The Top 10 Apps You Need for Your iPhone 5

One of the coolest new features of the iPhone 5 is the 4-inch Retina display, an increase in height from the iPhone 4S. The larger canvas lets you see more of a page or screen – great for browsing the web or answering emails, but are apps keeping up? Here are 10 apps that made the cut.

FlipBoard – FlipBoard is like a magazine featuring your content – your Facebook feed, Twitter feed and favorite blogs taking center stage. The iPhone 5 screen lets you experience more of what you’ve come to expect from this app. Bigger pictures and more space to read content make this app visually appealing and extremely functional.

Evernote (Free) – This popular cloud-based app lets you take notes, save photos, search and tag information and sync it with almost any other device. The Evernote supports the iPhone 5’s wider screen, which means you can take longer notes and write over a larger area.

Hulu (Free; $7.99 subscription) – Hulu gives you access to thousands of top network TV shows right in the palm of your hand. The Hulu menu has been optimized for the full screen on the iPhone 5, and the video will play on the entire width (as long as the video is already in the 16:9 format.)

Tiny Tower (Free) – Have you been obsessed with this addictive skyscraper building game? You’re not the only one – and now you can become more addicted with the iPhone 5 optimization of this popular game, which lets you see more towers at one time.

Tweetbot ($2.99) – Although optimization on this Twitter client app just allows you to load and view more Tweets at one time, it was one of the first apps ready for the iPhone 5 before the device’s launch.

CNN (Free) – It’s just what you’d expect from the organization who brought you one of the best apps for previous versions of the iPhone – except better! The new CNN app, optimized for iPhone 5’s screen, adds a new layout and pull out navigation menus for easier access to information.

Reeder ($2.99) – This RSS reader was a favorite on the iOS platform, and with the iPhone full screen support, you’ll be able to read more of your favorite blogs and website posts and organize your reading more easily.

Camera+ ($.99) – The iPhone 5 full screen is fully supported on Camera+, but what makes this a “must have app” for the iPhone 5’s new low-light mode in the built-in camera. This third party app takes advantage of the increased control, letting users shoot and create amazing photos on the larger display in a variety of conditions.
Dark Sky ($3.99) – Weather chasers, rejoice! One of the best weather apps for iOS devices got bigger and sleeker and more accurate. The full screen of the iPhone 5 makes the up-to-the-minute data and radar feature much more vivid. The app also

includes extended forecasts, allergy alerts and severe weather data.

GarageBand ($4.99) – Apple’s music-making app has been made even better with the iPhone 5. The wider screen on the iPhone 5 has optimized all the instruments and loop-based track editing, but the keyboard in particular lets you play more keys per screen, allowing your inner rock star to come out!

About the author: John Dayton loves writing for the tech industry. When he’s not busy writing, he reviews forensic engineering consulting or has a game of catch with his son in his backyard.

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