencing. I guess we all know that walking and putting one foot in front of the other is totally difficult and who knew that it took a college course to help you with being properly instructed.

5. Virtual People
This might be shocking to some of you but at Stanford University, you can learn all about Virtual People. Learn all about the concept of virtual people and digital human representations. Find out the methods of constructing and using the virtual people. There will be viewpoints that includes literature, engineering, film, popular culture, behavioral science, communication and computer science.

4. What If Harry Potter is Real?
Do you love Harry Potter as much as me? The Appalachian State University has a very interesting course called “What if Harry Potter is Real?” This course will engage the students with questions about the very nature of its history. Who decides what actually is history? How often is history misunderstood? How does fantasy actually reshape the history that we look at right now? The Harry Potter films and novels tend to be fertile ground to help with exploring all of these deep questions. Students will also examine the issues of gender, race, time, class, time, gender and many other things.

3. How to Watch Television
Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a college course available at Montclair State University about how to Watch Television. Because all of us have been watching TV incorrectly and never knew that at this point we were watching it wrong. This course teaches students to critically evaluate the roles and the impacts of TV in their lives as well as in the culture life.

2. How to Win a Beauty Pageant
If you have big dreams on winning a beauty pageant then this class might be exactly what you need. Coming directly from Oberlin College, you can learn How to Win a Beauty Pageant. The course goes over the US beauty pageants as early as 1920s all the way to the current ones. The aim of the course is to analyze the pageantry as the unique site for the interplay of sexuality, and nation plus much more. Who knows, when you practice enough, work hard enough you might someday because that beauty pageant you always dreamed of being or either could land on “Toddlers & Tiaras”.

1.Getting Dressed
Believe it or not, Princeton University has a course called “Getting Dressed”. The seminar is an inquiry that goes into the social significance of clothing and helps to closely exam the relationship that’s between the clothing and 20th century. Students will be able to hone their powers of observation plus learn the key skills for examining the world. I guess picking out some yoga pants or either UGGs is a very hard and complicated thing to do.

If you need help with something or want more knowledge, all you have to do is just research and Google it. You might be surprised as to what courses could be available to help you with learning and growing. It might seem dumb and crazy but if it helps you, then go for it and expand your knowledge.

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