The Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plastic surgery disasters are not something new. Every now and then, we get to hear about these disasters happening with film actresses, super stars and icons. As it is said that the real beauty lies in the eyes of the person who judges beauty, so why risk so much for notching up your appearance for a short time. After reading about the disasters I would be sharing with you in a while, it is a bet that you would never dare to for one yourself. The quest of the celebrities for a flawless beauty, has its ups and downs. Initially, could they imagine the kind of debilitating consequences which they would have to face? Yes, they are well aware about the risks associated with the surgeries, but still they spend millions of dollars in order to try out something new. The list I have compiled also includes some celebrity cases. So, without any further ado, here is the list of the 5 worst plastic surgery disasters.

5. Pete Burns

Known to be a famous singer, Pete Burns is one of those people who preferred to spend nearly all of their life earnings in order to deal with the side effects of the surgeries. In addition to having cheek implants, he also went for having polyacrylamide injections into his lips, but the results went horribly wrong.

Pete Burns

4. Lisa Rinna

She is another celebrity whose lips just got bigger and now she might be facing difficulty in carrying them around. The blame for all the devastation cannot be given solely to her. In her 20’s she did had some injections into her lips, but the side effects started to appear long after that. A scar tissue had emerged around her mouth due to which she was forced to go for the reversal. Despite of all her best efforts, her gorgeous looks have not been the same.

Lisa Rinna

3. Joan Rivers

The former queen of the fashion world has also not stayed behind in trying out everything bizarre and odd that they can be done on the body. Her addiction for the procedures of plastic surgery do range back to the 60s. Whatever she might say in this regard, it is a fact that she has had the most number of surgeries. But here I would like to say to her, that no matter what you do, at some time you would be forced to admit that you cannot stop the aging process.

Joan Rivers

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Known by the nickname of the bride of Frankenstein, Jocelyn has spent more than $ 4 million in terms of the various plastic surgery procedures. She remains one of the most famous cases when it comes to addiction to plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

1. Hang Mioku

At number we have Hang Mioku, who is the worst known case for failed plastic surgeries. She became too much addicted to the process that she had injected some cooking oil into her face. Her first go for the procedure was when she was 28 years old and then began the obsessive and painful journey of addiction. Some of the therapists and psychologists are of the view that her addiction with the procedure is the sign of a severe psychological disorder.

Hang Mioku

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